The Carrot Cake Catastrophe!

The Carrot Cake Catastrophe A delicious culinary comedy perfect to share with your loved ones

  • Title: The Carrot Cake Catastrophe!
  • Author: Elizabeth Dale Gemma Raynor
  • ISBN: 9781472337597
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A delicious culinary comedy, perfect to share with your loved ones.

    One thought on “The Carrot Cake Catastrophe!”

    1. Jenny and Grandpa want to make a Carrot Cake for Mommy's birthday but things start to go terribly wrong when Grandpa grabs the wrong ingredients and carrots go in whole and the egg shells get tossed in. In the end, things work out even though the carrot cake was a catastrophe.

    2. I liked the artwork for this story and thought that overall the storyline was humorous, though I wasn't sure about some of the things that went into that cake (view spoiler)[that was then fed to the birds. Pretty sure it's not okay for birds to eat soap. XD (hide spoiler)].

    3. I thought this story was adorable however, my 2-year-old didn't agree. Maybe she is a little too young for this book.

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