Flirty Dancing

Flirty Dancing Full of humor and heart this story of finding your confidence and your jive is the first in a four book series The Ladybirds by debut author Jenny McLachlan Bea Hogg is bullied regularly by her for

  • Title: Flirty Dancing
  • Author: Jenny McLachlan
  • ISBN: 9781250061485
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Full of humor and heart, this story of finding your confidence and your jive is the first in a four book series, The Ladybirds, by debut author Jenny McLachlan Bea Hogg is bullied regularly by her former best friend Pearl, so going to school isn t the best or favorite part of her day As Bea leaves home each day, happy and light, she turns inward and becomes quiet, shyFull of humor and heart, this story of finding your confidence and your jive is the first in a four book series, The Ladybirds, by debut author Jenny McLachlan Bea Hogg is bullied regularly by her former best friend Pearl, so going to school isn t the best or favorite part of her day As Bea leaves home each day, happy and light, she turns inward and becomes quiet, shy Bea for school When it s announced that a prominent dance competition show is coming to their school, Bea is dying to compete However, Bea s best friend Kat ditches her for Pearl s dance crew the Pink Ladies, and oddly enough, Bea finds herself paired with Ollie the cutest guy in school and the object of Pearl s affections Bea s life is transformed as she finally gets her time in the spotlight She overcomes her shyness, learns how to jive, and gets her first kiss

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    1. Had so much fun reading this book!Can’t wait to read about the other Ladybirds! Bea is such a cute and funny character and I really enjoyed reading about her and her dance adventures. Ollie is such a perfectly imperfect type of guy and it was not possible for me to not like him immediately. The story was very entertaining, I have to mention some pretty cool supporting characters – “mad as a badger” Betty, Bea’s kick-ass Nan and the indirect matchmaker Lulu. Without them the story would [...]

    2. I've had my eye on this series for some time now, and seeing as I've been approved for an ARC of book 3, this was the perfect time to read it.Flirty Dancing was a really quick and easy read. With my e-book being only 180 pages, it seemed to fly through. The book was fun, and a little cheesy - the perfect story to read when jet lagged and in the mood for some fluff.Our main character was Bea, a 14 year old from Brighton, who faces the same challenges most teenagers do. She's dealing with school, [...]

    3. After falling in love with Stargazing for Beginners, I wanted to try out something else from this author, and when I found out she had a MG/young YA series, I was all on board. I loved reading about Bea and Ollie - dancing is one of the things I would have been obsessed with in another life, so any book that deals with it in some way is extremely pleasing. Although I thought some of the language the teens used and the references were a little outdated (who remembers Bebo, anyone?) it was a bunch [...]

    4. More like 2.5 stars. It was quick (seriously, I read it in like 35 minutes) and fun and I really want to read the rest in the series! They're perfect speedy young YA stories that really get you in the mood for reading!

    5. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!I can’t help but feel I’m in the wrong age group for Flirty Dancing. It’s incredibly light and fluffy, and with the main character Bea being only 14, I’d take a guess that it’s aimed towards the younger YA spectrum (of which I am nowhere near).It took me a few goes of picking up this book, because of the fluffy popcorn-style writing. Within the first few lines, Bea’s younger toddler sister Emma would do typical ki [...]

    6. This was such a fun read for me and I already can think of a load of teen girls I'll be happily recommending it to for the foreseeable future. Flirty dancing is the story of Bea who is super shy at school and ends up entering a national dance competition with the hottest boy at school who unfortunately is going over with Bea's ex best friend and now sworn rival. I liked several things about the book. Firstly the voice of Bea was really authentic. It was spot on when you saw the two sides of Bea. [...]

