El Tercer Hombre

El Tercer Hombre Poco despu s de la Segunda Guerra Mundial Rollo Martins un escritor de segunda fila recibe una carta desde Viena de su amigo Harry Lime para que vaya all a escribir unos art culos period sticos sob

  • Title: El Tercer Hombre
  • Author: Graham Greene Cristina Bullrich
  • ISBN: 9786073121699
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poco despu s de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Rollo Martins, un escritor de segunda fila, recibe una carta desde Viena de su amigo Harry Lime para que vaya all a escribir unos art culos period sticos sobre la ocupaci n de los aliados Cuando llega a la ciudad, Rollo se entera de que su amigo ha muerto El protagonista empieza a investigar y entonces descubre que Harry ocultaPoco despu s de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Rollo Martins, un escritor de segunda fila, recibe una carta desde Viena de su amigo Harry Lime para que vaya all a escribir unos art culos period sticos sobre la ocupaci n de los aliados Cuando llega a la ciudad, Rollo se entera de que su amigo ha muerto El protagonista empieza a investigar y entonces descubre que Harry ocultaba secretos muy sucios y que del chico que conoci en su adolescencia apenas queda ya nada Una historia sobre la amistad, la traici n y el desenga o que goz de una genial adaptaci n cinematogr fica, dirigida por Carol Reed y protagonizada por Orson Welles y Joseph Cotten.

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    1. Rollo Martins, incurable ladies’ man and author of trashy novels set on The Wild West, accepts an invitation from his best friend Harry Lime and arrives in Vienna just in time to attend his funeral. But what’s really happened ? Seemingly accident, but testimony from eyewitnesses and Harry’s new friends are, to tell the truth, not credible. So Rollo, like a noble sheriff from his own stories, decides to solve the mystery. Well, easier said than done. With empty pockets, friendless in strang [...]

    2. 535. The Third Man, Graham Greene (1904 - 1991)The film takes place in post–World War II Vienna. It centres on Holly Martins, an American who is given a job in Vienna by his friend Harry Lime, but when Holly arrives in Vienna he gets the news that Lime is dead. Martins then meets with Lime's acquaintances in an attempt to investigate what he considers a suspicious death. .مرد سوم - گراهام گرین (برگ / نی) ادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هشتم ماه د [...]

    3. Ο Γκριν είναι ένας από τους αγαπημένους μου συγγραφείς. Με έχει κερδίσει ολοκληρωτικά το χιούμορ του, η διεισδυτικότητά του στην ανθρώπινη φύση που δίνει μια πλούσια σε καυστικότητα γραφή. Γράφει νουάρ, γράφει για τον Β Παγκόσμιο, γράφει ψυχροπολεμικές ιστορίες, για τυχάρπ [...]

    4. داستان خوبی داشت اما زیاد سلیقه من نبودشاید بیشتر به‌عنوان طرح فیلم می‌تونست جذاب باشه.ترجمه آقای آزرم هم البته خیلی خوب بود!

    5. Graham Greene to my mind somewhat stuffily separated his narrative books for much of his career into two categories—fiction and “entertainments”—such as this noir novel, The Third Man. The book was written (or at least published) after the screenplay he produced for the film by the same name (1949, directed by Carol Reed, featuring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles). I saw the film decades ago, and since I was reading all these mysteries and detective fiction, and because I had just reread [...]

    6. bbc/programmes/b07jl9mnDescription: Rollo Martins' usual line is the writing of cheap paperback Westerns under the name of Buck Dexter. But when his old friend Harry Lime invites him to Vienna, he jumps at the chance. With exactly five pounds in his pocket, he arrives only just in time to make it to his friend's funeral. The victim of an apparently banal street accident, the late Mr. Lime, it seems, had been the focus of a criminal investigation, suspected of nothing less than being "the worst r [...]

    7. A breathless read. Set in Vienna at the end of World War II, the reader is immediately struck off balance by a turbulent, blighted world. Gone is the gracious city of old-world coffee houses. Every street is in ruins, the scars of war blanketed by snow. Side by side on the same block are lovely old apartment houses and blackened craters. Shops flourish at street level, the floors above them bombed out of existence. To add to the sense of displacement, the city is divided into four zones ruled by [...]

    8. Hollo Martins chega em uma Viena pós guerra e descobre que seu amigo de colégio Harry Lime ,acaba de morrer em um acidente :atropelado por um veículo. Hollo acha as circunstâncias da morte do amigo muito suspeitas e Seguindo sua consciência, decide investigar por conta própria para tentar limpar o nome do amigo , que está sendo acusado de vários crimes pela polícia local. Em sua investigação descobre várias coisas sobre seu amigo e descobre também que havia um terceiro homem na cena [...]

