The Sea-Stone Sword

The Sea Stone Sword Heroes are than just stories they re people And people are complicated people are strange Nobody is a hero through and through there s always something in them that ll turn sour You ll learn it one

  • Title: The Sea-Stone Sword
  • Author: Joel Cornah
  • ISBN: 9781909845428
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heroes are than just stories, they re people And people are complicated, people are strange Nobody is a hero through and through, there s always something in them that ll turn sour You ll learn it one day There are no heroes, only villains who win Rob Sardan is going to be a legend, but the road to heroism is paved with temptation and deceit Exiled to a distan Heroes are than just stories, they re people And people are complicated, people are strange Nobody is a hero through and through, there s always something in them that ll turn sour You ll learn it one day There are no heroes, only villains who win Rob Sardan is going to be a legend, but the road to heroism is paved with temptation and deceit Exiled to a distant and violent country, Rob is forced to fight his closest friends for survival, only to discover his mother s nemesis is still alive, and is determined to wipe out her family and all her allies The only way the Pirate Lord, Mothar, can be stopped is with the Sea Stone Sword yet even the sword itself seems fickle, twisting Rob s quest in poisonous directions, blurring the line between hero and villain Nobody is who they seem, and Rob can no longer trust even his own instincts Driven by dreams of glory, Rob sees only his future as a hero, not the dark path upon which he draws ever closer to infamy.

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    1. I received this via first reads in exchange for an honest review.----Great concept and the loved the writing but just couldn't connect with it unfortunately :( Not a bad novel, but just not for me. Check it out if your still curious, you may like it more than me.

    2. I liked The Sea-Stone Sword. It was a refreshing and entertaining adventure with dark and heroic moments, set in a beautiful world.It would've been even a four star book for me if the characters (always my #1 thing) had had a little more depth. And don't get me wrong, the characters weren't BAD - many of them were unique, and I actually really enjoyed them; I only wish we'd had more time to drill into their psyche.That being said, the time was, instead, used to forward the plot. The story is ful [...]

    3. I have never read a pirate story, nope, not even Treasure Island, so this was a new experience for me.I have to say I really enjoyed the Sea-Stone Sword. Rob is an interesting character that certainly goes through a journey of self discovery. At times the journey felt a little repetitive with him going over the same issues, but that’s true to life, we never learn, so it's not really a weakness at all. The story is full of creative characters and Cornah does a wonderful job of making characters [...]

    4. First and foremost, this book has an original world-setting, which is something lots of otherwise good fantasy books lack. If I were to point out two things about it, it would be:1. obviously the non-cliché attitude to the plot - the author takes the main character on the classic "Hero leaves his home"-adventure, but takes it in a completely different direction. There is no idealisation of the path of the hero whatsoever, what is shown perfectly is the grim side of it and how painful it is for [...]

    5. So there's this boy, Rob Sardan, who wants to be a hero, to earn his place in history through adventure and swashbuckling daring. And to defeat the legendary Pirate King Mothar, who killed his mother, Rob Sardan needs the Sea-Stone Sword. So far, so bread and butter, but Joel Cornah's take on the epic coming-of-age hero story takes quite a different tack, and sets sail instead into deeper waters.Rob Sardan's initial breathless naivety carries the plot quickly into a series of adventures and batt [...]

    6. All Rob Sardan wants is to be a hero. The broken boy who washes up on the shores of Khamas is determined to make a name for himself somehow. But the line between hero and villain is not an easy one to walk.Rob’s quest for the mythical Sea-Stone Sword, the quest he believes will make him a legend, will instead force him to question every value he has, and to look into his soul with fresh eyes, to confront the darkness that dwells there.Joel Cornah’s debut novel is refreshingly unusual take on [...]

    7. The Sea-Stone Sword is a swashbuckling adventure and a coming of age tale. However it is also more than that. Rob Sardan, the 'hero' of the novel is a far more complex character, a boy heading into his teens, wanting the riches and glory of adventure and of being a great hero. However, every decision Rob makes for himself, where he feels his intentions are good, can also been seen as villainous. I loved how this was portrayed in the book as there was no clear cut 'good vs bad' guy/gal in it and [...]