    7. Ich finde es klasse, wie die Autorin es in den wenigen Seiten geschafft hat, dass Bea sich glaubwürdig weiter entwickelt. Naja, und diesen coolen Dirty Dancing-Vibe sowieso. =)

    8. *Received in exchange for an honest review**Thank you, Bloomsbury*This was such a funny, light hearted little read! With it being under 200 pages, it makes for a quick and easy read. It wasn't something I expected to enjoy as much as I did, but Flirty Dancing picked me up and transported me straight back to my childhood. I felt like I was curled up on the back seat of the car, reading all the way to where ever we were going. It was lovely and a much needed dose of humour and lightness following [...]

    9. 4½ Starsdivabooknerd/2014/06/fWhen I discovered the synopsis for this one, I had assumed it was another light and fluffy teen romance, but it was so much more. Not since The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay, have I laughed so much. Snorting, unbridled and unattractive laughing, it was brilliant. Bea is the shy girl who has so much to say but lacks the confidence to speak out. I absolutely adored Bea, her inner thoughts and narrative were delivered with composure and a comedic timing that most aut [...]

    10. I absolutely flew through the pages of Flirty Dancing. Bea is a wonderful character, instantly likeable. You just can’t stop reading about her and her family. I adored Nan in particular.Jenny McLachlan pulls you into Bea’s story from the very first sentence. I thought her descriptions for the dance routines Bea and Ollie were visual without being too detailed and thus distracting you from the story.There is a joy to reading Flirty Dancing, it makes you smile throughout. I can see me handing [...]

    11. This one was so much fun! :) Very excited to get to the next two books in the series. A series review of all 3 coming soon!

    12. You have to know the truth: I hate dancing. ButFlirty Dancingpleasantly surprised me.It was fun, fluffy, and incredibly sweet. My favourite part, I have to admit, is Bea's gran and little sister, 3-year-old Emma. They stole the show more than once. Particularly Emma, because think of Ramona Quimby with a dash more good intentions. Emma is usually naked, covered in green felt-pen, and wearing her big sister's bra on her head. In fact, the book begins with Emma:A small naked person is licking me. [...]

    13. Written by a friend of a friend, I was keen to read this as it came strongly recommended. Even though not aimed at me (a 42 year old), I was still keen to follow the story, loved the main characters and wanted to know how it all was going to end. The dancing, the talent competition and the age group is just so perfect for the current market. I would recommend this to all 10-15 year olds girls and for us slightly older ones too!

    14. This was a really sweet and fun teen romance. I loved Bea and how she developed resilience against Pearl and the bullies. The jive dancing was a nice quirk and as someone who loves dance and has always been overweight, this resonated with me on many levels. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    15. See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher for review.Diversity Rating: 0 – What Diversity?Racial-Ethnic: 0 (Pearl has brown skin but is the very flat antagonist; debatable identity)QUILTBAG: 0Disability: 0Intersectionality: 0Funny contemporary YA is my thing in case you don’t know me very well or didn’t already figure it out based on what I read and review. There’s always the risk of said funny contemporaries not being that funny, not having a s [...]

    16. "Though she be but little, she is fierce."Sometimes a book will land in my mailbox for review that under normal circumstances I don't think I would have picked up to read since my TBR list is so incredibly long. And what a shame that would be, because I've discovered some real gems that I would not have had the pleasure of reading otherwise. Flirty Dancing is one of those such books. It is such a cute, fun read. But there are also some deeper undertones to the story, that make this so much more [...]

    17. I am so happy I bought this book, because it was absolutely worth it.Our main character Beatrice, or Bea or Bean was a wonderful girl. A girl with insecurities, but also with a feisty spirit that just needed to be drawn out. She is sweet and wonderful and I really liked her from page 1.She was really brave, even when Pearl (her ex-best friend) was bullying her, she stayed strong, even though she just wanted to cry a lot.I loved that she found a love in dancing, or more specific in jiving.I laugh [...]

