Chasing Matisse: A Year in France Living My Dream

Chasing Matisse A Year in France Living My Dream Book by Morgan James

  • Title: Chasing Matisse: A Year in France Living My Dream
  • Author: James Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780743237543
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by Morgan, James

    One thought on “Chasing Matisse: A Year in France Living My Dream”

    1. Wow, I am amazed at some of the negative reviews of this wonderful book. I think perhaps some readers are not giving the author credit for writing the book promised in the title. While those who are interested in Matisse's life will learn many interesting things about him, the book is not really supposed to be about Matisse, but about the writer's love of his work, and the way that love inspired him to leave behind a perfectly satisfactory life in Arkansas to find an even better one in France. I [...]

    2. An American couple decides to visit the places where Matisse lived and worked. They visited interesting places mostly in France. I think they were really lucky to realize this plan though their tour wasn't always so happy.

    3. Traveling in the footsteps of his hero, the author and his wife live the dream of a year's journey in France, chasing light, color, and insight into this great artist.

    4. Loved this book. I read it just before going abroad in July 08. While in Nice, I traced some of the steps the author took in researching Matisse.

    5. Wannabe artist gets a book deal to spend a year traveling around France visiting the sites where Matisse painted writes a boring travel journal. If he was a more interesting writer or more interesting things happened on his journey it might have been worth publishing. The only interesting portions of the book are direct quotes from Hilary Spurling's books on Matisse. Actually this whole book is based on her books. Although he occasionally describes his attempts at sketching and painting in Franc [...]

    6. This is essentially someone's journal. I really wanted to like this book since I too love Matisse,France and foreign adventures. There was also the added bonus of the author living in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. As I read I found it jumped around too much from Matisse, to the author's whining about his life. He kept saying he was a writer but then he was a painter. I understand having multiple passions but I found the transitions between his varying interest, his wife's work, the peopl [...]

    7. James Morgan taps into a universal dream--the urge to freedom, the yearning to do what you want, free of schedules, responsibilities, constraints, dictation. His vehicle is Matisse, and he and his wife travel through France looking for the key to the artist's ability to live a full artistic life, hoping it will provide the inspiration and courage to realize their own escape from convention.Though it held my interest, it seem basically to be in the vein of uplifting self-help writing: How To Chan [...]

    8. I enjoyed the format part travel journal, part art book. I liked the author's writing style it felt personal and it brought me in. The 'adventure' was a bit tame for me, and WAY too high-end (i'm more of a backpacking hostel type), but really he DID get to actually STAY for almost a week in one of Matisse's studios! In the SAME room that Matisse slept and created art! That is simply mind boggling to me and had me in tears such an incredible experience!

    9. James tried painting as a midlife exercise. He becomes entranced with Matisse's work and dreams of chucking it all in, selling the house and moving to France. His wife buys into the dream. They do it. And there the story begins. They don't buy or rent a house. They move every few weeks and months. Adventures happen. But more importantly, James paints. He paints a lot. He follows Matisse's painting career all over. And throughly enjoys it.Living the dream.

    10. Makes me want to go back to the South of France, especially St. Paul de Vence and Nice.A little bit about Matisse is interesting if you want to know where he lived. The prose is pretty boring and standard.

    11. Two stars say it all- not a bad book, and it did make me want to go to France, but I wanted to anyway. He's obviously a Matisse lover, and makes following the artists life interesting.

    12. great idea but authors were so rude and selfish; all about themselves and their gimmick, not about the soul of Matisse. They chased,didn't search, so didn't find.

    13. I read this because part of it takes place in our town in France.However, the writing is just O.K. and from the author's sketchesI had a hard time believing he's really an artist.

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