The Exploits of Moominpappa, Described by Himself

The Exploits of Moominpappa Described by Himself Presents Moominpappa s life story from the days when he was abandoned in a newspaper parcel on the doorstep of a Moomin orphanage to when he ran away to see the world and was lucky enough to meet Moo

  • Title: The Exploits of Moominpappa, Described by Himself
  • Author: Tove Jansson
  • ISBN: 9780140303230
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presents Moominpappa s life story from the days when he was abandoned in a newspaper parcel on the doorstep of a Moomin orphanage, to when he ran away to see the world and was lucky enough to meet Moominmamma.

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    1. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. Jansson's decision to switch to a first-person perspective enlivens this darling account of young Moominpappa navigating one quirky adventure after another.

    2. I must be terribly unobservant; despite having read the Mumintroll series on and off for several decades, I had somehow not noticed that Snusmumriken and his father Joxaren are Zen masters. But this passage was so obvious that even I couldn't miss it:När Fredrikson avlöste mig vid rodret i gryningen nämnde jag i förbigående Joxarens förvånande och fullkomliga brist på intresse för omgivningen.Hm, sa Fredrikson. Kanske han tvärtom bryr sig om allting? Vi bryr oss om en enda sak. Du vill [...]

    3. Mieheni luki tätä minulle yhden luvun illassa ja minä värittelin tai piirtelin samalla. :) Olemme täysin samaa mieltä siitä, että Muumit ovat ihan parhaita ääneenlukukirjoja! Seuraavaksi on tietysti vuorossa Muumilaakson marraskuu. Otimme myös tavoitteeksi käydä ensi keväänä Tampereen Muumimuseossa. :)

    4. Depending on your point of view, I have either read this book twice (once twenty years ago, and once last week), or I've read two different books one time each. Moominpappa's Memoirs is a revised edition of The Exploits of Moominpappa. It seems Jansson went back and rewrote and added bits to the original not long after its first English translation was published. The English language publishers apparently chose to pretend this hadn't happened (it must indeed have been quite vexing for them) and [...]

    5. As far as Tove Jansson's work goes, Moominpappa's Memoirs may be better suited for the more mature and philosophical children (or nostalgic adults like myself). It's definitely not a bedtime read. But in my opinion no other book in the Moomin series captures quite so well the pure whimsical delight of Jansson's imagination. In fact, it's the only one that's ever brought a tear of joy to my eye.For those who have read and enjoyed other Moomintroll books, don't be discouraged by the absence of you [...]

    6. Muminpapa ist eine der wenigen Figuren, die ich weniger leiden kann - ich glaube, weil er sich selbst einfach immer viel zu wichtig nimmt, ist er mir schon früher etwas unsympathisch gewesen. Trotzdem gefielen mir die fantasievollen Episoden aus seiner Jugend sehr gut, auch die Freunde, mit denen er damals unterwegs war und die Kreaturen, denen er damals begegnete. Wie es aber Muminpapas Art ist, übertreibt er an vielen Stellen sehr, was einerseits witzig ist, mir andererseits aber auch das ei [...]

    7. Cute cute cute. I listened to this on Spotify, Tove Jansson was narrating it and that was really good. It brightened up my time on the buss.

    8. Tämä jäi lukukokemuksena minulle hieman valjuksi. Olen joitakin muumikirjoja lukenut aikaisemmin (Muumipaapa ja meri, Pyrstötähti jne), mutta tästä puuttui joku "taika". Ja silti paikoin erittäin hauska ja oivaltava. Lempihahmokseni nousi kummitus/aave, joka oli niin sisällä omassa todellisuudessaan ja maailmankuvassaan, että hänen kaikki kommenttinsa dialogeissa oli paikoin hassusti absurdia.

    9. Of the three Moomin books I've read so far, this one is the deepest and most philosophical. That probably makes it the most "adult" of these alleged children's books. Of course, they've all got traces of wisdom and philosophy in them, but it really emerges here, where Moominpappa sets out to write his life story. Like the other books, it's warmly absurd and imbued with deep emotion. Moominpappa considers himself quite special, born under important stars, resulting in an expressed desire for adve [...]

    10. This is one of my all time favourite books. This is the edition I read as a child whilst swinging in a hammock on summer holidays at our farm. It was the first Moomin book I had read, although it is not the first in the sequence. I'm so grateful to have been introduced to the work of the stellar Tove Jansson as a child, because her work for children and adults has given me immense pleasure over the years. She was outstanding as an artist as well as a writer. Most of all she inspires me still wit [...]

    11. The Moomin books are all quite odd, but this was the oddest so far. Perhaps it was just because the narrative style is different than the others, but there's other things: for example, one chapter ends like this: "'Nibling,' I said to end this surprising conversation, 'what'll your mother say when she finds that you've run away?''She'll cry, I believe,' said the Nibling." And that's it. That's the end of the chapter. It's so surreal, sometimes I felt like I was reading it in a dream. That being [...]

    12. Yet another fun one! I loved getting to read Moominpappa's memoirs -- such escapades, such oddness, such fun! :) Moominpappa has quite a "feel" to his storytelling. It's great. Also the Joxter was fun -- nice to know where Snufkin's slightly lawless ways originated. ;) So much fun! And I especially loved how the memoirs would pause occasionally as Moominpappa is interrupted in his reading by Moomintroll, Sniff, and Snufkin, as they ask questions about the story and their various daddies' adventu [...]

