No Ordinary Guy (No Ordinary Bloke)

No Ordinary Guy No Ordinary Bloke I m not a philosophical kind of bloke but I know something about luck A childhood on the wrong side of advantage will teach you that It s all a matter of chance It s both your circumstances and the c

  • Title: No Ordinary Guy (No Ordinary Bloke)
  • Author: Mary Whitney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • I m not a philosophical kind of bloke, but I know something about luck A childhood on the wrong side of advantage will teach you that It s all a matter of chance It s both your circumstances and the chances you take So I ve always been a gambler and a ladies man they love me and I love them Now I ve found one like no other an American, Allison Wright When I met hI m not a philosophical kind of bloke, but I know something about luck A childhood on the wrong side of advantage will teach you that It s all a matter of chance It s both your circumstances and the chances you take So I ve always been a gambler and a ladies man they love me and I love them Now I ve found one like no other an American, Allison Wright When I met her, the fates were on my side, but too soon I learned the odds were against me.

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    1. DNF @31%Bottom lineNothing was happening other than the hero, David, pursuing the heroine, Allison, who up until the point I stopped reading had a boyfriend! It felt like we were pretty much just waiting for the boyfriend to cheat on Allison so she could get end up with David! I just wasn't connecting to either MC or the story and with a TBR a mile long. ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    2.  MICHELLE'S REVIEWWhile No Ordinary Bloke can be read as a standalone, I highly suggest you read Nikki and Adam's story in BESIDE YOUR HEART and FOREVER YOUR HEART. And here's why: In those books you meet David as Adam's cocky but sweet cousin and you will FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!!MWhit is one of All Romance Reviews favorite authors and it's not just because she's generally awesome. She is one of the most talented writers we know. A lot of her romances have a touch of politics to them which I per [...]

    3. 5 starsSO much love for No Ordinary Bloke.I can't stop smiling, from the first page I knew this was going to be an awesome read. Seeing David with baby Veronica had me swooning and tearing up with love.And this was all from the first page!David is such a warm, fun and lovable character, he enjoys the company of women and has such a way with words that even the hardest hearts soon find themselves drawn to him.David won my heart from the Beside Your Heart series, when I heard the author Mary Whitn [...]

    4. dnf at 36%SoooI'm going to make it quick and shortI didn't like that heroine had a boyfriend, who was not the hero.I didn't like that everyone except the heroine knew that her boyfriend is probably cheating on her.And I didn't like that at 36% there was still no break-up in sight Overall too boring and eventless for me to continueC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

    5. Get ready to fall in love with David!! :D This was a charming and delicious book that will leave you beaming! David has finally met his match with Allison, and is now finding ways to court, or woo, her and not just be another "ordinary bloke"! ;) Can't wait for you to experience this irresistible story! Full review coming up soon at TheNovelTease! <3

    6. Suffering from readers block this book penetrated it and made me come out of it a little!@ Completely a different book from what I used to read earlier! A sweet romance between characters. Funny at the times and a real good plot to go with it! The romance developed real well between them and I really liked ituse nowadays everyone seems to fall in love in two or one minute which I kind of can't understand. Allison and David met on the plane and they hit it off and that meeting changed both of the [...]

    7. I fell in love with David from the first page - how can you resist a man so firmly wrapped around the finger of a baby girl····especially one he is merely borrowing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this avowed ladies man fight against becoming a one woman man and then having to fight for the girl once he decides he wants her. I love that Mary never gives her characters an easy happily ever after the first go roundonce they find one another they face real life challenges, false starts and stupi [...]

    8. I am so happy Mary gave David his own book! I loved the Beside Your Heart books but I think I loved David's book just a tad bit more. Such a fun book with just the tiniest bit of angst!

    9. I absolutely loved this book. I love everything the author has published, so I wasn’t surprised with how well written this story was. Very few books actually bring me to tears, but this one did… several times. I really enjoyed the character growth of David from the previous books, but even more so his growth in this book because he was in love. The romance between David and Allison was well done and I enjoyed that it took time to unfold. The challenges that kept them apart were realistic and [...]

    10. Another hit from Mary Whitney!!It's no secret that I love this series but I have been waiting for David's story for a while and it is finally here!!I could not love David more. I mean who doesn't want a dirty talking, sexy as sin Brit in their life. And to see him turn off his playboy ways when he finds the woman he really and truly wants in his life and as his future- the best!!Allison sometimes got on my nerves but only because she didn't see what a douche Trey was and how wonderful David was. [...]

    11. Well this was a really sweet story. It's reminscent of Tangled, though with a nice, English accent. And a bit less sex. That's not to say there's none, because there is (well past the 50% mark), but considering the rest of the story, it was almost just a blip. Almost inconsequential.David was a manwhore. He was a, um, considerate manwhore, but a manwhore just the same. When his exes got married, he'd buy them something from their registry. No hard feelings, really; he's happy they found happines [...]

    12. Okay, yes, I'm a sucker for a hot, sexy, witty British guy. But believe me, once you've read No Ordinary Bloke you'll fall for David too. And just to make this book a double whammy for me, it's also one of those stories where that hot guy--who is one of those playing the field, not settling down playboy types--goes from being the playboy to finding The One. Too bad for him she's already taken.But a guy like Davidwell, he can still work with that. And before anyone tries to pull the "I don't like [...]

