Hades What would you do if you discovered the world you thought you knew was nothing like you d been lead to believe Katrina Saul has had a rough couple of months Instead of starting out on the adventure of

  • Title: Hades
  • Author: Kamery Solomon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: ebook
  • What would you do if you discovered the world you thought you knew was nothing like you d been lead to believe Katrina Saul has had a rough couple of months Instead of starting out on the adventure of her life after graduating high school, she s been dealing with the nasty divorce of her parents, breaking up with her boyfriend, and working as the unofficial bouncer at aWhat would you do if you discovered the world you thought you knew was nothing like you d been lead to believe Katrina Saul has had a rough couple of months Instead of starting out on the adventure of her life after graduating high school, she s been dealing with the nasty divorce of her parents, breaking up with her boyfriend, and working as the unofficial bouncer at a bar When an angry customer comes back for revenge, she s saved by Erebos, the Greek Titan of myth Unfortunately, a simple thank you won t fulfill her debt in his mind Thrust into the Underworld, with a mission that could potentially end life as she knows it, will she be able to fool the God of Death himself Or will Hades discover her and ruin everything

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    1. 2.5 stars (:But why would it end like that ??I have been looking for this book for so long that I almost gave up on finding itWhen I finally found it, I was so excited, I started it right away :DIt wasnt what I expected though, and that endingWHYBut it was nice :DI just love Hades xD❤

    2. What can I say about this book?Well, the first word that comes to mind is disappointment. I'm severely disappointed with this book. I was so looking forward to it because from reading the blurbs I was totally in love with Hades. However, after reading the book, I didn't love Hades. I didn't love Hades at all.The main character Katrina isn't exactly annoying, but she could get there eventually. The idea of her was annoying however. She was a country girl that thought she was oh so tough, and I th [...]

    3. Warning: HarshBack-Story: Read the previous two in the series. I liked both "Zeus" and "Poseidon" just fine (I also have reviews of those up on ) and was very interested to see Solomon's take on "Hades" because I've always loved reading anything written about him.Review: Although the story was enjoyable enough for me while reading it, there was just too many problems for me to overlook. Cover- I think this book has the best cover out of the three. It's actually a cover I would take interest in i [...]

    4. Stars: 4Overall: Katrina is working at a bar when she is asked to deal with a drunk customer and after she takes care of him, she goes outside to take the garbage out and his attacked by him. Before the man can hurt her someone from the dark comes in a slices the man in the middle with a scythe. After the man saves her, he makes a dangerous deal with her. He will make her mother pay and she has to steal a helmet from Hades and give it to him. At first she thinks that it wont be a problem because [...]

    5. No matter what series he is in, Hades is always an interesting and complex character! He didn't disappoint in this series at all. Katrina didn't seem to be able to hold her own against the great Greek god, but she did and she did it well! This book ended with one hell of a cliffhanger, so I'm off to read through the next two so I can see how this story ends!

    6. Kamery Solomon writes yet another awesome book! I am rather disappointed with how it ends but I know the story continues in the next book!

    7. This is book 4 in the God Chronicles. I enjoyed this book.This book is centered on Hades. The God who is charge of looking after the dead. He has a wife that he doesn't get along with. Katrina is an 18 year od who has a life full of drama. Her Mom has left her Dad due to a drinking problem. Her boyfriend also just broke up with her. She want her Mom to pay for years of pain she has caused Katrina and her Dad because of alcohol addiction so she makes an agreement with a stranger. In exchange for [...]

    8. Hades seems to have a little bit of an attitude problem, "oh good grief," he said, striding towards me and grabbing my hand. "You could at least act a little happy to see me. I had all of your favorite foods brought down and they're going to go cold if we don't head to dinner now." I did love how protective and caring he could be once we got past all the bull-headedness, "did he hurt you?" he finally asked quietly, his free hand rubbing my back slowly. I shook my head, my face still buried in hi [...]

    9. Another hit by KameryKamery has done it again with the God Chronicles, I absolutely loved Zeus, really liked Poseidon. Hades as a God of Greek Mythology was not one of my faves but Kamery has made him into a likeable God. I love the story of Hades and Persephone/Katrina it helped to make Hades into a more likeable person, it also shed some perspective on the dynamics of the brothers, it shows that Zeus really love and care about his brothers and their happiness. This story also show a different [...]

