Worthy, Part 1

Worthy Part Living alone in a small cottage in the woods Michelle is hiding from a past too horrible to put into words Without other people around she finds she can focus better on simply surviving instead of r

  • Title: Worthy, Part 1
  • Author: Lexie Ray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Living alone in a small cottage in the woods, Michelle is hiding from a past too horrible to put into words Without other people around, she finds she can focus better on simply surviving instead of regretting things she can t change like the scary scar on her face But everything changes after a severe storm Michelle finds a mysterious stranger injured in the woods anLiving alone in a small cottage in the woods, Michelle is hiding from a past too horrible to put into words Without other people around, she finds she can focus better on simply surviving instead of regretting things she can t change like the scary scar on her face But everything changes after a severe storm Michelle finds a mysterious stranger injured in the woods and knows she must open her doors to help him recuperate When he awakens, however, he has no memory of who he is or where he came from Michelle struggles to care for Jonathan as he copes with the growing understanding that he has no access to his past But hope for the future dawns with each passing day they spend together Michelle and Jonathan face a growing attraction to each other, but when Jonathan s past is revealed, will Michelle find herself worthy of the love of a Wharton NOTE This is Book 1 of 3 of The Worthy Series.

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    1. Let’s imagine. (view spoiler)[ You are 18, not finished your education and then, your parents die in a car crash (Usual drunken truck driver in the States – you people really need to do something about all these drunken truck drivers who go around killing off the parents of teenage girls in novels) So. You have a scar on one side of your face, supposedly horrific enough to make you run from society and spend the next five years living in a cottage miles from anywhere. No. Sorry. Do people re [...]

    2. This book is actually a 1.5 StarsThe synopsis of this book pretty much covers the main focus of the story. Michelle lives in a small cottage in the wood away from people because she has a burn scar on one side of her face. Reading about how she learned to thrive in the woods was interesting and personally my highlight of the book. One day she finds a injured stranger and nurses back to health. Due to this a friendship of sorts starts between these two which leads on to a relationship. This is wh [...]

    3. I know that insecurities about self-worth and body image issues are like a predator lurking in the dark, pouncing on weak moments and ripping you painfully.I have experienced this so I'm not trying to be insensitive when I say that this book is awfully repetitive. Michelle gets insecure and Jon reassures her.Michelle gets insecure and Jon reassures her.Stuff happens.Michelle gets insecure and Jon reassures her.Michelle gets insecure and Jon reassures her.More stuff happens.Michelle gets insecure [...]

    4. 1.5 star. The book starts up good, got the potential to be great read even, but somehow, it is rather, unrealistic with the description of the farm, and how she hates the internet and google, but, she uses washer and drier Then, the second half of the book is just, pretty much Michelle losing herself to the arm of the stranger, and how the author trying to paint the picture of Michelle as someone with very low self confident because of her look but fail, rather, miserably.Michelle has been livin [...]

    5. Worthy is the story of Michelle, living in secluded cottage after a horrific accident. She comes across an injured man, helps him & they fall in love, move to city & try overcome obstacles At start she's like female Bear Grylls, peeing around perimeter of garden to keep wildlife away. Lives in cabin in isolation in middle of nowhere yet has great wifi or internet connection even with satelitte internet? Walks through woods in nightie fearless through fields alone but gets scared when she [...]

    6. I'm a little ticked off right now.After taking a moment to relax I'm going to do my best to review this one with out letting my feelings get in the way. Firstly I enjoyed more than half of this book, the writing, the attention to detail in both the characters and their surroundings sucked me in from the get go. I'm enjoying the plot and the story for the most part but the closer I got to the end the more things have been bugging me a bit. One ting that I dislike in books is when someone gives up [...]

    7. I'm finding it difficult to give a clear review for this story. So I will break it down as simply as I can, and leave it at that.Positives: I like the general concept. Living alone in the woods, save a handsome man who turns out to have no memory, but eventually is discovered to be rich and powerful.I like Jonathan. He can be a little soft at times, but he is absolutely great as a fairy tale leading man.Jon's mom is a nasty piece of work! Definitely fairy tale worthy!Negatives:This book was way [...]

    8. I read this story a very long time ago, rereading it now, I've notice many things that are a bit unrealistic but, it's a book so, I won't bitch and moan about it too much.I still love Michelle and Jonathan, but I feel more development and realism was needed for this story to truly shine. Michelle is both an admirable and annoying character. I admire her strength but I hate how she makes herself a victim. Jonathan, Jonathan I loved the version we met after he an Michelle meet. Not so much the man [...]

    9. Michelle spent five years alone in her cottage in the woods, in a place where no one would bother her. It's her choice, really, to stay there, after an accident cause her to lose her loved ones and left her face disfigured. Then one rainy night, she heard a voice. A voice of a stranger in pain. Being a good Samaritan, Michelle helped the man out of the raging creek and took him home to treat his wounds and heal. But the morning after, she was surprised to learn that the man she helped out had no [...]

