Sound of Sirens

Sound of Sirens An ancient land protected by a Tower of Light its people ever tempted by Siren song and a girl who falls for the wrong boy On the island of Skylge electricity is only for the Currents the rich ruling

  • Title: Sound of Sirens
  • Author: Jen Minkman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ancient land protected by a Tower of Light,its people ever tempted by Siren song,and a girl who falls for the wrong boy.On the island of Skylge, electricity is only for the Currents the rich ruling class who once came from across the sea and brought the holy fire of St Brandan to Skylge Ever since, the light in the Brandaris Tower has protected the islanders HeedinAn ancient land protected by a Tower of Light,its people ever tempted by Siren song,and a girl who falls for the wrong boy.On the island of Skylge, electricity is only for the Currents the rich ruling class who once came from across the sea and brought the holy fire of St Brandan to Skylge Ever since, the light in the Brandaris Tower has protected the islanders Heeding the Siren s call will drown your body and steal your soul, but the sacred light in the Tower will chase the merfolk away.When Skylger girl Enna welcomes her brother back from a long sea voyage, he gives her a special present from the mainland an electronic record only playable on a Current device The problem is that Royce Bolton, Current heartthrob and the town s most gifted pianist, wants it too After she stubbornly refuses to sell the LP featuring his favorite artist, he suggests sharing the record by secretly meeting up in his private summer house Taken aback yet thrilled, Enna agrees and discovers that there s than meets the eye when it comes to Current society and the history of Skylge Why do the Sirens tempt the islanders to give themselves up to the sea And where does the Currents monopoly on electricity really come from While struggling with these questions, Enna begins to fall for Royce, risking everything to be with a guy who is clearly wrong for her She will learn that the sound of Sirens isn t the most treacherous thing out there to haunt her dreams The setting of Tales of Skylge is loosely based on the Dutch island of Terschelling, or Schylge in the island s dialect Although the names and places in this book will sound very familiar to people living on the island, the characters and events are, of course, entirely fictitious in nature.

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    1. ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆★★★★3.75-4 stars!! Sound of Sirens held a delicate balance between mythology, theology, social castes, prohibited romance, and folklore.On the island of Skylge, it is both beautiful as it is dangerous. In the waters surrounding this tropical paradise, lurks the Nixen-- merpeople who cast their siren song to lead people to their depths in the heart of the ocean.The Currents, or Elite, protect the people b [...]

    2. This story was quite refreshing and unique. It puts a whole new twist on merpeople and isn't what I would expect. The descriptions of the island and characters makes this book feel like you are actually there. Enna is quite curious and head strong. Royce is arrogant but with a whole other side that is romantic in a sense. The descriptions of the music is so alive I could almost hear it. Jen Minkman did an excellent job making this book come alive.I was given this book for an honest review by the [...]

    3. E-book gifted by the author for reviewSounds of Sirens is the latest offering from author Jen Minkman. The first book in a new series, the story revolves around a young girl Enna and her forbidden connection with an older boy by named Royce. Enna lives on the part of the island where there is no electricity and people lives are a day to day struggle. Royce, however, is from the well to do part of the island, they have electricity and live a very comfortable life. Their worlds collide when Enna's [...]

    4. ***I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review***Sound of Sirens is a brilliant start to a new series that is destined to take your breath away. Jen Minkman’s writing draws you in and portrays new worlds so beautifully that you feel as though you’re witnessing everything first-hand. Music plays such a big part in this book, that I’m glad she was able to make the reader hear it as well as feel it, through reading it.The sirens story [...]

    5. 3,5/5”He dejado que mi triste y hambriento corazón me lleve por el mal camino y haga que me enamore del chico equivocado”. El sonido de las sirenas nos cuenta la historia de Enna, una chica que ha perdido a su madre por los Nixen que son criaturas que han atemorizado a la gente de su isla durante siglos, pues estos con sus melodías atraen a los habitantes al mar para su muerte.La vida de Enna tras ese fatídico accidente, tiene la vida normal de un Skylgio, se levanta cada mañana a recole [...]

    6. I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.So, today is the day that this wonderful book comes out. So now I can finally share my opinion on this book.I have always been interested in mermaids, and not only the cute shiny, happy mermaids that twinkle and shine. No, no. I am also very much in love with the eviller, dragging you down the sea kind of mermaid. And this tale features those, however I have a feeling they might not be so bad as everyone thinks. Especially when [...]

