The Pandas and Their Chopsticks: And Other Animals Stories

The Pandas and Their Chopsticks And Other Animals Stories What do polite pandas cunning kitties talkative turtles and hasty hedgehogs have in common They all feature in the delightful new book of whimsical animal stories by award winning artist Demi Adapt

  • Title: The Pandas and Their Chopsticks: And Other Animals Stories
  • Author: Demi
  • ISBN: 9781937786168
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What do polite pandas, cunning kitties, talkative turtles, and hasty hedgehogs have in common They all feature in the delightful new book of whimsical animal stories by award winning artist Demi Adapted from traditional folktales, these lighthearted stories have a universal appeal and will provide valuable lessons for little hearts and minds to absorb Discover how pandaWhat do polite pandas, cunning kitties, talkative turtles, and hasty hedgehogs have in common They all feature in the delightful new book of whimsical animal stories by award winning artist Demi Adapted from traditional folktales, these lighthearted stories have a universal appeal and will provide valuable lessons for little hearts and minds to absorb Discover how panda learns the importance of sharing, how turtle discovers the danger of being proud, and how everyone, including tiny hummingbird, has their part to play in life.

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    1. What child and parent doesn't love a good old fashioned folk tale? Readers will love these cute Asian fables brought back to life with their extraordinary illustrations, that are colorful, detailed works of art. Young readers will enjoy a variety of tales that teach. The stories are seemingly simplistic but deliver a powerful message. Below is a sample of what readers may find throughout these pages.A River Discovers The Ocean Once upon a time, there was a big river. The river was so wide that b [...]

    2. A winner from DemiI've enjoyed children's books I've read in the past from Wisdom Tales Press. They do a quality job - from the authors they select to represent to the books produced. THE PANDAS AND THEIR CHOPSTICKS AND OTHER ANIMAL STORIES by author/illustrator Demi is my favorite book of theirs so far.The stories remind me of Aesop's Fables that I read when I was young. These are very short stories, with a moral at the end of each story printed in italics - perfect for young children with shor [...]

    3. This is an adorable book of fables for children. The Pandas and their Chopsticks by Demi is one of those books that children will want to have read to them over and over again. It is written in easy to understand words and the moral of each story is at the end in red. Each story is has a different border. The story about the pandas and their chopsticks is surrounded by pandas in different poses on the two pages. The illustrastions are colorful and playful. It would make a welcome gift for a chil [...]

    4. The illustrations in this book are exquisite. And the stories are clever and fun to read. This will make a wonderful bedtime reading experience.

    5. Two and a half stars, rounded up.I'm a sucker for pandas, so when I came across this title I had to check it out. Unfortunately for me, the illustrations outshone the actual text and story telling by a pretty big amount.This book contains multiple short stories, and I mean short. Each little fable is only about two or three sentences. While I like the morals or lessons that each animal story tells, it felt like no effort was put into the story telling at all. It wasn't very creative and they're [...]

    6. A cheap imitation of Aesop's fables filled with some nice illustrations. While the stories in this book were nice, and all contained a moral at the end, they were each too brief. Most of the stories were only a few sentences long and could have used more development and description. For example, "A Hedgehog Thinks Twice" is about a hedgehog who believes his neighbor stole his shovel until he realizes that he had forgotten it in his own garden. The one sentence in the story describing the neighbo [...]

    7. Eastern Wisdom For Tiny TykesI LOVE Wisdom Tales! This one is all gorgeously illustrated animal proverbs with decidedly Eastern wisdom. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to share it with my children as I believe these are really important lessons! Each time I find a new Wisdom Tale I am pleasantly surprised with the ancient wisdom being passed on in such a beautiful fashion to our modern world!***This book is suitable for children of all ages both to read together and to be read aloud at [...]

    8. A great collection of stories to teach life lessons. Wonderfully illustrated and simple yet so full of wisdom.

    9. This book is a series of short stories adapted from some well-known Chinese fables. The stories were short but poignant. It's a great book for beginner readers.

    10. My kids liked this book, it has some interesting short stories. This book held all of my children's interest, and has cute illustrations. The book is also very colorful.

    11. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Eating bamboo shoots with chopsticks three feet long? Impossible, you say. Not if you are a playful panda and learn to share and work together with your friends! In her newest work, award-winning author, Demi, presents 10 classic animal stories, each containing important moral lessons for little hearts and minds to absorb. Cunning kitties, helpful hummingbirds, talkative turtles, and hasty hedgehogs, all bring [...]

    12. This 28 page book is broken up into short (2 page) fables, each with a lesson that follows. The book is bright and stunning with illustrations on each page and borders that go with the stories as well. I loved the Pandas at the beginning and all of the lessons are insightful and understandable.The illustrations were simple yet interesting and the pictures of the animals were fun. Some of the tales I liked the most were: The Kite on a String,The Helpful Hummingbird, and The Owl's Hoot.I think thi [...]

    13. The Pandas and their Chopsticks by Demi –Great book for all ages. These are fantastic short stories to share with students. You can have extended, thoughtful conversations about life choices, sharing, how pride can impact life, and the importance of everyone on earth. Beautiful collection of stories. It has been a little while since Demi released a book and this is worth the wait! I just love all of Demi’s creations… The Pandas and their Chopsticks was my favorite part of the collection si [...]

    14. A collection of 1-4 page fables with an Asian flavor.Each of these short fables is accompanied by illustrations that are quintessentially Demi. All of the fables feature animals and all have a moral written at the bottom of the last page. The morals are all great advice for living well with others and being a kind and thoughtful person. It might be a bit much for kids to read all of these at once, but they would make good quick daily readings about conduct of life/morals/ethics. Definitely recom [...]

    15. Received from Netgalley I am obsessed with pandas and as soon as I laid my eyes on this I immediately requested it!This books contained 10 short animal stories teaching children life lessons. I know they are meant for children, but the stories were merely a couple of sentences. It was straight to the point, not much story to tell. The art was great, my favorite part was that each page had a beautiful border with the animals in the story.

    16. This is a great collection of animal short stories that have wonderful illustrations to compliment the text. Each short story has a moral that teaches kids about pride, intelligence, kindness and other aspects both good and bad. This is a collection of stories that I have not seen before and I think kids and adults alike will enjoy. I received this advanced copy from Wisdom Tales through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

    17. Me han encantado todas las historias!Son simples y bonitas, además de dejar un mensaje bastante poderoso.Reseña completa

    18. Charming collection of fables from master storyteller and artist Demi. While not quite up to Demi's greatest, luminous heights, the art here is detailed and colorful. Readers or listeners might recognize some of these stories, as they have been told before in other forms, but there is still much to be discovered and enjoyed in this volume.

    19. It is the illustrations that capture your attention in this beautiful book.Each of the very short tales is enjoyable and has a lesson at the end. I think in discussing it with your children, you could also discover more lessons in the tales.

    20. An excellent book of fables for children. Easily understood and beautifully illustrated. The lessons here are simple enough for even little ones to understand. Illustrations are a major enhancement to that understanding. Perfect read aloud in a library or classroom.Read from NetGalley

    21. Love parables. Love animals. I feel smrt. Did I mention how beautiful the illustrations are? Also now I know where these parables originate!

    22. I absolutely love these little tales with their insightful morals. I am thinking it would make a great gift for just about anyone, since the tales are timeless and the wisdom is valuable.

    23. Cute. A bit wordy. Not for a story time and would be overwhelming for a young reader. I like the antique, old world style of the art.

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