Double Her Temptation

Double Her Temptation Visiting the Silver Spur ranch in western Texas Megan Shore loves being the center of sexy Trey and Garret McGatlin s sensual attentions The the brothers get to know the woman they d met and seduced

  • Title: Double Her Temptation
  • Author: Randi Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook
  • Visiting the Silver Spur ranch in western Texas, Megan Shore loves being the center of sexy Trey and Garret McGatlin s sensual attentions The the brothers get to know the woman they d met and seduced during one memorable weekend in Chicago, the they can see her fitting into their lives long term But when a stalker from Megan s past finds her, she s tempted to rVisiting the Silver Spur ranch in western Texas, Megan Shore loves being the center of sexy Trey and Garret McGatlin s sensual attentions The the brothers get to know the woman they d met and seduced during one memorable weekend in Chicago, the they can see her fitting into their lives long term But when a stalker from Megan s past finds her, she s tempted to run back to the polar north to hide.As the threat escalates, Garret and Trey call on their family to help find the man intent on kidnapping Megan When Megan s parents start encouraging her to leave the ranch and return north with them, the McGatlin brothers need to prove that the best place for their woman is tucked tightly between their hard bodies, held safely in their arms.

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    1. 4 starsThis was a very good addition to the series. Since book #2 left off in a bit of a cliffhanger, I was happy that this one picked up the story immediately so I could see what happened. I still really liked Megan, Trey and Garret and enjoyed seeing them work through things together. This story certainly gives them some stuff to work out with an unexpected visit from Megan's holier-than-thou parents right on the tail of her stalker showing up in her life again. Things stay pretty busy through [...]

    2. “Megan is with us.”“She’s with both of us.”“All at once, if you gotta know. And we’re going to try and make this work.”In Double her Temptation, The McGatlin brothers finally make public the relationship with Megan. How does one tell their parents we both love the same woman; as you can imagine, not easily? Larry Hines is still in love with Megan, and there is nothing he won’t to do win her back. Just how far will Larry Go?Double Her Temptation unfolds nicely, and sets the stor [...]

    3. Lots of action took place as Trey and Garret kept Megan safe from harm. I loved that while the action was going they were solidifying their connections. Everyone around them was so supportive and I got a kick out of Trey and Garret's parents. This was is the third in the series and it would have been difficult for me to pickup as a standalone.

    4. This book is one of a four part series. The first book is “Double Her Fantasy”, the second, “Double Her Pleasure”, the third “Double Her Temptation”, and the wrap-up is “Double Her Destiny”. I highly recommend they be read in order, as they have cliffhangers at the end of each book. This review will give some highlights of the last three books. “Double Her Pleasure”: Garrett, the big Hollywood movie star, and his equally handsome brother, Trey, shared a very steamy, mind blow [...]

    5. Oh…so….HOT…continued, Book 3 Double Her TemptationThe longer Trey and Garrett are with Megan the more they know she is “the One” now all they have to do is keep her safe from her stalker and finally make it public that they are both with her. Now Megan’s parents come to the ranch and are determined to take her back home because they do not condone that she is with two men at the same time.Will her parents convince her that she cannot love and be with two men at the same time or will [...]

    6. Double her Temptation (Double Seduction #3) by Randi Alexander5 of 5 StarsAfter reading the very first book in this awesome series, I didn't think it was possible for each one to get better and even steamier than the last. This makes the second time I've been proven wrong. I am seriously going to miss the two hunky Texans when the final installment is added to Alexander's smokin' hot series about Megan and her two men; Garret, the action film star who comes home from the bright lights of LA to b [...]

    7. Double Her Temptation by Randi Alexander, the third book in the Double Seduction Series, is just as amazing as the first two. This is my favorite installment so far as the danger to Megan comes to a head, and romantic suspense is my favorite sub-genre. Ms. Alexander’s characters seem so real and true to life. This series is refreshingly steeped in reality. So many ménage books are set in fantasy towns where that way of life is written as readily accepted, but this one is set in modern day Tex [...]

    8. *THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE ENTIRE DOUBLE SEDUCTION SERIES*This was a great little story. It is definitely and erotica and full of hot ménage scenes that will get your blood pumping. The story line was great with some romance, some suspense, and some totally hot alpha males.Megan is a famous graphic artist with her own comic book series. She’s become of recluse over the years, only venturing out once a year for the annual comic book convention. Trey and Garret are brothers from a Texas farm but [...]

    9. This are heating up and getting even more intense and not just in the bedroom. With their relationship coming out into the open and her stalker amping things up things for them seem to be pretty crazy, but their relationship is also becoming more serious and their each figuring out what it is they want out of it. Megan has a stubborn streak that shows up even more as she atempts to handle things on her own, and when she realizes she can't she finally accepts that her guys are really there for he [...]

    10. This third installment to Randi Alexander's Double Seduction series, Double Her Temptation, ramps up the suspense, and the heat level soars!It picks right up where the 2nd book ended, and you're immediately right back there, with Megan, Trey and Garret. You get to know more about the brothers' family, and meet Megan's parents, who are pretty much what you already think of them, if you've read the first two books.That being said, all of the characters are extremely well written, as they are in al [...]

    11. These books seem to flow flawlessly one book to another.It picks up right where it let’s off you don’t have to think and question what part your on in these books.I loved that!!This book had it all! The sex was mind blowing & the drama was just enough.Megan, Trey, & Garret are loving the time spent together now that Megan is in Texas.I was feeling a little like jealousy was going to take over the brothers & ruin their unconventional relationship.But it all seems to work it self o [...]

