A Short History Of San Gimignano

A Short History Of San Gimignano English edition of the book Breve storia di San Gimignano

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  • Title: A Short History Of San Gimignano
  • Author: Duccio Balestracci
  • ISBN: 9788877818737
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • English edition of the book Breve storia di San Gimignano.

    One thought on “A Short History Of San Gimignano”

    1. Interesting if you've just come back (or are going to) San Gimignano. The translation is slightly awkward and the author assumes a fair bit of historical knowledge of Italian history (which I don't have!) but I gleaned a wider impression of the city and related history. Glad I picked it up (as I'm sure the book shop in the San Gim museum were, too).

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