Бил Галактическия герой на планетата на бутилираните мозъци

  • Title: Бил Галактическия герой на планетата на бутилираните мозъци
  • Author: Harry Harrison Robert Sheckley Хари Харисън Робърт Шекли Юлиян Стойнов
  • ISBN: 9789545855160
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Бил Галактическия герой на планетата на бутилираните мозъци”

    1. много свежа весела фантастикапародирани са - омир, star wars, Star Trek и още

    2. A bit more entertaining than the first two volumes. This one has less obvious military antagonism mixed in a rapidly-moving plot. A mix of satiric references to other popular iconic SciFi characters adds to the fun.

    3. Bill is orderteered into a secret diplomatic mission to a planet of doom. Brain freeze and crocodile foot ensues.This book made no sense. It tried to be funny, but only in a poopy-joke kind of way. And it had about as much interest in plot integrity as an ADHD 10-year old on amphetamines.So, as his body is being fattened up for absorption by the disembodied inhabitants of said planet, his mind is sucked into and enslaved by their global computer matrix, whereupon it is rescued by evil counter-un [...]

    4. Great book, really funny I'm really impressed by this author. So this is a spoof of the Starship Troopers book by Robert Heinlein, which I haven't read. And to my friend, David's chagrin, I haven't seen the movie either.Judging by the stuff my Marine brother told me, its a pretty accurate, sardonic description of life in the military. One the first page, Bill gets a foot transplant. But as he's unraveling the bandage he discovers is an alligator's foot! Apparently those are cheaper. He gets volu [...]

    5. Top marks for the craft in the words and spoof of assorted sci-fi stories, however the sheer breakneck pace from one ridiculous contrived situation to another just didn't engage. Read only for sake of completeness. Amazing wordsmith wasted on slapstick.

    6. Кефя се на Бил, Галактическия Герой, както и на Хари Харисън като писател, но това беше най-лошата книга от поредицата, която едвам издържах до края.

    7. Първата ми книга от този автор и честно казано нямам никакво желание да повторя.

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