Serpent on a Cross (Book #1)

Serpent on a Cross Book Dennah Dubrovnika is a formidable hunter and talented healer However she cannot control her own powers which have suddenly reawakened in the aftermath of her mother s violent capture by a powerful w

  • Title: Serpent on a Cross (Book #1)
  • Author: Wendy C. Garfinkle
  • ISBN: 9781620155073
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dennah Dubrovnika is a formidable hunter and talented healer However, she cannot control her own powers, which have suddenly reawakened in the aftermath of her mother s violent capture by a powerful warlord who destroyed their village in his wake As she races to free her mother, Dennah is accompanied by Jeth, the man she loves But she s increasingly, inexorably drawn toDennah Dubrovnika is a formidable hunter and talented healer However, she cannot control her own powers, which have suddenly reawakened in the aftermath of her mother s violent capture by a powerful warlord who destroyed their village in his wake As she races to free her mother, Dennah is accompanied by Jeth, the man she loves But she s increasingly, inexorably drawn to the mysterious Skallon, who is allied with her greatest enemy.Will Dennah be able to gain a measure of control over her magic or will she lose everything and everyone she loves to its raging inferno Serpent on a Cross is a novel of Jewish fantasy and adventure in Medieval Eastern Europe.

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    1. * I received a free copy of this book by Booktrope in exchange of a honest review*Serpent on a Cross written by Wendy C. Garfinkle tells the story of Dennah, a Jewish teenage girl in Medieval Eastern Europe who wants to rescue her mother from the evil Lord Tarkan Maksimov. Tarkan has the habit of “collecting” magus, because he wants to use their power to take control over Russia. He deeply hates Jews. He has the habit of ravaging their villages and then enslaves them. To say that Tarkan is d [...]

    2. Dennah grew up with the power to control the weather. She was a weather magus, like her mother. However, her power was much stronger than her mother's and because of that, they were both hidden away in a small village of Drovania for a very long time. All the while, Tarkan Maksimov was gaining power and a black reputation while looking for his daughter and granddaughter (Althea and Dennah). Althea hid Dennah's power from everyone, including herself. It wasn't until the day Tarkan came and raided [...]

    3. When I was offered Serpent on a Cross for review, I was excited. Fantasy set in Medieval Eastern Europe? I'm history student as some may know and Middle Age is my favourite time period. I was a little set back by the aspect of religion but I thought to give the book a chance - I was so curious what kind of fantasy story it would be. However, it didn't meet any of my expectations and sadly it didn't live up it's potential.Serpent on a Cross is what it promises to be but not quite. It's Jewish fan [...]

    4. This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadI always have fun reading self published books once in awhile, there is something intriguing about them. This book really stood out to me because of the medieval fantasy aspect, which I have really come to enjoy since I began blogging. When Darya Asch contacted me I was happy to help get word about her book out in the world.This is a book that is full of action and intrigue right from the beginning of the story. Being a medieval fant [...]

    5. First off, I have to say that I did enjoy the story of the book. It was a pleasure to read, and the quality of the writing was as good as I have read in any of the books published by Tor, Bantam, and any of the Big Four. It is a solid adventure story with your standard fantasy characters, and it moved along at a good clip. Very well-researched, with plenty of flavor to make it very authentic and Jewish.That being said, I had a hard time reading through it at parts. It relies VERY heavily on its [...]

    6. This book is set to be the first in a series, and it definitely shows. This book was mostly back story, starting with Dennah’s very young childhood, when she was first discovering her powers and still living happily with both parents. Shortly after the story begins, however, Tarkan comes in, forcing Dennah and her mother, Althea, to flee. Tarkan, it turns out, is Althea’s father (and although Dennah is shocked by this later in the book, I’m pretty sure the readers know it from the beginnin [...]

    7. This is an intriguing start to a new series. There’s swords and magical and it’s set on medieval times so the setting is so atmospheric. I won’t lie, it’s dark with lots of death and evil floating around and things are different back then. The main part of the story involves a girl who has magical powers and is hunted down by an evil ruler. He’s willing to kill everyone for that power and enslave everyone else. It’s quite an adventure!There are some very good characters but there wer [...]

    8. Serpent on a Cross is an exciting adventure filled with magic, evil villains, and intense battles that will leave readers yearning for more. Dennah is a very special child with unimaginable power, but power comes at a price and Tarkan Maksimov will stop at nothing to obtain the power she possesses. Her father vows to protect her from any who seek to bring her harm, but at what cost? For their protection Dennah and her mother go into hiding. Dennah's mother has her practice her magic to see what [...]

    9. I spent most of my time reading this book turning to the people around me to say “This book is SO bad.” I genuinely hated reading this book for several reasons.1. Mistakes littered the book. It clearly was not professionally edited. I found a dropped quotation mark, a misplaced question mark, and even the wrong “your.” There were content mistakes in there too.2. It was just badly written. You’re either told a fact multiple times or not at all. I can’t even begin to count the number o [...]

    10. You can find this, and other reviews, on my blog. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was quite a fun book. Well-written, easy to read, good plot. It’s quite obvious that a lot of time has been spent researching both the era (medieval Europe) and Jewish culture.I really liked Dennah’s strength, and her determination to do what needed to be done - I can definitely identify with her stubbornness! I did find at times though, that there was a sense of inevitabil [...]

    11. This is by far one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. And yes I do mean strange. I was confused throughout the whole thing. The way the book jumps from this persons thought to the next is like whiplash, And I literally had no clue what was happening or being said half the time! I wanted to LOVE this book I did. I loved how Dennah was so strong willed and a force to be reckoned with. Its great to have a strong female character who isn’t scared to go after what she wants no matter the dang [...]

    12. I genuinely wasn't sure what to expect with this book. I mean, how many blurbs have you seen which have been described as "Jewish fantasy and adventure in Medieval Eastern Europe"? And to a certain extent, this is a bit of a red herring. Yes, there are lots of Jewish phrases and customs referred to throughout the book, but ultimately, it's a story of a girl finding her way through those said adventures, and her relationship with Jeth.If I'm honest, the use of hebrew does become distracting, due [...]

    13. I enjoyed it! Got confusing at times with regards to the language, but the translation was right after so it wasn't bad at all! This story is about a girl that has to grow up suddenly. She learns some things about her family that are quite unsettling and she must deal with it while setting out on a journey that will ultimately lead her to grow into herself. Set in medieval time, this was a very interesting telling of a crusade, but not your typical crusade.but yes, there is fighting, both with s [...]

    14. This was a really interesting book. To me it was well written. The characters and plot were good, along with the intense moments. Dennah, is someone that some people can relate to, when it comes to a situation they are getting use to. I love the fact the author took her time to add a glossary at the end, so that way we can understand the words of the people. Also, I really enjoyed learning what the herbs used in here are used for and how to use it to help. It made me want to get into learning mo [...]

    15. DNFI couldn't really follow along. I guess it has to do with the fact that it's not really about things I am interested in. It's mainly about fantasy, magical powers, etc. Not my cup of tea. I'm glad I can say I gave it a shot though.

    16. I'm disclosing that I received this book through a giveaway.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was hard to put down and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

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