My Wicked Masters

My Wicked Masters Book in the bestselling Club Wicked Series can be read as a standaloneRhiannon Mirga known as Goddess at Club Wicked has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess But bene

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  • Title: My Wicked Masters
  • Author: Ann Mayburn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 4 in the bestselling Club Wicked Series can be read as a standaloneRhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive who yearns for a Master s love despite a nightmare past that makes it hard for her to trust anyone For RhiannonBook 4 in the bestselling Club Wicked Series can be read as a standaloneRhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive who yearns for a Master s love despite a nightmare past that makes it hard for her to trust anyone For Rhiannon there are only two men that can help her overcome her fear, the club s incredibly sexy trainers, Master Rory and Master Liam Unfortunately, after a long history Rory and Liam are on the verge of parting ways, driven apart by Liam s refusal to accept Rory s love as anything than friendship Despite their own issues, the men find they cannot refuse her plea for help and together they embark on a training session like no other where the Masters are the ones who learn the true meaning of love and surrender.Club Wicked Reading OrderMy Wicked Valentine 1My Wicked Nanny 2My Wicked Devil 3My Wicked Trainers 3.5My Wicked Masters 4

    One thought on “My Wicked Masters”

    1. This book was HOT, so frigging hot!BDSM is like catnip for me, menage BDSM with a fucking sexy Scot who wears a kilt, and a fucking sexy Englishman in tight leathers, is off the charts! I loved Liam and Rory, two friends that have known each other for 12 years, and both harbor strong feelings for the other, but neither is willing to take the first step and admit it to the other. Then you have Rhiannon, whom everyone thinks is a bitch, but she is hiding a very painful past. You bring all three of [...]

    2. This might be my favorite book in this series so far! Dear lord. The hot factor is off the charts on this one! Masters Liam and Rory are amazing. And getting to know Goddess aka Rhainnon was really nice. Any book where you can witness a person who struggles with internal demons and come out winning is a good one, but I was just rooting for Rhiannon from page one. And poor Liam's mental turmoil.Each of these characters struggles were tangible and the ending is just absolutely perfect. Can't wait [...]

    3. Club Wicked Series is a stellar solid 4 star series. In the latest installment, My Wicked Masters, Ms. Mayburn pens another fabulous story. This one tugs on the heartstrings. Rhiannon aka Goddess at Club Wicked is a snarky and confrontational wait staff. She's can freeze a male dominant's dick off with her icy glare. She cuts a male dominant's balls off with her sharp tongue. Yet she wants to train to be a submissive.Goddess appeared briefly in previous books. She didn't leave a positive impress [...]

    4. I really loved this series! if your into bdsm and very sexy dominate men and fierce woman you will love it as much as I did! oh and this book my wicked was a menage need I say more

    5. As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by Knotty Kitty4.75 out of 5 LicksAnn Mayburn is one of those writers that when you read her books every one of your emotions get into play. This book is a prime example of that. She had me crying like a fool before I got to chapter three!!!! Seriously!! I am sooooo in love with this series. Each book grabs me more and more! I fell in love with Master Rory and Master Liam in the prequel about them, My Wicked Trainers, and this book made me love them even mo [...]

    6. Wow.Yes, so articulate. But, that's my first response on finishing this book.Wow.Now, for a little expansion Book 2 (Nanny) of this series ended in a somehow unsatisfactory manner - I enjoyed the book but there was something about the last scene/ending that stopped at about 70% up the plateau: leaving me with a moue instead of a smile. Book 3 (Devil) was lovely. But, Book 4 (Masters) - Oh, so lovely. So, so lovely. Still, not articulate enough. I'll say I think that the author's understanding of [...]

    7. Night Owl ReviewOriginal Review Published here: nightowlreviews/v5/RevI found this book well written with interesting and realistic characters. Ms. Mayburn’s has the ability to draw the reader into the story and then before you know it you are hooked. I read this book in one sitting. Overall, this was a wonderful book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.Rhiannon Mirga is known as Goddess in Club Wicked. She has reputation for being an ice princess who is beautiful but unappr [...]

    8. Man I don't even know where to start Ok so this is one of the hottest books I have ever read!Rhiannon needs some help getting over her past and decides to ask Master Rory and Master Liam to train her! I can't give away to much but trust me you will love this book as much as I did! Its hot hot hot!!!I still can't get over that teacher scene This book made it into my top favorites and is Now my favorite book of this series! Man if u like bdsm/romance/menage/and some hot sex this book is for you ;) [...]

    9. Another great installment in the Wicked series. I love Rory and Liam, they could be my Doms' anytime. My Wicked Masters isn't your basic book about someone finding their kinky other(s). Everyone deserves a HEA but with some it takes an inner strength to take what has always been there for you, and for other strength to leave the past behind. This is a wonderfully written book about the personal struggle and acceptance one must go through to find love and friendship. Of course there is a lot of g [...]

    10. This book is my favorite of The Club Wicked series. I fell in love reading about Liam and Rory in My Wicked Trainers and was so excited to continue learning more about them. Rhiannon "Goddess" Mirga needs a strong man to surrender to but instead she finds two.Ann Mayburn always knows how to draw you in to her books and keep you there.

    11. This book was scorching. Thank God I was reading it on my nook, if it was the paperback version, it would have burst into flames. But what made it worthy of the five stars was depth of emotion and back story Ann Mayburn did an excellent job on fleshing out all characters, but particularly Liam and Rhiannon. I ached for both of them. This book was truly worthy of five stars. I can't wait for the next installment.

