A Matchmaker's Christmas

A Matchmaker s Christmas Lady Elizabeth Bournard decides a spot of matchmaking is a fitting way to celebrate her th birthday and the coming Yuletide What better way to reward Beatrice Copland her faithful companion for ten

  • Title: A Matchmaker's Christmas
  • Author: Donna Lea Simpson
  • ISBN: 9780821772898
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lady Elizabeth Bournard decides a spot of matchmaking is a fitting way to celebrate her 80th birthday and the coming Yuletide What better way to reward Beatrice Copland, her faithful companion for ten years, than to introduce her to her dashing godson, Sir David Chappel But unbeknownst to her, Beatrice and David share a history one that didn t end well.

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    1. THIS is the Regency Christmas book I was looking for! Sweet, light, and full of the usual miscommunications, heart-break and mending necessary for your proper HEA. Not perfect, but exactly what I needed to read to re-energize my faith in Regency romances. I would recommend it to anyone who likes clean Regency romances. Four solid stars.My thanks to NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing for an eARC copy to read and review.

    2. My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for a copy pre publication. This was a very sweet story of redemption and romance during the Christmas period. It is set in the home of Lady Bournaud who is a well meaning but elderly lady trying to play matchmaker to the many characters that she has invited to her home for the Christmas Holidays. Beatrice Copeland is the personal companion to Lady Bournaud and is the main h of the story and her H is Sir David Chappell who is the 40 year old godson of th [...]

    3. I have read and own a number of books in this series by this author and have enjoyed everyone, some more so than others. I enjoyed this book very much, the characters were well developed, at times it was very funny others quite sad which made for an entertaining read, and all ended happily.

    4. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis Regency sweet romance is a lovely version of the traditional Three Little Indians murder mystery but with hearts rather than lives on the line. There are connections and relationships between the characters that even their hostess does not understand from the start.Lady Bournaud, a curmudgeonly old woman with a gentle side, decides she’s been selfish for long enough, having withdrawn into mourning at the death of her husband some twenty years ago [...]

    5. From Netgalley in exchange for a review.Beatrice Copeland is companion to Lady Bournaud, an ageing widow who has realised she is in the last years of her life, so has decided to throw a last "Hurrah" in terms of a Christmas House party. Lady Bournard has identified 4 twenty-somethings that she hopes will form a certain attachment. She also invites Sir David as a counterpoint to Beatrice, without realising that Beatrice and David have "history".Things dont go according to plan, when the younger q [...]

    6. „A Matchmaker’s Christmas“ by Donna (Lea) Simpson is a standalone. It’s a Christmas story, like the title says. An 80 year old lady, Lady Elizabeth Bournard wants to make a change this Christmas and organizes with the help of her nearly 40 year old companion Beatrice Copeland a Christmas party – or let’s say a matchmaking get together. She has invited two young females and two males but very contrary ones. One is a Canadian sent to England to find a husband, one is going to be a reve [...]

    7. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfGuilt is a horrible creature. it eats one alive from the inside out until nothing in the world one does can make up for the past. Nothing.Beatrice has spent the past twenty years or so trying to atone for her mistake. She has left the romance and marriage mart for others to enjoy and now gives of herself in service to an old curmudgeon as a tireless companion. Lady Bournaud hasn’t lived a selfless life and now in her final years she feels the need to try to ma [...]

    8. 3.5 stars.Bueno, aunque la historia es bastante predecible, intentaré no dar demasiadas pistas, así que sólo diré que hay más de una historia de amor y que el título totalmente define el libro.Es un romance limpio, no hay más que algunos besos, lo que no ha sido un problema para mí, y sí que hay mucha interacción entre los personajes, al fin y al cabo, toda la historia se desarrolla en la mansión de Lady Elizabeth Bournard, con lo cual el punto fuerte de este libro son los personajes, [...]

    9. Mistletoe and Second ChancesTitle: A Matchmaker's Christmas by Donna Lea SimpsonPublisher: Beyond the Page, digital services (December 2014)230 ppGenre: regency romance, classic romance3 Stars ***Author: Donna Lea Simpson is a Canadian bestselling author. She writes romance and mystery novels, some with a paranormal twist (the Awaiting series looks intriguing). This romance was a delightful read, evocative of the rural English countryside in Regency times. I found a few modern attitudes, action [...]

    10. Beatrice Copeland is the companion to Lady Elizabeth Bournard. One day nearing the holidays, Lady Bournard tells Beatrice she wants to invite several people for Christmas. She also tells her that she wants to have a real Christmas, something she hasn't done since before her husband died. When Beatrice sees the names on the invitations, she begins to panic and think of a way out - for one of the names is Sir David Chappel, a man she once knew in London years ago and believes herself partly respon [...]