    18. 3.5 starsLove love love this premise. Bea is a great MC. She's struggling with how she looks, dealing with mean girls at school, and crushing on The Hot Boy. She's honest with herself and with what she's struggling with. It was great being in her head, reading her figure it all out. Ollie was also a fun character and there were some adorably sweet swoons. However, the best character might have been Emma. She stole the show. The dancing was used perfectly. As the routines get harder, we see Bea g [...]

    19. Source: received from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did.This is a very light - hearted book that you can't help but smile at.A very short and quick read. Mucho enjoyableo :)Full review to come.

    20. *I won a copy of this book via *This was a sweet, feel-good read that I enjoyed.Bea was a good protagonist and I liked reading as she came out of her shell.

    21. Heerlijkheid. Pure fluff! Soms moet dat even tussendoor. Verwacht geen literair hoogstandje maar pure cheesy chicklit.

    22. BuchgestaltungMir gefällt die deutsche Aufmachung wesentlich besser und das hat zwei Gründe: Erstens, passt das Cover viel besser zum Alter der Protagonistin (Bea ist erst 14) und zweitens trifft es das Thema des Buches wirklich perfekt. Der Titel ist einfach nur super! Ich meine, wer kennt nicht Dirty Dancing und diese Anspielung zum Tanzen ist einfach niedlich. Beim englischen Cover passt dafür das Aussehen der Protagonistin wirklich. Genauso wird Bea beschrieben, auch, wenn sie meiner Mein [...]

    23. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** Flirty Dancing is such a fun read. It kind of reminded me of the British Georgia Nickelson series. Laugh out loud antics with a refreshingly levelheaded main character. I don't know how to best describe Bea. She is her own person, she is nice, has a good little group of friends (most of the time), is quirky funny, has eclectic interests and is such a great big sister. She just seems like a well rounded girl that I would love t [...]

    24. The cover of Flirty Dancing is what initially drew my attention, I love how bright and fun it looks, so of course I had to find out more. After reading the synopsis I decided that I HAD to read this book, it sounded just as good as the cover looked and is possibly one of the few books that has a synopsis that matches the cover perfectly.I want to get this out of the way now, I will admit to nearly giving up on this book when I began reading it. I felt like the characters were childish, but I am [...]

    25. Posted originally on my blog reviewedthebook/2014 (Actual rating 4.5)I was drawn to Flirty Dancing by its quirky cover and its Louise Rennison-style comparison and the book itself was just as fun as I had been expecting. The main character, Bea, is on the surface very shy and afraid to be herself. At school, her childhood best friend turned bully makes her time very uncomfortable and sees Bea lacking in confidence. At home, however, Bea is full of life and can be just as mad as her crazy, loveab [...]

    26. Read reviews, see awesome GIFS and see my rambling thoughts at my blog, The Loony Teen WriterTHIS BOOK WAS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME. Let me list the ways.1) Bea’s sister Emma. Emma is by turns a cat, a frog and adorable little sister. She made me laugh so many times throughout the book, and is a very realistic three-year-old (unfortunately, I know many of these unnatural creatures).2) Dancing!The dancing Bea, our protagonist, does is called jive. Which is so refreshing and lovely, becaus [...]

    27. A really sweet YA story - perfect for putting a smile on your face!Bea Hogg is 14, in year 9 at school (this story is set in the UK) and is very quiet. She spends her days just trying not to get noticed by Pearl, the queen bee of her year-group. When a TV company hold auditions for local dancers to star in a talent show, Bea is cruelly dumped by her best friend Kat, after Kat joins Pearl's group The Pink Ladies. When Bea's nan helps out by arranging dance lessons with a jive duo, her new dance p [...]

    28. The Ladybirds were once a group of friends from nursery, but now as they've grown up they have parted ways. But when a dancing show gives their school an opportunity to audition, she can't but want to be a part of it even without a partner. She loves to dance in her room so why not dance for a show. Her nan however, makes sure she gets to dance, so she arranges to dance with Ollie, Pearl's boyfriend (ish). Pearl was part of their friendship but now she has become the bitch of the group, basicall [...]

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