    12. Gorgeous. Wonderfulwhat a gorgeous love story.loved it.loved Rory,Liam and Rhiannonch a great menage characters so loveable and deepe whole series is fantastic

    13. 3.5 starsThis one was better but also more angsty. There's too much time with the back and forth between Liam and Rory and we finally have them at the end Rhiannon had violent reactions sometimes that i found difficult to understand but overall it was interesting to know about her and her different view (from mine at least). I would've loved to have Sunny and Hawk story though I'm not always a big fan but Ann Mayburn is becoming one author i'll follow closely !

    14. My Rating: B+ Liked It A LotOriginally posted at That's What I'm Talking AboutReview copy provided by author.The fourth title in Ms. Mayburn’s excellent Club Wicked series focuses on a few familiar faces. Rhiannon Mirga, known at Club Wicked as Goddess, has been a server at the club for three years. She’s known by her icy demeanor and for her issues with anger management. What isn’t known by many is that Rhiannon has a horribly painful past, which keeps her locked up and afraid to open up [...]

    15. Before I read this series, alot of things that happened in this book would have weirded or grossed me out. They still do but I am glad I gave this series a chance, it opened my mind and let me see bdsm and the kinky stuff in a different light. What I love best is that in every story there is a great emphasis on the respect the Dominant and Submissive have for each other which was something I did not realize when I was introduced to bdsm through Fifty Shades of Gray.Spoilers ahead!The fourth book [...]

    16. Book 4 in the Club Wicked Series, MY WICKED MASTERS, will make you want to visit the kinky club just to watch all the drama unfold inside of its walls. Rhiannon Mirga has some anger management issues. Known as Goddess at Club Wicked where she works as a server, the ice queen has built up so many walls due to her horrific past that she invariably comes off as a cold, heartless bitch. Though Rhiannon tries to ignore the insults, the words still cut deeply, especially since nobody there knows the r [...]

    17. Reviewer: WendyGenre: M/M/F Menage4 HeartsSee Review Here: Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link: facebook/pages/HeartsReview: Imagine being bookended by one alpha male in tight leather pants and another alpha male in a leather kilt – both with their sole attention on you as the lucky lady in the middle. I can only close my eyes and fantasize about that scenario, pretending what it would be like to trade places with Goddess/Rhiannon. Damn, can I just go ahead and be jealous of a fictional charac [...]

    18. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews - 4 starsImagine being bookended by one alpha male in tight leather pants and another alpha male in a leather kilt – both with their sole attention on you as the lucky lady in the middle. I can only close my eyes and fantasize about that scenario, pretending what it would be like to trade places with Goddess/Rhiannon. Damn, can I just go ahead and be jealous of a fictional character, because I’ve got to say – I read with envy.I’m not sure that I loved [...]

    19. While I enjoyed Masters, it lacked in some areas for me.The pros: The sex was hot. The men were hot. The heroine was a curvy lady (nice not seeing sticks), and they were damaged. I liked that Liam and Rory finally showed each other how they felt (this is a gay-for-you story).The cons: A good chunk of the beginning is about Rhiannon and how she’s preconceived as a bitch at work. I thought this was just too overdone. We get it, nobody likes her. It took away from her character. Another thing was [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this story and it held my interest up till about 80% or so. Rhiannon made for such a deserving heroine. Liam and Rory were worthy of her devotion and love. I very much wanted the three of them to get their long awaited happy ever after. All the parts were there, but by the end the whole just felt a bit flat, or off, to me. I'm not entirely sure why, but the dialog toward and at the end was too sweet and the ending wrapped up too quickly given the depth of the problems their rela [...]

    21. 4 Stars! Maybe 4.5.My favorite in the series. Liam and Rory were perfection and Rhiannon was a great heroine. I loved how fragile she was beneath her "bitchy ice queen" mask. What really captured me was her jealousy. Yes, her jealousy because let's be honest, sometimes writers create insecure, insanely, overwrought women but Rhiannon's actions was justified after her past. How she handles it when she knows she was wrong is very well done. She was much more fragile and sweet than what I expected [...]

    22. Sometimes the expectations of what you hope for in a book are just too high this was the case here for me. I am sure many would just love this book but for me there was not enoughI read the novella, My wicked trainers, before I read this book and could not wait to see more of Liam and Rory and was really glad to start this book. both of them were great guys with a great friendship Rhiannon was a very complex character and althoug I could understand some of her reactions I still think her jealo [...]

    23. This story really is a treat to read. Especially the relationship between Liam and Rory. Two friends who have unacknowledged feelings between them. It was good to see how their struggle was overcome during their courtship with Rhiannon.I'm a sucker for Bi-sexual Ménage. I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading about cocks rubbing together. This is the stuff of my fantasies, and the ending scene left me breathless.

    24. That was one long emotional ride. Everyone had their own form of problems. Denial was the biggest. I knew that somewhere in the end that Liam would finally stop hurting those he love most for his own selfish insecurities. The balance of Liam and Rory's relationship is centered around keeping Rhiannon happy and helping her learn to take that risk in finding love.

    25. This was enjoyable!! I loved Liam and Rory. Gosh. The there of them had a unique situation but hey. It worked for them do I guess it's good! It was hot and sizzling!! And I loved how goddess transformed! And sunny n hawk. I wanna read then. I think she's going to have cancer or something. She's tired n stuff. It might be dramatic.

    26. Ok. There were elements of this story that I loved: the heroine, determined to move beyond her past, her flaws (wicked temper, etc.), the heroes, the sexy times. There were also elements that annoyed me.Bought from kobo.

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