    7. Sound of Sirens is an incredibly exquisite story of discovering a world beyond our imagination and uncovering truths that transform a person’s entire existence. This journey painted a wondrous world that left me in awe of both its beauty and its cruelty. We are introduced to two societies that coexist but couldn’t be more different from each other. Their history is as mysterious as the myths that encircle and penetrate the island that they live on. A new day is dawning, and the light that it [...]

    8. What Jen Minkman does with words is as magical as the tales she tells. Sound of Sirens, her latest work is filled with imagination and descriptions that placed me on a small island, where the inhabitants have a magical pull to the sea and the sound of the sirens calling, which could bring death to those who fall under their spell. Only the light from the Tower that the elite built can keep the merpeople or Nixens away. The wealthy have privileges and luxuries denied the rest of the population. E [...]

    9. First things first: I won this book way way back in Sarah Dalton's YA Spring Fling!!! Feels like forever ago. Later I downloaded the whole ebook set of the series in november when there was a discount on it (and that kicked my butt and finally made me start reading it)That was an amazing start to a series. I love how fast paced it is, it kinda has to be, cause it's 'only' 170 pages long. But still, things don't feel rushed. We get a great amount of world building (the world is so interesting to [...]

    10. INITIAL THOUGHTSAs I read and really enjoyed the other dystopian series by Jen Minkman I admit to having fairly high expectations from this beginning of a new dystopian series. ?I've had this one on my Want To Read List since I found out Jen was writing it! I wonder if the island of Skylge will have anything in common with the Island in Jen's other series? Will any of the characters in this new book remind me of the Island characters?MY REVIEWI received this book frees, directly from the author [...]

    11. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Enna lives on the island of Skylge she has lived there all her life and has never been off the island as with most everyone else who lives there. She lives with her dad and her brother Sytse. Sytse and her dad worry about Enna a lot as she is afflicted with the sadness at times like their mother was. They are afraid that the sadness will one day take over Enna and she will hear the call of the Sirens like her mother and the [...]

    12. This is my 3rd book by Jen Minkman and I haven't been disappointed yet. As a fan of paranormal romance, she can normally pull me out of whatever funk I'm in by giving me something totally different than "the norm". I totally appreciate this too! As this is the first in a trilogy, some time was spend at the beginning of Sound of Sirens setting up the scene. I was a little confused reading the first few chapters until I finally got it. Once it all clicked, I couldn't stop though. Giving summaries [...]

    13. Minkman's book, Sound of Sirens, is an enthralling story filled with secrets, sirens and a blooming forbidden romance between two people of two different worlds.On the island of Skylge, the Skylgers struggle each day because they have no electricity and stand mostly defenseless when the Nixen attack. The Currents are the opposite of Skylgers; they live in fortified high-rise apartment buildings, they have loud music that drowns out the merfolk call and ultimately, they have electricity. In addit [...]

    14. Not what I was expecting, but as usual, the author sucked me in. I did struggle with most of the names, but didn't let that deter me from plowing through this in a day.The story is a strange mix of old and fantastical. Enna, along with her father and brother, lives on the island of Skylge. The island is comprised of Currents, those who control and use electricity, and Skylgers, those who are not allowed to use electricity and can be punished if caught using it. Unless you are a sailor, those who [...]

    15. vanillamoonbooks/2I always think timing is very important when reading a certain book. When I received this copy from Jen to review, I was already in love with her writing style, but as soon as I had time to read it, certain personal issues kept me from reading it, not because I didn't want to, but because I knew it would ruin my reading experience. So when I felt it was the right time, I dived into it, extremely excited and happy I had decided to wait. Sound of Sirens is the first book in anoth [...]

    16. celebrityreaders.wordpressThe beginning was pretty cool. About halfway though was a solid 4 star for me. But then, once I got to the part where Royce kissed Enna it kinda started to go faster into the romance part and it felt too insta for my tastes.He tells her shes cute and she all of the sudden likes him a lot? They don’t really know each other that well except to want to listen to music together. It was very odd for me. I didn’t see the attraction at all. She didn’t seem like a very st [...]

    17. Siren Song Freedom Or Death?This series must be read in order. This is the first book. I can't wait to read Light Of Lorelei!Enna is a Skylger and proud of it. She lost her mother to the Sirens and the Sadness. She resents the Currents a bit because they don't share their electricity and electricity would make her father's life easier But otherwise she is okay most of the time. She goes to school and studies hard. The biggest void is left by her brother's constant travel off the island and her [...]

