This Far by Faith

This Far by Faith Through reports nationwide including the Wall Street Journal and TV news Americans are discovering Faith Fowler s ideas for transforming lives in Detroit Known for her deep faith and creative ideas

  • Title: This Far by Faith
  • Author: Faith Fowler
  • ISBN: 9781939880703
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Through reports nationwide, including the Wall Street Journal and TV news, Americans are discovering Faith Fowler s ideas for transforming lives in Detroit, Known for her deep faith and creative ideas, Faith serves as one of the city s leading pastors and as a nonprofit entrepreneur As a co founder of a wide array of Cass startups, Faith and her Cass community are turningThrough reports nationwide, including the Wall Street Journal and TV news, Americans are discovering Faith Fowler s ideas for transforming lives in Detroit, Known for her deep faith and creative ideas, Faith serves as one of the city s leading pastors and as a nonprofit entrepreneur As a co founder of a wide array of Cass startups, Faith and her Cass community are turning one of the nation s most impoverished urban centers into a gold mine of talent and resources Now, Faith Fowler shares dozens of inspiring true stories of men and women who found new hope and were able to join in building a healthier community through Cass Mitch Albom says The world waits for people like Faith Fowler This memoir, like the author herself, is funny, poignant, moving, beautifully staged and oozing with a commitment to a simple yet profound idea that other people are worth the trouble From turning trash heaps of old tires into a stylish line of sandals to a host of other startup businesses, Faith s work at Cass already has drawn nationwide attention Headlines have chronicled her innovative ideas and her infectious belief that each and every life is valuable, despite the ravages of homelessness, addiction and violence In this book, she shares the best of this inspiring community through stories of lives renewed and transformed This is the first book published by Faith Fowler s latest entrepreneurial venture Cass Community Publishing House is the first interfaith publishing house established in the city of Detroit in than two centuries since Father Gabriel Richard, a Catholic priest and co founder of the University of Michigan, hauled the first printing press into Detroit and invited his Presbyterian friend the Rev John Monteith to publish with him Like Richard and Monteith before her, Faith Fowler s work is one reason that Detroit is recognized as a center of hope for those who believe peace is possible in our ever diverse world Mitch Albom urges Everyone, religious or not, should read these pages.

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    1. Rev. Faith Fowler has been a guest speaker at my mother's church on more than one occasion and my mom always is deeply moved and has great things to share about her sermons. After reading this book I am in awe of this woman who is truly making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people living in Detroit and around the Cass area.

    2. This was a fascinating and easy read; enlightening and entertaining. The chapters are brief vignettes; looks into the conditions of poverty and recovery in the Cass Corridor and the various cottage industries the resourceful Methodist church led by Faith Fowler conjures up to generate revenue and employee the destitute; recycling tiers into mud mats, a haunted house, even the publishing house for this book. The author and even those she servers come across as plucky and hopeful against inconceiv [...]

    3. After listening to Faith Fowler speak (and easily draw in her entire audience), I was eager to read her book and learn more about her ministry and how she helps serve her community in the Detroit area. Her spunk and passion and humor come through in these short stories which are enjoyable to read. It is amazing to realize all that this church has done so far to reach out to their community, and helps inspire thoughts of what we could do in our own community as well.

    4. Rev. Faith Fowler and volunteers transform the city of Detroit through powerful ministries. Cass Corridor is the place where meaningful and hope filled experiences are happening every day. In this book, I was moved by Rev. Fowler's powerful stories of everyday life and felt the spiritual impact deeply. If you are searching for what Lent might mean this year for you, just read a few chapters! You will come away refreshed and moved to make a difference near you.

    5. I enjoyed reading this short book by Faith Fowler. She is a gifted story teller and I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak. It is clear that she shares a passion for the members of the Cass Community in Detroit.This Far by Faith is a memoir that is filled with short stories about living in an extremely poor area of Detroit. Faith Fowler shares her experiences over the last 20 years in a loving yet funny way. Many of the people that she writes about are not only poor and homeless but also m [...]

    6. Want faith? Need faith? Well then to quote members of Cass Community "Get Faith", Reverend Faith Fowler that is, by reading This Far By Faith.An informative and educational book on the story of Cass Community Social Services, told in short, reality driven stories, Reverend Faith Fowler throws out the big hook in her first story "Hey "Lady" and the reader is just a prisoner to the pages, as many of Cass Community are to the unfairness, harshness, and vices of life. Yet, Cass not only survives, bu [...]

    7. Not a fan of the author's personality or politics, but the stories of people in the impoverished Detroit Cass community are impactful. Short chapters (2-5pgs) each have a different central character or focus.The author is a female minister, liberal democrat, vegetarian, PETA member. A well educated (degrees from Boston University School of Theology, Albion College and U of M-Dearborn) white women who chooses to live and "minister" in Cass. She seems prone to self-aggrandizement and is always rea [...]

    8. Wow - talk about someone who is making a difference! For over 20 years, Faith Fowler has led Cass Community - a United Methodist church/organization working with folks in the Cass Corridor of Detroit. She tells great stories of people (youth group kids, homeless folk, addicted folk, prostitutes, movers and shakers in Detroit) whose lives have been transformed by contact with Cass Community. Not every story is a 'success' story but all are told with humor and grace. On top of everything else they [...]

    9. This is a quick and enjoyable read. Each chapter is a simple vignette from twenty years ministry with poor, homeless, mentally ill, struggling individuals in a struggling Detroit neighborhood. Gritty, real stories told with clear-eyed care for the humanity of each one. Harsh realities are tempered and sometimes deeply changed and community formed as clients become workers and volunteers become friends. This ministry memoir offers a reminder of the humanity that we all share, the life-changing im [...]

    10. I’m very glad I read this book. I know Faith and I like Faith (we don’t know each other well). Her way of thinking about ministry is one that causes me to think about a lot of ways I do ministry. We do it very differently. I love the creativity and the energy behind what she does and how she does it. I love the steadfastness it reveals. I love the whimsical way she reflects upon all this good work. Reading her memoir of work at Cass reminded me of many people I know. It also made me think of [...]

    11. Another title could be"do small things with great love". Her faithfulness in serving is inspirational. Her deep thought in bringing dignity to the people she serves will change how you view the world.Adopt a family or contribute to a "Christmas store"? Pension saving vs gambling? The cost of donating your household items. So many lessons in this book!

    12. I Just finished reading this book for my book club and I thought it was great!Lots of interesting facts about Detroit that I had never heard before. The work she has done for the city of Detroit and for her parishioners is outstanding!I highly recommend this book and it is a quick read.

    13. Great stories well written, of life in city ministry in current-day Detroit. Would have been five stars if the author had shared a bit more, reflectively, of her own personal journey and theological/spiritual growth. Perhaps she will in a future volume? I hope so.

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