One thought on “My Lady Valentine”

  1. Short and cute! Caleb is the editor of a magazine. He deplores the romantic stories often submitted for publication and decides that he's going to write a "sane" love story. At the same time, he's received a poem submission that purports to be from a man, but he feels sure it must be a woman, and he finds himself more and more fixated on finding her.

  2. A novel about an editor who sets out to prove that a poem that’s been submitted to his paper has not come from a man, but has in fact come from a woman. 1916.Full review (and other recommendations!) at Another look bookA thoroughly charming, thoroughly unheard of little book. I recommend it if you enjoy light, humorous fiction from the early 20th century. In addition to the sweet love story, this one has some very funny lines sprinkled throughout, pertaining to whether it's possible to have a [...]

  3. "Short and cute" was exactly what I was in the mood for tonight. Happy ending, and a tower library. What's not to like?

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