Crossing the Darkness

Crossing the Darkness Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth all she wants now is

  • Title: Crossing the Darkness
  • Author: William Massa
  • ISBN: 9781499727098
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth, all she wants now is a chance at a fresh start Booking passage on an interstellar colony barge, Faith expects an uneventful three year voyage spent in cryogenic stasis But her dream of a bettAlternate Cover Edition can be found here Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth, all she wants now is a chance at a fresh start Booking passage on an interstellar colony barge, Faith expects an uneventful three year voyage spent in cryogenic stasis But her dream of a better life becomes a nightmare when she is prematurely awakened halfway through her journey and finds herself trapped aboard a ship of horrors the vessel is adrift in the far reaches of space, its crew brutally murdered and a ruthless killer in command With the nearest outpost millions of miles away, it s up to Faith to face an inhuman adversary with terrifying plans for the ship s 4000 sleeping passengers

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    1. This is my fourth William Massa book, and the second book I've had the pleasure of beta reading for the author. Crossing Darkness is an action packed thrill ride that doesn't sacrifice intelligence for entertainment. In this book, the reader gets both. This is probably the best part about William Massa's work. You get the action and entertainment from his screen writing experience, combined with his intelligent and descriptive novel writing. As a fellow author I really admire this about his work [...]

    2. Crossing the Darkness is a pretty darn good suspenseful sci-fi horror story, in line with the likes of Alien and Event Horizon. One of those stories where the heroine is constantly on the run from some run amok horror creature. In this case Faith (ex-con) and Hacker (ex-cop) are on a spaceship on a 5 yr journey deep into space. They are awakened from a deep sleep and soon find themselves on the run from an inhuman killer "construct" (not exactly human, but not exactly a terminator). Either way, [...]

    3. Another great book from Massa. It's an action packed sci-fi thriller. I really enjoy Massa's writing style. He has a way of describing things that brings the story to life and allows you to get to know the characters without getting lost in the details.The protagonist (Faith) awakens in the ship only to discover that the ship's crew is dead and she could be next. Faith and a fellow passenger enter into a life or death struggle for survival against a horrifying enemy. The story takes many twists [...]

    4. A Horror Novel Inside of a Sci-Fi StoryFaith Cadena wanted to get away. She wanted to leave her old life behind her. One full of regrets and sadness. She decides to sign up for a mining operation that will put her into cryo-sleep until it reaches its destination. Suddenly, Faith is awoken to find out that things aren't at all what they seemed.Joe Hempel narrates Crossing the Darkness and, as always, does a great job. When the action picked up, Joe's narration followed the mood. When things got d [...]

    5. A thrill ride through space -not to to be read at nightCrossing the Darkness is William Massa’s fourth book. Though a separate story from his last book, “Silicon Man,” he takes the theme of the technologically enhanced human to the next terrifying level. But this book isn’t mired down in techno-speak. It’s fast-paced, electrifying, and will keep you looking over your shoulder at any little sound. Imagine waking up after being cryogenically frozen to face an inhuman adversary who is alw [...]

    6. 5 starsGifted ecopy in exchange for an honest reviewAwesome! This book surprised me. It was very interesting and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. It is very well written and I really liked the author's writing style. It is the first book I have read from this author and I will be reading more for sure. The story is different from what I normally read, this is sci fi with some suspense. There are deaths, gore and lots of blood but not to the point of you don't want to keep reading [...]

    7. Another good Story from William Massa. I was afraid at first that this book was going to be a re-hash of Fear the Light since they both have the same basic premise: Our characters are trapped inside a ship in this case (a castle in the other case)and someone or something is trying to kill them. Thankfully, this story took enough turns of its own to be different.If you've read Massa novels before, you know that they are short compared to today's standard length novel, which I tend to find refresh [...]

    8. This is the story of Faith, an ex-criminal who wakes to find herself trapped on a spaceship with a small group of people woken from their stasis sleep too early. Faith has to figure out why and ensure her survival. Massa does a great job with the atmosphere and pacing of this book. I read it quickly and with a great deal of enjoyment. If you like intense science fiction with a darker edge, I think you'd get a kick out of this.

    9. Crossing the Darkness for me was like a cross between Ascension and Pandorum with the added complex twists and action packed suspense. I really don't know how Massa does it because he really knows how to depict the scene as if you were really standing there and experiencing it for yourself. Crossing the Darkness is a book I had to read twice in a row because I enjoyed it so much. A fun twisted story for those craving some scifi excitement.

    10. I really enjoyed this one! It's a fast read and hard to put down once you begin reading. I loved the story, the characters, and it had a great ending. I love the way it was written with how things are described and how you learn about the characters and their history.

    11. I rarely give less than 5 stars if I rate at all, so I feel that this special occasion warrants an explanation. I gave 2 stars, though I sincerely believe that the book deserves 1 (insomuch as does not alone a 0 star rating), as a thanks to William Massa. The author has sincerely opened my eyes with this book, which has garnered an additional star otherwise unearned by the quality of the writing or the components of the plot. William, if you're reading this, I appreciate you for writing this bo [...]

    12. While the underlying marketing of this novel is science fiction, and the story does take place in the future in space, I would characterize this one as a horror novel. The author does a great job of setting the stage for a series of events in the future and making you feel as if you are right there in the middle of the action. This one was a fairly quick read and took me about two hours – but I didn’t put it down after I started it.The author leaves the ending in a rather neat place – you [...]