    10. She rescues him from the woods, he has no memory. They spend 5 or so months getting to know one another and live off the land in her cabin. She has a scar on her face from the car accident that took her parents lives. He loves her and thinks she's beautiful. Then they get engaged only to have him found by PIs and he is really a rich CEO of his family's company. His family plots against them, oh, he has a fiancée who's not ready to give up, and she is lost and way out of her element but tries fo [...]

    11. The beginning was a little slow for me, until they went back to Chicago. I felt sorry for Michelle as she left her world behind and was surrounded by genuinely awful people, not only her mother-in-law, but also Jane, who although seemed nice, it all seemed very false. Also, the whole Violet-saga was left behind too quickly, but I suppose for love and because Michelle was so insecure she would overlook something like that so easily. Very interesting story and something which could happen to every [...]

    12. This is the story of Michelle and Jonathan. She is hiding in the middle of nowhere after suffering an injury in a crash that took the lives of her parents. Jonathan is found in the woods after a rain storm and has no idea who he is. They end up falling in love and he ends up finding out who he really is. Can they handle what comes next? Is he going to remember his previous life? Is his family going to accept Michelle? This story goes through many plot twists. It is well written. I am looking for [...]

    13. 3.5 to 4 star read. This book held so much promise. I loved the story of Michelle alone at the cottage and she seemed so strong. Then she saves Jonathan in a storm and the relationship that grows between them is so sweet. Then it goes slightly downhill from there once Jonathan is found and goes back to the city and Michelle follows him the strong girl we have grown to love seems to disappear and it just becomes frustrating.

    14. Predictable and drawn out. The ending forces you to buy the next book to even feel like there's a smidgen of closure. Michelle becomes a drone in the second half of the book and my desire to reach through and shake her was palpable! There's a good story here, could just stand to be a little more original. Decent book though. Since I got this volume free I'm debating if I want to spend the money and buy the next book. Suppose I'll see what reviewers think of it.

    15. It was a good book, up until all the romance started. That was a bit much. I couldn't even finish this book. I looked up the ending to know what happened. The book made you want to keep reading, but for people like me, there was just too much descriptive love. It was embarassing to read. If you love romance and sences, then this book if extremely good for you. If you do not, I strongly recomend finding a different book. 0.5 stars

    16. Mundane loveMichelle is one of those strong female characters that you hope kicks the world's ass and takes names later. She started off strong but as the story unfolded she became weak and insecure. I can't blame her. She was way out of her element. All of her and Jonathan's troubles were mundane and brushed over easily. I didn't connect to their story as I would've liked. I hope book two has more drama.

    17. I read this as a 3 part series. I loved the first part. Hated the second part and then loved the third part again. It was about a girl who was in an accident that killed her parents. She was severely scared and hid herself away from the world by moving into a cabin in the middle of no where. She had almost no connection to the outside world. This story is based on her rescuing a man who hit his head and then had no memory.

    18. Wow! Can one main character be walked on as much as Michelle? I kept wanting to scream "Grow a pair!" Took a sneak peek at books 2 & 3 to see what they were about and I felt I wasted my time with book 1. Sorry. I'm sure there are many, many others who loved it, and that's great. I just didn't care for it.

    19. Love, Love, Love Michelle! Her strength and perseverance living at the cottage is inspirational! Then she finds Jonathan, and let's just say, she was almost complete. The love these two have for each other is more than some people would ever find in two lifetimes. Will recommend this series to everyone!

    20. This is a great read. I loved it. If your looking for a warm read, something that will make you feel good and give you hope with just a smidjet of angst then I would recommend this book for you. It's about a man losing his memory and starting fresh with a woman that is a little broken and just needs a hot guy to stir her the right way. There's a small cliff hanger though be warned.

    21. POOR MICHELLENot because of her scar but because she left her beloved cabin and woods for such horrid people. And I am disappointed in Jonathan. He should take better care of her, she has nothing. I look forward to the buzzards getting theirs, Michelle picking over their carcasses.

    22. Generally pretty good, some nice emotional scenes, nothing seems particularly overblown, though the sex got a little boring. The story is well portrayed and enjoyable.There's quite a few grammar and even places where Ray has mixed up the names of characters. This got to me a little. Otherwise an enjoyable read.

    23. 3.5 stars. I liked the story and read the whole series to see what was coming. And I get its romance and fiction so a little bit of unrealistic twists and turns are to be expected. But it was a little too far fetched sometimes and that just got worse in books 2 & 3.

    24. This book started out really well - very interesting. As it progressed though, it became too full of angst for my taste. The ending left me hanging, but I understand there are two other books that follow.

    25. This took a lot to get into and the story has potential but struggling to keep on track with it as it started with a strong heroine but she lost her strength a little but you've kept me intrigued enough to follow it through

    26. I enjoyed this book. So much for the characters to deal with, and they are just trying to be together and work through it all. They are an awesome couple.

    27. The first half of this book was really enjoyable, I personally found however that it became totally unrealistic when the arrived in the city.

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