    13. Todella riemastuttava pieni kirja Muumipapan nuoruusvuosista! Piirretyn tv-sarjan katsomisesta on kulunut jo sen verran aikaa, että osa näistä tapahtumista ja hahmoista on päässyt unohtumaan, mutta tässä kirjassa ne kertautuivat hyvin. Kirja oli täynnä mitä hassuimpia otuksia ja voi vain ihmetellä, miten loistava mielikuvitus Tove Janssonilla on ollut. Ja ei, hänen kirjoitustyylissäänkään ei ole mitään moitittavaa, päinvastoin. Suosittelen ihan jokaiselle ikään ja sukupuolee [...]

    14. Tenhle díl Muminka mě bavil zatím snad nejmíň, a mojí čtyřletou dceru též - vyprávění o tatínkově mladí, často psané nadnesenými a dětem vzdálenými slovy, nebylo tak zábavné a poutavé jako předchozí díly, ale byla tam samozřejmě i řada světlých bodů - lepitlapkové, Mimla a její děti, strašidlo, Eduard a v neposlední řadě Bedřišek a jeho vynálezy - díky nim si příběh asi nejvíc užil můj šestiletý syn :)

    15. Moominpapa's Memoirs = The Exploits of Moominpapa. I love the Moomins! Re-read because I needed a joy break. Forgot how stunning her artwork is--amazing! This book has such a lovely ending too. So satisfying,

    16. I like how Moominpappa is so shy about his high opinion of himself sometimes and then at other times he just says things like "I was born under special stars I was found in a small sea shell padded with velvet.":-) and "Does he resemble me?" but at least he whispered that.

    17. Voi miten ihana, viehättävä ja mahtava Muumi-kirja tämä oli! Papan mahtaileva tyyli, kaikki isät ja lopulta äiditkin toivat muumitarinaan aivan oman syvyytensä, ja tämä oli jollain tapaa jo noita muutamaa aiempaakin filosofisempi ja pohdituttavampi. Tykkäsin, rakastin, ehkä muumeista ihanin.

    18. Kaipasin ikävään viikkoon jotakin tuttua ja turvallista, joten luonnollisesti hyllystä tarttui luettavaksi Muumikirja! Hämmästyksekseni huomasin, että muistikuviini oli piirtynyt niin voimakkaasti muistot tv-sarjan versio Muumipapan urotöistä, että kirjan tarina tuntui paikoin lähes vieraalta.En edes muista kuinka monesti olen kaikki Muumit lukenut läpi, joten tämä 'vieruus' oli viehättävä huomio. Ainakaan Muumipapan tarinaan en siis pääse kyllästymään!

    19. The Memoirs of Moominpappa is again wonderfully illustrated and a lovely book to add to my hardback collection!This book focuses on Moominpappa himself and his life and while this is still an enjoyable read, I found I missed the involvement of the other characters like Moominmamma, Moomintroll, Snork and the Snork-Maiden. For this book a number of other characters were introduced but perhaps too many new faces was introduced at once! The book centres around Moominpappas journey at sea, and I fou [...]

    20. Here Moominpappa gets the chance to tell with his own words about his younger years. A dismal childhood in an orphanage and the feeling of not being loved or appreciated changes into great adventures with Hodgkins and his ship. Moominpappa's narrative voice is pompous and self-centered but not the least bit annoying. The satirizing of the memoir genre gives a special air to the whole book.Several of my favourite scenes from the tv-series are included: a female Hemulen gets rescued from Groke and [...]

    21. So, I am always checking out the middle grades fiction section at my local bookstore, looking for books for Jefferson as well as books for my We Need Diverse Books challenge supporting his classroom. The day I was scouring the shelves and found a set of all of Jansson's Moomin novels, I may have done a little happy dance. I definitely made a strange animal noise of some kind.At some point in my childhood, I was gifted with a copy of Tales from Moominvalley by my Uncle Tom, and I quickly realized [...]

    22. I was sick at home with the flu recently when my daughter told me I should read this book. It begins with Moominpappa in bed with a cold, acting like a baby, afraid he’s going to die and that all the treasure of his life experiences will be forever uncommemorated. So he sits up and begins writing his memoirs. He has very romantic notions about himself. He was born, he says, under propitious stars. Though an orphan, he suspects he is a child of royalty. His life, from its earliest days, was one [...]

    23. Muumipapan urotyöt-kirjassa muumipappa itse alkaa kirjoittamaan omasta nuoruudestaan ja seikkailuistaan kolmen ystävänsä kanssa. Muumipeikko ystävineen odottavat malttamattomina kirjan valmistumista ja kuuntelevat korvat höröllä aina kun muumipappa on saanut seuraavan kappaleensa valmiiksi. Aina välillä palataan hetkiin jolloin muumien perhe keskustelee papan kirjasta ja kyselevät heitä pohdituttavista asioista. Etenkin Nipsu ja Nuuskamuikkunen ovat erityisen kiihkeästi tarinassa mu [...]

    24. Two things I have learnt from this book.1. Moominpappa is a narcissistic pillock.2. Tove Jansson can't write in the first person at all well.Nevertheless, this little novel is presented as the memoirs of Moominpappa, and serves as a history for the other Moomin books, so it's a necessary read within the series.We are introduced to the fathers of Snufkin and Sniff, and eventually their mothers too, not all quite alike their children, but sufficiently so to imagine that this is just any other stor [...]

    25. 3.5 starsMoominpappa's Memoirs is really a story within a story, in which Moominpappa is telling the story of his adventurous youth to Moomintroll, Sniff, and Snufkin. During Moominpappa's travels, he meets the eccentric characters who would become the parents of Sniff and Snufkin, as well as his own future wife. Moominpappa's Memoirs is of course quite funny and creative at times, introducing some fun new characters. The ghost, Edward the Booble, and the bossy Hemulen Aunts are entertaining, de [...]

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