    8. This is a tardy review because this was a tardy read--The Sea-Stone Sword sat on my bookshelf for nearly a year before I was in the "mood" for it--whatever that means. And then, once I settled in to it, my reading rhythm was rudely disrupted by a funeral back home 3000 miles away and I lost the thread of the story for a couple months. So I am probably not in the best possible position to review the book, but I can say a few definitive things about it. First of all, this is the author, Joel Corna [...]

    9. The Sea-Stone sword is a treasure; a darker, alternate look on the hero's desire to be a hero. Rob Sardan's journey is one that doesn't ever take the turns you expect it to, and the characters that he meets along the way are fascinating, complex and as interesting as Rob himself. Joel's writing style is succinct and his worlds draw you in, making you want to know more - and read the next book in the series!

    10. Well wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for a review copy of ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ but Joel Cornah just blew all my expectations out the window with his intriguing and conflicted characters, a brilliant, original and exciting new fantasy world, and the stunning prose throughout the novel. ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ really is a fantastic read.I loved the way that Joel Cornah created the characters that become a driving force throughout this story. I love stories that are very [...]

    11. The Sea-Stone Sword is like a tapestry, with threads of character and internal struggle, plot twists and adventures, history and philosophy, imagination and breath-taking descriptions of an entirely new and different world weaving together to form the full picture. It is a story full of surprises in every one of these areas. And it's certainly something new.I really enjoyed the multiple levels of depth in this story. The characters are multi-layered and subtle, with both faults and strengths. No [...]

    12. The Sea-Stone Sword is the story of a boy’s quest to become a hero in a world almost suffocating under the glorious deeds of its many legends. It’s been a while since I read a fantasy novel and at first glance this story seemed overwhelming. The Sea-Stone Sword is bursting to the seams with pirates, dinosaurs, towns, inns, harbours, heroes and villains, gods and legends. Once I got over some of the tongue twister names I actually raced through it and enjoyed this quirky adventure.Let's cover [...]

    13. As a disclaimer I know the author - had I not then I probably would not have read The Sea-Sword Stone as I'm not a big fantasy reader, however I'm glad that I did.The Sea-Sword Stone reminded me of adventure books I read as a child with plenty of characters, exciting lands and a quest at the heart of it. At the start of the book our protagonist, Rob, is a naive and somewhat egotistical boy with dreams of becoming a hero. He's a bit annoying to be honest but as he grows older and learns to hone h [...]

    14. One of my favourite reads from the last few years - this book has everything that I love. Great story, humour, pirates, fantasy, action, adventure, loss and loveant.The story follows Rob Sardan, and his quest to become a hero. He doesn't *quite* know how he's going to become a hero, but he'll do what he can!Longer review to come - when I'm not tapping away on my phone.

    15. Sorry its taken me awhile to get here but I have been super busy. I received this book from for an honest review. Easy book to read. Got into it super fast read it in two days. A must read.

    16. I won this book in a giveaway and would like to start by saying thanks!Okay. Firstly I credit Joel for his idea, the concept of this book sounded amazing, and the world and creatures was what really intrigued me. In my head, this was going to be an EPIC fantasy Points for trying! There were some characters in this that were great and I really enjoyed reading about. Also, the cover art on the front is beautiful. However, I was very disappointed, I'm really sorry to say. I just couldn't get into t [...]

    17. This book is the kind of epic fantasy I wish I was reading every day. The pacing never really slows down, yet the fast-moving and tense story doesn't stop major themes from emerging. This is such an original, honest, and brutal take on the hero's journey, I'm not sure I can read your typical boys-goes-out-to-become-a-hero again. Sometimes I wished I could have slapped some sense into Rob, but his obsession with heroic deeds and legends is what makes him such an interesting character. I think the [...]

    18. This is an interesting tale modelled on the traditional fantasy style, while it challenges the traditional fantasy tropes of black/white, good/evil, hero/villain. The real world is more complex than that and this book explores that as Rob goes out into the world with the goal of recovering the powerful Sea-Stone Sword so that he can become a hero. But what really motivates him? Is it the power? The fame? Or does he genuinely just want to be able to help when the call comes? These are questions h [...]

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