    13. After the last three books by William Massa's I jumped at the chance to read his forth. They have just got better and better and I was slightly worried this wouldn't live up to his last.I needn't have worried at all!!!Its 6.32 am and Ive just finished another fantastic rollercoaster of a read by William Massa. Most authors stick to similar genres but with Mr Massa you never quite know what subject your going to be reading from Dracula to Gargoyles coming to life to rogue robots and now this!Cros [...]

    14. The writing was mostly competent, but I found all of the characters to be unbelievably cliche. Sometimes the story seems to recognize this fact ("Broken cops were a dime a dozen"), but that doesn't make the reading any more pleasant. Sometimes it becomes downright cringe-worthy; For instance, the line "Two fragmented souls were drawn into each other's orbit, only feeling whole when they were together" is used completely unironically. Some of the action scenes are clunky, with description that is [...]

    15. The edition I read was part of the Silicon World: Man vs. Machine collection.This was fairly short and a standalone novel. Faith is an ex-con. After serving a ten year sentence, during which she gave birth to a daughter who was taken from her, she decides to make a fresh start and signs on to travel to a distant mining colony. The story begins when she awakes in her cryo tube. The ship seems to be deserted and is still on its journey, but when she starts to explore, she finds Harker, a former co [...]

    16. Faith is trying to start over. With just a hologram as her hope, she’s traveling across space to start a brand new life. What Faith ends up with is a lot more than just a gentle ride. She’s met with utter chaos. What I liked:I am a huge fan of this author. I really loved Silicon man, so of course I said I’d review for this one as well. The descriptions in this book really set you right with Faith and what’s going on. It’s a fast paced story that will keep you on your toes! If you love [...]

    17. "FOR FANS OF ALIEN,PROMETHEUS AND DEADSPACE"I'd say for fans of Event Horizon."This wasn't an operating room. It was an abattoir."After being forced to give up her to-be born child due to a subsequent 10 year prison sentence, now 28 year old Faith is on a journey towards a new beginning aboard a massive interstellar colony barge. Awoken early from cryogenic stasis, she finds a dire situation as she discovers the slaughtered crew and missing passengers. Something is stalking in the shadows, and t [...]

    18. I very much enjoyed Mr. Massa's vampire noir mystery, "Fear the Light." This novella is a scifi thriller showing the author's ability to genre hop with grace.I liked the plot and the main characters well enough, but the megalomaniac computer just doesn't work for me. Even HAL in 2001, although lethal, was suitably unfeeling about its logical conclusions. It stretched my credulity despite the computer's claims of helping mankind with its deadly experiments. Basically, the computer just had too mu [...]

    19. I was gifted this ebook by the author after reviewing another of his books, 'Fear the Light'. It's another short, but fast-paced book that gets straight into the action. I have to say that I've not read many sci-fi books but i found this incredibly enjoyable. This could have been a much longer book in the hands of another author, but imo that would have ruined it. There were parts in the story that I thought "oh here we go. We're going to spend ages going through the motions of everyone being su [...]

    20. Crossing the Darkness is a sci-fi/horror novel by William Massa and let's just say: it's a fast paced/high octane page turner if I ever read one!From the moment we're introduced to the bad-ass character of Faith, the story steamrolls ahead, with barely a moment to catch your breathwhich is only fitting, since she constantly finds herself jumping from one life and death situation to another! Faith is a gritty and intelligent (not to mention, well rounded) character. We learn about her sordid crim [...]

    21. This was an enjoyable scifi thriller. The fast pacing kept the story moving, the characters were well-developed, and I liked reading about their individual backstories. Initially, I was uncertain about whether or not I would enjoy this novel as much as I have enjoyed other stories from this author, but I was not disappointed. It begins with an Event Horizon sort of feel, but you quickly see that this tale isn't a knock off from a popular space horror movie. It's unique twist caught me off guard [...]

    22. I only read this book because of Nicholas Smith's review of it and because the author of the amazing book Orbs liked it. This book turned out to be the best gamble ive ever made. I loved it. I normally hate short books because i feel you cant tell a good story in such few pages. I love a long detailed book that keeps me busy for hours not one im able to read in no time but this book was so good it was worth the read and the ending really summed it all up though i think there should be a sequel t [...]

    23. This is an good read.It grabs you from the start makes you wonder just what did happen to the crew.As you meet Faith and the other six people who had just recently awakened from their cryogenic stasis tubes, prematurely only half way through their journey.You travel with them on the ship of horror,with no hopes of being recused.It was up to them to figure this out and try to survive and get back on coarse.You will enjoy the twist and turns til the very end of the book.

    24. Give me a book with a kick-ass female main character on a spaceship, and I will happily read it. Crossing the Darkness is a mix of science fiction and horror with vivid descriptions and white-knuckled "how is she going to survive?" situations.But two things kept this from being a five star story: 1. telling instead of showing. Lots of it. 2. Some over-explaining that slowed the pace.Despite those hang-ups, I liked it!

    25. Crossing the Darkness is a good story with a lot of potential but unfortunately is victim to the all too common clichés and predictability of outer space sci-fi books. The story at times felt rushed and there was no real character development. All we know about the main characters come in snippets of flashbacks. If you want a quick sci-fi read while waiting to board your plane or in a doctor’s office, this book is for you. 

    26. A decent, fun read. Kinda reminded me of "Doom" or "Resident Evil." The description was a bit misleading: it's shorter than advertised. 75% made up the novella and the rest was a sample of another book. Also, there were a surprising number of typos: too much space between some sentences, backward quotation marks, inconsistent dashes. Another edit would polish this puppy up.

    27. FascinatingI couldn't put it down, lots of action and disturbing which I like, it makes you think. similar to alien but with AI craziness. I want to read more, hope there is a sequel.

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