Supermassive Eighteen year old Ing is torn apart by two conflicting emotions his numbing grief for his dead mother and his enduring love for a boy named Ellis Four years ago while visiting his grandmother in a re

  • Title: Supermassive
  • Author: Nina Rossing
  • ISBN: 9781632161949
  • Page: 274
  • Format: ebook
  • Eighteen year old Ing is torn apart by two conflicting emotions his numbing grief for his dead mother and his enduring love for a boy named Ellis Four years ago, while visiting his grandmother in a remote part of Norway, his mother died the same day he kissed Ellis, his summer friend Convinced that moving to Norway will solve his issues, Ing faces his first setback whenEighteen year old Ing is torn apart by two conflicting emotions his numbing grief for his dead mother and his enduring love for a boy named Ellis Four years ago, while visiting his grandmother in a remote part of Norway, his mother died the same day he kissed Ellis, his summer friend Convinced that moving to Norway will solve his issues, Ing faces his first setback when he can t bear to talk about his mother or go anywhere near the river where she drowned The second blow comes when he meets Ellis at school and Ellis acts like nothing happened between them Ing resolves to rekindle their friendship, but his infatuation only grows as he gets to know the stunning and matured Ellis When heart shattering secrets surface, Ing s resolve to bare his soul to Ellis starts to unravel Forced to face his mother s death, he second guesses his decision to move His growing closeness with Ellis also frightens him, because if Ellis rejects him, he ll have no one left to love Ing must decide what losses he is willing to endure and what chances to take in order to gain resolution.

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    1. This book is an interesting take on growing up and coming to terms with past trauma. The tragedy in Ing, the MC's, life is that his mother's car went off the road into the river when he was 14. Her body was never found, and his father, and to some degree Ing himself, are in limbo. They can't move on or grieve properly, because to do so is to extinguish that little fragment of hope that somehow, somewhere, she might still be alive. Ing travels from his father's post in Singapore to live with his [...]

    2. DISCLOSUREI received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review through the YA LGBT book club’s Read-to-Review program. Although I did not meet the original deadline, the author kindly agreed to give me extra time to submit a reviewTE to the readerSince this is my first review, I will ask you to be patient and forgive my mistakes. Let me remind you (because some people here seem to forget this basic fact sometimes) that this is my personal (and therefore subjective) view on this. Y [...]

    3. 3.75*Holy slow burn batman… sometimes I love slow burn. Sometimes, not so much… Luckily this time, I was interested enough in the story that I didn’t really notice the lack of romance for most of the story. There did come a point, however, where it got to be a little repetitive, and I wanted to the male leads to finally stop circling each other and do something.Supermassive is a coming of age tale of that pairs long lost childhood friends four years after their one and only kiss. Ellis is [...]

    4. My apologies to the author for taking so long to review this one, normally I type something up on my phone as soon as I finish a book so I don't forget but I wanted to give this one my full attention since I was given a copy in exchange for a review so I waited and then did what I always do and forgot. I loved the book though, I see in the other reviews and in the group read of it in the ya lgbt group that a lot of people call it a slow burner romance but honestly I wouldn't call it a romance at [...]

    5. For starters, I am a boy, not gay, and decided to try some genres. This book got me by the not-erotic and not-guys-making-up cover and I guess it could be called a spark when I first saw the book. The writer, Nina Rossing, has an amazing way of writing and I have not found so many writers that have had their writing style this good. Next plus is that it was all from the point of Ing and I am really glad for that. If it were not from his point then I do not think his deep thoughts and his, let us [...]

    6. The first third of the novel really hooked me. Sad, sadder, saddestbut the descriptions of how Ing lost his mother, the beauty of Norway (which I have visited) and the sense of loss was so palpable, it was quite moving and I hoped for a more upbeat although realistic middle and ending.Coming to terms with death is never easy, much less coming to terms with someone you care for. The parts with his grandmother and her acceptance of his orientation were wonderfully written, simple and yet complex. [...]

    7. Writing was original and refreshing. It did take me a few pages to pick up the style and flow with it, but it's worth it. I loved the setting, and I read this while camping in very hot France and I loved the cold contrast.Really liked the way Ing came out to his grandmother and she just accepted it. Real slow burn :)

    8. Totally loved the first third of this book but not sure how I feel yet about the rest. Thought the author did a wonderful job of portraying Ing's grief over his mother's disapearance and his disconnect with his father. Much of the language is beautiful, particularly the descriptions of Norway. In contrast though the dialogue between the teens seemed a little stilted and didnt feel real (though perhaps this is a translation issue?). The romance elements also fell a little flatI was so eager for I [...]

    9. It was sad how when Ing had just began to understand his feelings for his best friend Ellis his life drastically took a turn for the worse when his mother died that ended up separating them. Her death by drowning seemed to paralyze Ing and his father until his grandmother stepped in. Ing knew that he had to return home if he was ever going to regain his life and in that action he showed his strength of character. Dealing with the past is never easy, but seeing how Ing and Ellis dwelt with their [...]

    10. I really liked Ing. I loved the first 2/3 of the book. The ending was a little blah for me. I wanted more.

    11. Supermassive: something that is all powerful, amazing, beautiful, inevitable.This journey is a young man's search for himself. Four years after losing his mother, Ing is having a hard time dealing his grief and disconnected from his father who is also struggling with his own grief. Ing makes a final, no-turning-back, decision to face his fears and let his sorrow go or face failure. This decision takes him from Singapore to a small town in Norway, on his own odyssey, because he knows there is a g [...]

    12. I read Supermassive after recently reading Fjord Blue, which I loved. For me, I wasn't quite as hooked on Supermassive, but it was still a pretty good read. I particularly enjoyed that this book was also set in Norway, which is very unusual and different within an English-language YA novel. It was the setting, so different from anything I have ever experienced living in Western Australia, that has really set author Nina Rossing apart. I look forward to seeing what Rossing writes next, and I cros [...]

    13. It was a sweet story that had some problems with the follow through. Ing was a very endearing character and his relationship with his grandmother was a terrific one. The description of the beautiful Nordic landscape made me want to reach out to my local travel agent. The vicissitudes and cruelty of teenage life were ably captured and characterizations were well done.But it was profoundly boring and rudderless for large swathes of the text. It took a while for me get used to style and tone of the [...]

    14. Really loved the first half of this book. The descriptions of Norway are wonderful, and the main characters reintegration to the country is a great way to introduce the reader to it. Dealing with Ing's past and emotional trauma was good. I wasn't a fan of a lot of the dialogue--it felt awkward and not exactly teenager-ish. The last half of the book felt a little dragging -- holy slow burn, Batman! -- but overall well written. I liked the characters a lot.

    15. The dynamic between Ing finding resolution in his mother's death and in his lust for Ellis is well balanced. It wasn't super angsty and annoying. The ending seemed a bit like 'Insta-love' because, even to me, Ellis' feelings were unclear. The writing style of authors published by Harmony Ink is distinctly different from more 'mainstream' YA. But I loved it.

    16. jó, már régen töltöttem le és nem emlékeztem a tartalomra, bár a kiadóból tudtam, hogy meleges, de szóval másfél fejezet alatt nem jöttem rá, hogy fiú a főszereplő. :)))túl lassú és önismétlő volt, nem tudott lekötni, úgyhogy inkább kéremoszoltam.

    17. It was okay reading material but could be better. Somehow that writing stile did not appeal to me. From my point of view reader is to much inside main character thoughts and to little is actually happening. There should be more action or something. I don't know.

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