Fathers House

Fathers House Two murdered teens One connection to Assistant DA Ben Lovison s childhood home Fathers House and its proprietor Mayo Fathers Fathers had been like well a father to Ben as well as to other wayward y

  • Title: Fathers House
  • Author: C. Edward Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780692280980
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two murdered teens One connection to Assistant DA Ben Lovison s childhood home, Fathers House and its proprietor, Mayo Fathers Fathers had been like, well a father to Ben as well as to other wayward youth in Duraleigh, North Carolina To Ben and the others, Fathers was a godsend Now, it appears he may have been a ruthless madman sent from someplace else A tormented BenTwo murdered teens One connection to Assistant DA Ben Lovison s childhood home, Fathers House and its proprietor, Mayo Fathers Fathers had been like, well a father to Ben as well as to other wayward youth in Duraleigh, North Carolina To Ben and the others, Fathers was a godsend Now, it appears he may have been a ruthless madman sent from someplace else A tormented Ben must uncover the painful truth before it s too late and other teens are killed But in doing so, Ben is forced into unsettling realizations about his long dead mother and the father he d never known.

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    1. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/I have to admit, the thing that lured me in about Fathers House was the cover. Once I started reading, I felt ‘meh’. The story offered a lot of different characters, and I couldn’t really grasp them, or even keep them apart. There was Mayo Fathers, owner of Fathers House. There was Ben, his family, and a whole bunch of other characters passing the revenue. Each chapter seemed to introduce us to a whole new cast of characters. By [...]

    2. Fathers House by C. Edward Baldwin is written for an uncommon reader: the thoughtful thrill-seeker. Often times the grotesque scenes are juxtaposed with people simply living life, dealing with paperwork, or stuck on a stagnate case they don’t understand. The villain’s motivations of power and control are clearly presented, and the number one antagonist holds at least one insanity card in his hand. The push and pull of villains in the shadows gives the reader a sense that the main characters [...]

    3. This is my review for Fathers House; the opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by anyone else.Fathers House is a mystery/suspense novel that takes place in Duraleigh, North Carolina. The government officials are busy proclaiming that there is no gang violence and their streets are clean while all along getting kick-backs from a large crime syndicate called Fathers Disciples. No one knows who they are and no one is really sure where they came from. Signs seem to point to Fat [...]

    4. Note: This review originally appeared on Devin's Book Hub. I had received a copy of this story from StoryCartel for reviewing purposes.Fathers House is the debut crime thriller from C. Edward Baldwin. The story follows Ben Lovison, an assistant district attorney in Duraleigh, North Carolina, who loves his job, his wife, and his soon to be born twins. Duraleigh is touted as one of the safest cities to live in due to all gangs being disbanded, no street violence, and no drug problems. But is that [...]

    5. I received an ARC in exchange for a nonbiased review.Ben Lovison is at the peak of his life. He has a beautiful wife, is a well known and respected Assistant District Attorney, and has two twins on the way. Things are going great, until he reviews his most recent case and realizes he has something in common with the defendant, Fathers House. He doesn’t like to be connected to the defendants in anyway, in case someone tries to say he was giving away sweetheart deals because they had a connectio [...]

    6. Fathers House (boy’s home, 1024 Holston St.) was run by Mayo Fathers.Fathers Disciples were known to operate a drug operation in Duraleigh, NC for the past 20 yrs. Crime & violence came along with that. Uncle Mayo also runs a chain of funeral homes. Lucas McCain & Jermaine Bledsoe names were linked to the organization.Cindy Storrs & Calvin Leeson had just recently died or were executed. An FBI unclassified Operation Heaven Sent was set in motion.Benjamin Ben Clyde Lovison (Duraleig [...]

    7. Fathers House is a dark thriller that explores the dark themes of drugs, the foster system, and the legal system. Uncle Mayo Fathers runs a group home for boys. But in the first few pages of Fathers House, we also learn that there's more going on at Fathers House than simply caring for orphaned and homeless teens. Fathers House has a dark and dangerous side full of secrets. I'll warn you. The first chapter is very disturbing. That's not to say that the rest of the book is easy. It's not and it's [...]

    8. I won this book in a Giveaway.Tragedy really comes full circle in this novel. Fathers House forces you question a lot of realistic aspects in life. What if a stranger who wronged you in the past appeared again? What would you do? What if they wronged someone else? A very intense read that has you trying to identify with certain characters in the novel. The protagonist, Ben Lovison has everything he could want despite his troubled upbringing, but it all falls down when his past reveals itself em [...]

    9. I can say that I enjoyed reading Fathers House. It's a really entertaining book, to me at least, for the following reasons-1) From the first page you get to sneak into Ben Lovison's head, walk through his thoughts, feel his struggles, misery and become emotionally attached to the protagonist from the very start. Good character development.2) The story line is pretty unique and the fiction world is a subject to constant plot twists that manage to grab your attention and keep it until the very end [...]

    10. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this book with all the different characters--who lives seem to be entwined with one man, "Father"--and all the unforeseen twists!Father's House is a story of how one mans' egotism and narcissism manipulated, groomed and inserted his soldiers into state governments from banks, police, judges, prosecutors on up to the FBI in hopes of ruling the world through his hand picked legion of disciples. Lives mean nothing to to him if you were within his realm He is, you are, no w [...]

    11. Fathers House contains an incredible amount of twists and turns - a mystery after a mystery, a death after a death and the big puzzle around the mysterious events grows in every page and occupies your attention completely. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Ben finds a new clue, which changes everything. I'm not including examples in this review, since I do not want to be spoiler.The only issue with the story could be the big amount of ''not so important'' characters the author int [...]

    12. The fictional crime world in which the story takes place is very well structured. There are tons of different characters, all the elements around the mysterious murders are carefully put together to get your brain thinking along with the crime investigator Ben Lovison.The story is packed with action. Everything is so vividly portrayed that you fall in love with the characters. If you like amazing plot twists, and compelling character development, Baldwin has woven together a great story that wil [...]

    13. I really liked it!It started off a bit slow for me, and there were a LOT of story lines and characters, but when they all came together, the story was amazing!There were twists and turns that nobody could see coming, and it made the story really intriguing. Lawyers, city officials, drug dealers, Moms, priests so many characters that normally wouldn't interact with each other, but that the author brought together to make an intriguing story! I wil definitely be looking for C. Edward Baldwins next [...]

    14. Fathers House ended up to be a very nice book for me. The thing that gives this book 5 stars and makes it stand out in front of other titles in the similar genre is its progressive story line. The crime activities in the beginning look pretty average, but as the story involves you get to see how all crimes have been connected and together they form a really intriguing cycle and a plot you never see coming.The entire book contains a lot of action and keeps you hooked throughout all its pages, I c [...]

    15. FantasticI really enjoyed reading this book. It kept me from a couple of nights without sleep because I couldn't put it down. Thumbs up. Would recommend it to all. Good jobhopefully you're starting a new one.

    16. wow very scary covergood book lots of twists turnsand i like itit was very goodthe only think i didnt really like was it could jumping from charter to charcterevery cuople of pages but it was still good

    17. Very interestingthis was a great book to read. story line and very thought provokingI think you will enjoy reading this book

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