The Conspiracy of Us

The Conspiracy of Us To fight her destiny as the missing heir to a powerful and dangerous secret society sixteen year old Avery West must solve an ancient puzzle in a deadly race across Europe Forbidden love and code bre

  • Title: The Conspiracy of Us
  • Author: MaggieHall
  • ISBN: 9780698173453
  • Page: 200
  • Format: ebook
  • To fight her destiny as the missing heir to a powerful and dangerous secret society, sixteen year old Avery West must solve an ancient puzzle in a deadly race across Europe Forbidden love and code breaking, masked balls and explosions, destiny and dark secrets collide in this romantic thriller, in the vein of a YA DaVinci Code.Avery West s newfound family can shut down PrTo fight her destiny as the missing heir to a powerful and dangerous secret society, sixteen year old Avery West must solve an ancient puzzle in a deadly race across Europe Forbidden love and code breaking, masked balls and explosions, destiny and dark secrets collide in this romantic thriller, in the vein of a YA DaVinci Code.Avery West s newfound family can shut down Prada at the Champs Elysees when they want to shop in peace, and can just as easily order a bombing when they want to start a war They are part of a powerful and dangerous secret society called the Circle of Twelve, and Avery is their missing heir If they discover who she is, some of them will want to use her as a pawn Some will want her dead To thwart their plans, Avery must follow a trail of clues from the landmarks of Paris to the back alleys of Istanbul and through a web of ancient legends and lies And unless she can stay one step ahead of beautiful, volatile Stellan, who knows she s than she seems, and can decide whether to trust mysterious, magnetic Jack, she may be doomed after all.

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    1. There are so many things that this book wasn't, but you know what The Conspiracy of Us turned out to be? Fun.When Avery’s high school greets a new student, Jack, Avery is simultaneously and inexplicably attracted and mystified by the guy. And when she finds a photo of herself falling off his bag and hears him make a strange phone call – with a British accent! – she feels Jack is withholding something from her. Turns out her intuition was right, because learning she is somehow connected to [...]

    2. I actually really enjoyed this! I thought it was a really fun action packed read and I'm looking forward to continuing the trilogy. Video review to come!

    3. I checked out the Penguin sampler of this and it seems it would suit people who like a heavy dose of boys, love and fashion in their thrillers. Nothing wrong with that, just knew it wasn't for me when I read this on page 3:I wasn't just fascinated with his forearms, though, or his deep gray eyes, or the dimple in his right cheek. He was ridiculously attractive - not pretty, but good-looking in a chiseled way, his jawline an angle rather than a curve, not a strand of espresso-colored hair out of [...]

    4. This book played out like a really cool adventure movie (the kind I would pay to watch) right from the start. If you are looking for a fast-paced thrilling read that takes you in a journey around the world and is filled with theories and secret societies: look no more. Okay, there were quite a lot of issues that I had with this book but it’s kind of addictive I so can’t wait for the next one. Set in:Paris; FranceIstanbul; Turkey What was one of the most fun things about this book was that it [...]

    5. Video Review: youtube/watch?v=sa3m8Actual Rating: 4.5/5Ahhhh, ok this was great. You want to know why? Because I had zero expectations going into this, and had NO IDEA how much I was going to love it. I believe this book is extremely underrated with not many people (at least on Booktube) talking about it. Yeah, changing that. So what I loved most about this book was that it APPEALED to so many different sides of myself. It's so action-packed the action movie lover in me was rooting for the heroi [...]

    6. Warning: I am not in a charitable mood.I didn't care if he was a Greek god. I didn't trust him for a second. And that would have been true even if he hadn't (view spoiler)[pulled a knife on me (hide spoiler)] a few hours ago.This from a girl who literally three, yes THREE PAGES ago agreed to go with him to god knows where and when he told her they were going abroad, just gingerly got on the plane with him. And this was after the (view spoiler)[pulling the knife (hide spoiler)] stunt.What the hel [...]