    10. I have never given a rating less than 4 stars. I am an avid reader and could not believe the ending of this book. It is not a long book to begin with but the primary male character had suffered enough in my opinion and the heroine is thrown under the bus . Why? So we can buy the next book, which is not necessarily about these two characters. This is not listed as a serial and there is no warning about this ending being a cliffhanger, a huge cliffhanger. I am tired of this and this book just left [...]

    11. Oh come on!!! I love cliffhangers, I really do. But this oneAhhhhhhhh!!!!!You can't leave it like that.The God Chronicles series just gets better and better as we go on. I loved Zeus and Poseidon but I have to say, Hades has been my favourite of the series so far.I loved everything about the book, apart from the ending. Gahhhh, it just stops. Dead. On one hell of a cliffhanger.I'm just glad that Adrastia has just been released so I can dive right back in to find out the outcomeof everything.Alth [...]

    12. I didn't realise this was the third book of a series until after I read it. I like how it acts as a standalone and you don't need to read the prior books to know what's going on. The use of Greek mythology and the way it was construed I'm still iffy about. It's still an entertaining book and I like the writing. The way it ended was tragic but fitting. The novel ended at an appropriate time and didn't drag out the story. It left me wanting to know more and to find out what happens next.I would re [...]

    13. Well this book is the total opposite of the first two books, in a good way and bad. I liked how this time it was the human who messed up first then the God. What I didn't like was how that certain person died and they never got a happily ever after. :( I hope that the author will write a second book for Hades because I think he deserves a happily ever after. And it's not fair how his brothers got it and not him. When he finally finds his perfect match she is taken away from him. That just sucks. [...]

    14. My favorite I enjoyed the three brothers tales; the characters are rich and thankfully not fragile damsels in distress but are strong and the romance is clean I would let teens read these. I am not going to tell you about the books, I recommend them for anyone who enjoys clean romance with sting and independent women this is for you. Of the trio this one is my favorite. I read this one a couple times because after reading it the first time I was inspired about a fan fiction I was working on and [...]

    15. WOW - Kamery Solomon does NOT disappoint!!!I enjoyed the first two books of The God Chronicles - and I totally enjoyed this third book of the series. It is definitely an easy read - and totally makes you want to keep reading and not stopping till you reach the end!!!I do recommend that you read the first two books before you start reading Hades - it makes a few things make a little more sense.The cliff-hanger at the end totally caught me off guard - even though I was forewarned about it.I was gi [...]

    16. This was my first book by this author A freakin mazing. I really like this spin on hades . I like most of the books featuring him. I love an underdog. Only one problem where is the rest of the book? You can not have that kind of ending. Everyone else gets their happy for now but not him? Don't tell me we are going to have to wait till the end of the whole series to get an ending. That is discrimination and I'm mot sure I like it. Fix this problem please.

    17. This is a pretty good book. It was a nice following of the other two books. The only problem is the writing which was a tad bit fast and felt like it was rushing. With more intimacy, more time for the relationship to grow, this one would be awesome!But it's great nonetheless! The ending Killed a part of me. Had to read AdrastiaEASE FINISH WRITING THE SERIES QUICKLY, VERY QUICKLY.

    18. Bloody cliff hangers!!I doubt it would have been difficult to finish the story. it was good. I enjoyed it, but I hate cliff hangers. I thought Hades would be an external bad pass. But he was like a normal guy: snarky, cautious, and easy going.

    19. I want my money back !!!I want my money back !!!I did not like the writing style at all it was stupid that alone makes me want my money back !!! to the lady who made this book stop writing it sucks !!!

    20. I'd been waiting for this one for a while, and I wasn't disappointed. I love all things Greek, especially the Gods. Sped through it in less than a day and was left pining for the next installment. A great author, and a great series.

    21. The story needs to continue now!!!Mrs. Solomon I hope you are speed typing out the next book as I write this review lol. Such an amazing story!!!! This is one of my top best series I've ever read.

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