    12. Don't you just love it when your men go alpha? I know I do. The stalker has struck again. He's found a away to get to his obsession. Big mistake stalker dude. I can actually visualize him being snatched up and thrown into a wall. The only disappointment was that neither Garrett or Trey got to smack him around "much". Megan's parents are nuts. But she does try to talk to them and make her decision known. Without luck. But that's ok, Patty and Derrick try REAL hard to butt out. Ha, not gonna happe [...]

    13. In the third book of this series, Megan, Trey, and Garret have all decided to be in a committed relationship and to see where they can go long term. As they start to reveal their unusual relationship to friends and family, they are also dealing with Megan's stalker. Both men love Megan and they really start to show her. They also try want to spend more one on one time with her. As they navigate new waters in this relationship, will their jealousy of each other ruin the guy's chances with Megan? [...]

    14. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is the third book in the series, and I highly recommend that you read the previous two, to understand fully the dynamics of this relationship. The two men continue to reassure Megan of how they feel about her, and realise themselves it is more that their usual fling. Megan though remains wary of commitment as she fears her stalker still. The arrival of both sets of parents makes for some interesting times - and the di [...]

    15. I love Megan and her two men, Trey and Garret, they’ve found love in a ménage and are trying to figure out how to come to terms with their relationship. Aside from that, Megan has a stalker who is getting closer and closer to her and no one seems to be able to find him to stop him.Their romance is off the charts as is the hot and steamy scenes between the brothers and Megan. There is so much passion and love for each, the men have their work cut out for them to prove to Megan that she is all [...]

    16. *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*The 3rd book in the Double Seduction series was possibly my favorite, thus far!I've come to expect the good writing, fantastically hot/tingly sex, and super sexy cast. Megan is finding herself at home on the Silver Spur ranch, and learning more about her men -and herself. She is finding herself caught up in the men, their family, their way of life - and it's all good :)The stalker also makes himself known, leading to more depth in the [...]

    17. Randi Alexander continues to outdo herself time after time this is the third book in the series I love the way the book goes right back to were the other book left off I have begun to feel I am with these characters every step of the way I can feel what they are feeling and thinkingThis was heart stopping at times with her crazy stalkerof course there is hot and steamy sex and love Trey and Garret's parents are darlings Megan's parents you want to stick against a wall and smack themwill Megan ge [...]

    18. Hot, steamy romance with danger lurking: The books just get better and better! Megan's past in the form of a stalker has followed her all the way to Texas. The threat is all too real. The danger is real and getting closer every day. Megan vacillates between staying with the loves of her life or fleeing to protect her men. Complicating things even further, Megan's parents arrive on the ranch to talk Megan into leaving and returning to Alaska, where they feel she belongs. Trey and Garret are commi [...]

    19. Suspenseful menageThis was the most suspenseful book of the series. Book 3 brought everything together. These 3 books could have been done a 1 book but the author did it in 3 shorter books. I really enjoyed the story's and loved the characters. I'm glad the author didn't have Megan do something stupid like leave the ranch and take care of things on her own. I hate when an author does that. That falls in the category for me as TSTL (to stupid to live). I don't care how strong a woman is, she's no [...]

    20. Megan shore loves being the center of sexy Trey and Garret McGatlin’s sensual attentions, but a threat from her past has her wanting to run back to the polar north to hide in this riveting installment of the Double Seduction serial romance. I found the story to be enjoyable and entertaining even though I have not read the first two and while it is not necessary, I do wish that I had so that I would have a better understanding of how the characters arrived at the point they are at now, so befor [...]

    21. I couldn't wait to read this book. You will want to read these in order. I almost cried.This book continues the story for Megan, Trey, and Garrent. I need the next book ASAP!

    22. They are all back in this book including Megan's stalker. The boys are in high heaven knowing they have their woman on their land but their question is can they keep her. When thing start showing up coming from Megan's stalker the boys know they have to kick it in to high gear or lose the one woman neither can live without. Megan loves both Garret and Trey but is worried that she has brought to much trouble to the ranch and this will be the end of them. This is a great book about love, acceptanc [...]

    23. Another exciting and suspenseful book that follows Megan and her McGatlin brothers. Feelings are growing deeper and the stalkers threats escalate. The author has written a story that keeps getting better as things come to a head and life changing decisions have to be made. Great story I enjoyed very much.Gifted copy

    24. I have read both prior books and enjoyed them. Randi Alexander shows us some different problems a threesome has. I encourage each of you to get this set of books you will not be disappointed. I love Randi Alexander books she is one of my go to authors. I know when I pick up on of her books to read I will get a well written story. You will enjoy these three books, I am so sure!!!!

    25. Loved this book! Randi Alexander does it again! She has the ability to grab hold of you from the very beginning. A deep and erotic exploration of love, life and sexuality between Megan, Trey and Garrett who conquer obstacle after obstacle and come out stronger. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

    26. From their getting to know you stage to the love stage, there was never a dull moment. The heat burns bright in and out of the bedroom. Read More. . .darkdivasreviews/doubl

    27. I really wanted to like this book, unfortunately, it came up short. I read the first two, and will read the fourth one. There were a few points in the story, I felt whole psragraphs were missing. Lack in editing, perhaps.

    28. This third book was fabulous I loved it can't wait for book 4 to wrap up the story in a nice bow. my only hope is after the final book all four stories will come out in print in one book so I can add it to my collection to reread anytime I want

    29. This is another great one by Randi Alexander. She makes you feel the emotions of the characters in her stories as though you are living it yourself. I read and reread every one of her books over and over, they are just so great.

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