    7. Listen to my The Conspiracy of Us fanmix on 8tracks.Review also posted at Young Adult HollywoodTUAL RATING: 4.5 StarsAncient puzzle? Traveling across Europe, code-breaking, masked balls and Prada.I knew I would consume this book even before I got the chance to read it. I am drawn to books, television show or any fiction that exude lavish and sophistication. I am cheap like that and The Conspiracy of Us is anything, but delightful and posh. What a perfect way to ruin me.I am always on a quest for [...]

    8. This was so much fun! It had all the elements of adventure movies that I love wrapped into a book. It was a thrilling, fast-paced story about a secret society and an ancient prophecy that ties back to Alexander the Great. I definitely recommend this for people who like movies such as National Treasure and The Mummy.

    9. This DaVinci Code inspired YA will appeal to those who enjoy action-packed, plot driven books. The premise (secret society who runs the world, girl with violet eyes who is the key to EVERYTHING) is admittedly far-fetched, but as I've blogged about before, most teen thrillers are far-fetched by definition and you have to just shut off your brain and go with it. For those who are love triangle averse, just read that synopsis: the romance in this book definitely has a triangular configuration (it's [...]

    10. I've been after this book for awhile now, and really wish I'd picked it up months earlier. Honestly, I think this may be one of my favourite books ever.In The Conspiracy of Us, Avery West is flung into a world she never imagined could exist. She finds out that her paternal family, that she knew absolutely nothing about, was part of a sort of secret society that spanned back to the days of Alexander the Great. Now she's part of a quest to uncover the lost tomb of Alexander, and discovers stuff ab [...]

    11. I just really don't like Avery. She's selfish and stupid and agh. Stellan is pretty much the only character I like a lot. And I ship him with her, except the fact that she doesn't deserve him.I love the plot, but gah, stupid Avery ruins it.That's all.

    12. I don't have too much to say about this one but I really enjoyed it. It's a very intriguing globe trotting, clue solving mystery involving ancient secret societies. Definitely going to continue the series! Audiobook narration was great.

    13. RATING: 3.5 STARSAfter the roller coaster Never Fade has been, I wanted to read something light and I thought The Conspiracy of Us fit the bill perfectly. Especially after I've been drooling for it since I've read the synopsis and then that gorgeous cover got released. Well, let me warn you. The first few chapters or so were the definition of shitty writing, shitty characters and shitty intrigue. I was bored out of my mind and I kept rolling my eyes at the clichés portrayed. Avery, the main cha [...]

    14. *3.75*This is definitely a fun and entertaining read. However, I didn't love the main character and the plot is predictable

    15. Το θέμα το οποίο πραγματεύεται είναι εξωφρενικό, αλλά επειδή το διάβασα με την διάθεση που διαβάζω τα YA fantasy, δεν με ενόχλησε στιγμή το ότι ανακάτευε Μέγα Αλέξανδρο, Ναπολέοντα, Αριστοτέλη, με αρχαίους θησαυρούς, υπερδυνάμεις, το γονίδιο των βιολετιών ματιών, την ακαΐα κ.α. Α [...]

    16. I set this down around 127 pages. It's perfectly fine, and I think fans of Ally Carter and Robin Benway's caper type books will enjoy. This one is a little confusing and not quite as strong in the characterization department, however, and I smell a love triangle as well. Those don't always bother me, but in this case I don't really know enough about any of the parties involved to care that much either way. I wish we'd seen more of Paris, too--though if you're only going to see Prada while you're [...]

    17. Quick review for a not-so-quick read. Usually Julia Whelan's narrations engage me enough to get through even the most tedious of books, but I still felt the burn listening to this book on audio. I had some try/fail cycles in picking this one up, finally succeeded in finishing the third time around, and I'm kind of surprised for a fast-paced caper thriller how dull, unimaginative, and notably incomplete it was. That's a shame, because I'd really looked forward to this read. Maggie Hall's "The Con [...]

    18. *4.25 stars*So good so good! Very exciting. I really liked all the characters. I just wish the main character Avery was slightly more fleshed out. I felt a sort of disconnect to her character sometimes. I really liked jack but I LOVED Stellan. He's so interesting and his mysterious childhood and back story has me so intrigued. Can't wait for the next book that comes out this year!