    18. Enna Bunwada a seventeen year old lived on the island of Skyle lived in the village with no electricity as it was forbidden to use this luxury as it was against the law. Enna was a free spirit and independent and she missed her mom when she walked into the sea as she couldn't resist the sound of the siren. Her older brother sailed and when he came home he brought gifts for the family since her dad was unable to work. Her brother knew that she loved music and often brought her records that they p [...]

    19. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I'll just be honest right from the start: I didn't like this book because it was boring. It bored me even though it's only just over 100 pages long.I wanted to like it. I really did. It's set on the island of Skylge, modelled after the Dutch island of Terschelling, and when I saw this Dutch book on Netgalley, I immediately wanted to read it. And the mention of mermaids/sirens only made it better. However, it didn't work out for me.100 pages isn't much [...]

    20. I received this copy from Netgalley for an honest review. By no means would I ever consider myself a grammar nazi. I make mistakes all the time, and I never really comment about mistakes I find when I read a book. This time around I do have to point out the constant dashes. I don't think I ever read a book where there was dash on almost every page. Instead of making two separate sentences or just adding an "and" there was a dash. Maybe it just me but it was really distracting. Other than that th [...]

    21. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Really enjoyed this whimsical book. It has some mystery and mythology. I had a bit of trouble with producing some words but that was to be expected as it's not my native tongue lol. The video book trailer rocks! The magical island of Skylge is besieged by Sirens trying to lure people to a watery doom. The magical tower of light helps keep them at bay. The Currents are the wealthy people in power and control the electric. The Skylge [...]

    22. (I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review) 4 SOUND STARSSound of Sirens was a different and unique story. It was my first experience of reading a book about mythology creatures and all, and i found it really interesting. I felt that the Author Jen Minkman has the ability to absorb her readers in the story and we can practically imagine the places she describes. And i definitely loved the mysterious Island of Skylge.I also loved the characters of this book, Enna & Ro [...]

    23. I was really confused at first by this book. Not that it's any good but it had so much informatin and so very well worked out plot that I had to catch up. After I figured some things out I started loving it. This book is like a fairly tale, is a fairly tale. Not one that has magical creatures and then happily ever after, more like one that has a story about struggles and people figthing and just soal. I mean it is still a somehow magical book, but I suspect it will have so much more in the next [...]

    24. This book is so unbelievably good. I got sucked into this world and I didn't want to leave. I love the idea of mermaids and an island where people live without the "magic" of electricity. This book is unlike other books in the genre- unique in the best way. This author's ability to create realistic worlds is amazing. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I need to read more in this series- now!!!

    25. I don't read a lot of YA/dystopia books but the authors I do read in this genre are just amazing. The pictures that run in my head as I read are just amazing. This story was not at all what I was expecting but I l loved it. I hated every time I had to put it down. Can't wait for book to come out so I can dive further into this amazing society

    26. JenI loved it!! The battle against life on a small island and the Nixen, and the true history of the island is a mystery, and the battle of of stature of lower and upper class. Mysterious, but yet very compelling to know more about the Netherlands, AND to find out what happens next. I'm ready for a visit now. Thank you for allowing me to read prior to it's release.

    27. Either 3 or 4 stars. Haven't quite decided yet. Looking forward to next book in the series.Full review to come.

    28.    Enna is a seventeen-year-old Skylge girl, who loves music and uses it as an escape from the Sadness that often affects her people. Dani is Enna’s best friend and confident, and also the more studious of the two. Sytse is Enna’s older brother, working on the trading ships to the mainland which allows him to get the shellac records Enna and Dani so love to listen to on Enna’s family’s wind-up gramophone. There is also Royce, a Current young man, who is very popular and has a gift for [...]

    29. Try as i might,this book did not grab my attention at all. There was far too much detail that it took away from the story itself and in result, made me very bored. There was nothing entertaining at all about it and too many questions were left unanswered. They may be answered in the next book but i can't bring myself to even try read that one too. I don't even have that much to say because i couldn't focus on anything but finishing it.Save your time and don't bother reading this book.

    30. This was a very different, transporting story. The good: I absolutely loved feeling like I'd stepped onto an island in a foreign country. The rules and culture were vivid and felt very true to life. It took me into the shoes of a stranger, living in a very different social stratosphere. The conflict and build were enjoyable and I found myself happy at the end of the story. The bad: It took just a bit to get into the language of the story--because of the cultural difference. All in all, a unique, [...]

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