    13. 4 to 4.5 starsWhen I met Allison Wright, the fates were on my side, but I soon learned that the odds were against me.David Bates is Adam's slightly obnoxious, flirty cousin who we initially met in the Beside Your Heart series. We have seen him in his teens in the other books up until the present where he is now a thirty-eight year old Vice President of an Investment Firm. And on one of his business trips, meets Allison Wright who works for a different firm. He flirts, he teases, he admires, but [...]

    14. There are unexpected pleasures in life -- finding $20 in coat you haven't worn since last winter, a fabulous pair of shoes on sale, a nice quiet spot outdoors to read and soak up the sun.But then there is the happy surprise of finding out that favorite author is extending a (very) beloved series and giving an adored supporting character their own book. That. Is. Christmas. David Bates is the cousin of Adam Kincaid from Mary Whitney's Heart Series. He is not only Adam's cousin, but his best frien [...]

    15. Review of No Ordinary Bloke by Mary WhitneyReviewed by Wennie Conedy5/5 starsDavid Bates is one smooth charmer. Glib, witty, accomplished world traveler, this smooth talking Englishman liked women, I mean, he really really likes women. He never thought he could fall for anyone; until he met a certain American redhead by the name of Allison Wright. Thinking he could charm his way into her good graces, David quickly finds out that Allison is unlike any woman he had been with before. Will he succes [...]

    16. for those who have read the wonderful beside your heart series ms. Whitney beautifully crafted, David, Adam and Niki are back in this wonderful book on watching David find his forever.David was the consummate ladies man. Never staying with one for long and always having someone to turn to until a lovely american came crashing into his world. On a flight to Asia, David meets Alison and instantly he falls. He just doesn't know it. He knows she is interesting, amazing smart and beautiful just that [...]

    17. Review originally posted at All Books ConsideredNo Ordinary Bloke is a companion story to Mary Whitney's Beside Your Heart series (review of book 3 of that series, Forever Your Heart, here). This book is about Adam's cousin, David, who is introduced in that series although you need not read the series before this book as it is a stand-alone. What can I say about David? Certainly sometimes he is crass but it was pretty awesome reading his story and his slow descent into love. I really liked the f [...]

    18. No Ordinary Bloke is a story of David Bates a thirty-eight year old obnoxious charming ladies Englishman and American Allison Wright whom currently has a boyfriend, but can fate bring the two together from different countries for love? “When I met Allison Wright, the fates were on my side, but I soon learned that the odds were against me.”David is thought to be a lady’s man, because he did seen to be involved with the women he had relations with even though he was caring person. Everything [...]

    19. An ARC copy given to me on netgalley for an exchange for an honest review. I don't know how to describe this book, normally I would say boring; because it is same old same old, but I didn't find it boring, I actually liked it so much that I gave it 4.5 stars. Maybe I would have given it a 5 stars if I read the rest of the series, but I couldn't find the link of it on so I didn't read it. David is a thirty-eight, I guess or something like that, bachelor who lived a life full of one night stands, [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsI loved David. I loved his thoughts. I could not wait to read David’s story. I could not wait to see who the woman would be to capture David’s heart and I was so excited to meet her. Then David meets her and I think he met his equal. However as the story continued and I learned more about Allison, I did not really feel that way. I may be in the minority, but she was okay.David is funny and hot and such a good friend. I love his friendship with Adam. For the fans of BESIDE YOU HEART [...]

    21. No Ordinary Bloke, Mary WhitneyReview from jeannie zelos book reviewsThis novel is a perfect example how subjective reading tastes are. It’s a well written, well thought out, lots to like ( David’s Britishisms a Brit myself they were great and made a huge change from the all American phrases we usually get!!) but just didn’t gel with me. Somehow I felt as though I was always waiting for something to happen, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then – oh, its over. I liked David, his humour [...]

    22. Once I started "No Ordinary Bloke", I could not put it down. This was such a great romance story, that had me smiling throughout the whole book. The characters are completely awesome and I would definitely love to hang with both Allison and David. From the very beginning of this story, David made his way on my book boyfriend list. Reading about him and his niece baby V, was just the cutest thing. I also loved how he kept pursuing Allison and how he honestly liked her. Mary Whitney hasn't publish [...]

    23. I totally loved this book. I've read the Beside Your Heart series by this author and was super excited to hear that David was getting his own story. I just love David. He has no intentions of settling down. That is until he meets Allison. Unfortunately Allison has a boyfriend. Later on things change for Allison. These two then end up dating. This book is brilliant. I loved the main characters and I loved the storyline. I read this in one day as I couldn't put it down. Great story Mary :)

    24. 4,5 stars Just because I want more after David and Allison are finally together.I loved David since I first met him in 'Beside Your Heart' but in this book David is even better, more beautiful, more friendly, cheerful and everything good, a perfect sweet British man. I want one (a British man) for me.

    25. This was a good simple love story. Not too much drama. A little back and forth, but I liked the so puli city. I especially liked how the book was 100% in David's pov. We always tend to get the femal pov, or both. The epilogue was in Allisons pov but it was short and sweet.

    26. A great fun read, very different to what I was expecting. Believable characters and a slowly developing romance. Love the author's style as well.

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