    19. Oh. My. Gosh.Normally, I like to be all professional and articulate when I review books, especially now that I'm considered an "author" and other authors are "peers." But let's be totally honest right now - there's no way I'm going to do anything except for flail over this book.Commence squee-ing in321You know those books that are "me books" - the ones that you see announced on PM or PW, read the premise of, and think, "Wow, that's exactly the kind of book I like"? This is one of those books for [...]

    20. °☆.。.:*・Actual Rating: 4.5 stars °☆.。.:*・ I’m about to write y’all the most subjective review ever. Except I’m conscious of my subjectivism. So henceforth, feast your eyes, and minds, on what I like to call my objective portrayal of a highly subjective review. You’re welcome. Those of you who’ve been around for a while may know of a post I did a while back, something along the lines of bookish kyrptonites—all things that roped me into (at times) rather dud, and on the r [...]

    21. To see full review with gifs click here.I almost, almost, DNF’d this one. I should’ve DNF’d it. There were three strikes against it within the first hundred pages:1) Purple eyes. Sorry, no. There are way too many Liz Taylor’s in the YA genre.2) Bastardizing sensitive history. I like when history gets twisted, but stating that two tragic world wars were caused by a super elite family (um, no).3) Forbidden romance. Enough said.So, why did I keep reading this one?The concept.The concept was [...]

    22. This book was a lot of fun! It was a bit like Ruby Red with a bit of the movie National Treasure mixed in. There was absolutely nothing sci-fi or paranormal about it besides the mention of a prophecy, but its mysterious existence is basically just accepted. This is all action/adventure/mystery/romance. I really enjoyed all the history and geography in this. It starts out with Avery in high school, in Minnesota I think. She then travels to Paris, then Istanbul, then Paris again, where they visit [...]

    23. I love a good jet-setting mystery, and this one was even better than I'd been hoping. Kinda fun, kinda flighty and more than a bit sexy, this book takes the reader from Minnesota to Paris to Istanbul, and though the characters are running for their lives and don't get to explore much, it was fun to go along for the ride. It's a little far-fetched, but it's so exciting and fast-paced that it's easy to forget just how unrealistic this whole plot is.Conspiracy theories and the like fascinate me, bu [...]

    24. Huh. Fist half of book 5 stars and then Stellan disappeared and I got bored (I'm not a huge history buff so easy to lose me with all the artifact hunting and whatnot) but that ending, that ending gave me hope Jack is not end game (thank god!), and so for romance's sake alone, I will continue to book 2 because Stellan is worth reading about and a girl can dream

    25. Review found at: awesomebooknuts3.5 I had some high hopes for this book! I had some high hopes for this book! The cover is amazing, the book sounded amazing! And I honestly can say there isn't really anything WRONG with the book, it just.didn't do it for me like I'd hoped. It started off really cool, and I really enjoyed that there were these families who really are in control of the world, and how this girl, Avery was hidden away all that and then all of a sudden her life is just thrown for a w [...]

    26. I think most readers added this book to their TBR when they say it was a YA version of The Da Vinci Code. I'm the opposite. At first, I though, 'ooooh pretty cover!' But since I've never seen or read The Da Vinci Code, that was never really a selling point for me. But I couldn't resist the audiobook when I found out that Julia Whelan was narrating it, who is fantastic! It did take me a little bit to get through the beginning of the book, but once the plot gets moving, it's fast paced all the way [...]

    27. “Toska.” He leaned forward, too. “It’s a Russian word. It has no translation into any other language, but the closest I’ve heard is the ache. A longing. The sense that something is missing, and even if you’re not sure what it is, you ache for it. Down to your bones.”I’m really glad that I picked this book up! After the emotional turmoil that In The Afterlight brought, I needed a cute and intriguing read to mend my broken heart. The Conspiracy of us is a fun, thrilling and face-pa [...]

    28. 2 starsWARNING: I am spoiling this entire book for you and I don't care.*deep sigh* It's been almost 3 months since I read this book, but I'm just getting around to reviewing it now. It's so laughably terrible that I needed to have the right energy and enough time to fully explain why. Honestly, before I dove into the book, I'd already seen that the public opinion on it was largely negative - but I still went into it with an open mind. It has such a beautiful cover and awesome premise (YA Da Vin [...]

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