    11. I received this book as an e-ARC free from Netgalley. Below is my review.This is a sweet Regency-era Christmas story. It's ostensibly about Beatrice and David, but really it is about three couples all who need a little help finding true love. Beatrice and David knew each other before, but he has forgotten her. Her guilt over the death of his wife has led her to feel as though she must atone. He has reached a point in his life where he is happy. At 47 and 40 years of age, I actually enjoyed their [...]

    12. Ms. Simpson brings us a lovely Regency-Romance. It's really about Beatrice and David, they knew each other years ago, but David has forgotten her. Beatrice has spent the years trying to make up for the quilt, that David's wife killed herself because of her. In this she has gone to live a quiet life as a companion to Lady Bournard. She is a stern woman, who in an attempt to make amends for her selfishness, decides to host a Christmas get together.However it involves the stories of two other coupl [...]

    13. 'I am going to be alone at Christmas'What a corker! Elderly Lady Bournaud decides to host a Christmas party and matchmaking event all in one and Sir David Chappell doesn't realize what he's in for. David owed Lady B more than an indulgence and her letter to him sounded plaintive. Was she sickening? So off he goes, lured to the wilds of Yorkshire, as do others.Beatrice Copeland, Lady B's companion has a dark secret that changed her life. Her comfort level is about to be challenged. As is Lady Bou [...]

    14. There are many things to like about the Regency Holiday Romance novel. Octogenarian Lady Bournaud has invited several people to join her for a holiday house party: four are in their twenties, two in their forties, and another dear lady friend of hers has come. Beatrice Copland, her companion for the past decade or more, has been enduring a weight on her conscience; can she finally allow the past to stay in the past? Can the unpolished gem of a distant relation from Upper Canada find peace for he [...]

    15. A gentle historical romance to be enjoyed at any time of the year.The story revolves around a group of people attending a Christmas house party and the match making efforts of their hostess. There is a mix of younger and more mature couples in this story. A chance for love and forgiveness is in the cards for the lady's companion Beatrice Copland who has been in love with Sir David Chapell since her first season in London many years ago. After her part in a terrible tragedy, Beatrice hides away t [...]

    16. Set in the early 1800’s, this Victorian romance abounds with deceit, family expectations, rogue males, spirited women, and an elderly matron set on finding the perfect mates for her young family and friends. Lady Bournaud, trying to make amends for her own selfish ways, is opening her country estate for the holidays. The guests include a man whom her personal companion, Beatrice Copland, fell in love with 20 years earlier and was deceitfully involved in his wife’s death. With family ultimatu [...]

    17. Beatrice and David have met before, over twenty years ago. David does not remember Beatrice, but Beatrice remembers all too well. Something happened twenty years ago that causes Beatrice to hate herself over. Something she can not get over and does not wish to put aside. She becomes a ladies maid and does quite well. When her aging employer asks old friends to come visit, David shows up at the house. Beatrice must not flee from David, and David is curious as to why the maid seems skittish around [...]

    18. This regency romance had an almost gentle tone that made it a quietly enjoyable read. Beatrice and David were both lovely characters- it was impossible not to hope that they would find love together. There were times where I thought Beatrice was being very hard on herself for what were youthful indiscretions, and I thought it took too long for her to provide a full explanation of exactly what form those indiscretions took. David was very well-drawn and believable as a character, and made for a w [...]

    19. A Matchmaker's Christmas by: Donna Lea SimpsonBeautiful story of forgiveness and redemption. Twenty years ago Beatrice believes her actions contributed to the death of the wife of David Chappell who she was in love with. For this reason she has closed herself off from society and become a lady's companion. Beatrice and David meet again after twenty years. David is enraptured by Beatrice not realizing who she is. Highly recommended read.

    20. This novel is so much more than what the blurb states. It's not about a couple falling in love, but 3! Each story is interesting in it's own right and parts of it hilariously entertaining. To tell the truth, the story of David and Beatrice was the one I was least interested in while reading. It didn't detract from the story, it just made the novel richer.

    21. Charming. All of the characters are like able. Beatrice blames herself for something that happened years before and that once David knows the part she played in his wife's death that he will be angry. The way she realizes it wan't her fault was so well written. And the story ends with three happy matches.

    22. Beatrice has been trying to make up for David's wife killing herself over Beatrice. David doesn't remember her and decides to hold a get together. The party is a success with several couples. The story was a lovely and flowed like it should. The author does such a great job you think you are in the story watching.

    23. I usually like reading pretty sappy historical romance, but this was simply torture. I had trouble finishing this book. Probably wouldn't haveif I hadn't promised a review.

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