    9. [9/10] this was a bit too short and I thought the movie format suited the story better. I am not implying the novella is not worth checking out. Graham Greene is a deft hand at conveying emotion with elegance and an economy of words that hint at a lot of passion behind the stiff upper lip British attitude.Vienna in the immediate aftermath of World War II is a desolate place, scoured by chill winds, with mountains of rubble barely hidden under the snow, tensions between the occupying powers and a [...]

    10. Πόσο καλός ειναι ο Greene; Κακώς δεν έχω ασχοληθεί όσο πρέπει, μόνο το Τέλος Μιας Σχέσης εχω διαβάσει κ αυτό πριν πολλά χρόνια. Ας είναι Ο τρίτος άνθρωπος είναι μια κλασσική hard boiled ιστορία στην μεταπολεμική Βιέννη, και ξεκινάει με την άφιξη του Ρόλο που γράφει με ψευδώνυμο βιβλί [...]

    11. This book is a re-issue of the 1950 in Dutch translated edition, re-issued in the series of the Tomas Ross crime classics. Tomas Ross being the best living thriller writer in the Netherlands these days.The book starts with a message by the writer in which he explains that the story was never meant as a book but was written as a treatment for a movie, and that any difference in story is due to the fact that the story of movie was changed by the director at a later date.So why read the book, that [...]

    12. .وقتی این کتاب رو میخونی سرمای وین و سلطه ی چهار قدرت انگلیس،آمریکا،شوروی و فرانسه که لابلای جملات پنهان شده به عمق وجودت نفوذ میکنهداستان رفاقت.تعلیق.بی اعتناییداستان نابودی انسانیت.ادای دین محسن آزرم به فیلم مرد سوم.فقط ای کاش این کلمه ی ظاهراً رو کمتر توی جمله هاش به کار می [...]

    13. Noir murder mystery - enjoyable in its stagey language. Not Greene's best work though because it was a draft for the movie screenplay of the same name.

    14. I have tried to watch The Third Man more times than I care to remember. Tried and failed. I know it is considered a classic but the only effect it ever had on me was to put me to sleep.As part of my self-imposed Greene-land challenge, this is one of the two books that I have looked forward to least. The other, btw, is Greene's other cinematic "classic" Brighton Rock.So, there I was starting The Third Man having made a huge pot of coffee in full expectation that slumber would befall me at anytime [...]

    15. مرد سوم از اول هم قرار نبوده "کتاب" شاهکاری باشد، رمانی است از فیلمنامه ای(که قرار بوده شاهکار باشد) نوشته خود گراهام گرین که میتوان گفت هم اندازه ادعایش جذاب است و نه بیشتر.گذشت بیش از 60 سال از کتاب ما را از فضای حاکم در اتریش زمان جنگ دور نمیکند و همچنان جاذبه شخصیت ها ، کشش های [...]

    16. I read this book for two reasons. It was part of a challengea book set in Austria. I also read and loved another book by this author. As far as the Austria part, I felt this book gave only a limited description and not of the part of Austria I think of. And.I didn't like this nearly as much as The End of the Affair. I've never seen this movie. Some people think this is written as a screenplay for that. Either way, it was just ok for me. I did like Rollo Martins and I wanted to find out what happ [...]

    17. ترجمه‌ی آقای آزرم بسیار بد بود. نتوانستم با کتاب ارتباط برقرار کنم.

    18. This is a short Graham Greene book - novella if you will.It is a fast moving story, it doesn't hang about setting the scene, or going into in-depth descriptions, it just gets on with the mystery.The way the story is told is interesting. The story is told as the recollections of Calloway, the English Colonel running the police in the British quarter of Vienna, post WWII. He explains the story of Rollo Martins, a novelist and friend of a British man living in Vienna, Harry Lime. Martins turns up i [...]

    19. "There are always so many things one doesn't know about a person, even a person one loves—good things, bad things. We have to leave plenty of room for them." (114)Though most people will read Graham Greene's The Third Man primarily to learn more about the film, it's a good, short read on its own, touching on themes of identity, trust, and faith—all of which exist in great conflict in the rubble of post-war Vienna. Greene has a perfect noir writing style that suits the story and matches the f [...]

    20. In the Third Man, Graham Greene uses an interesting narrative style. It is told in first person – from the point of view of Inspector Calloway while he spies on Rollo Martins, a writer of American pulp westerns who has arrived in Vienna at the behest of a man named Harry Lime. But Inspector Calloway mostly takes a back seat and narrates how the lecherous but clever Rollo Martins solves the case of Harry Lime’s mysterious death in a car accident. Rollo Martins is the main character while Call [...]

    21. I know it's an old story but it does feel dated and abridged (though it isn't) and really written for the screen (which it is). Disappointing.

    22. From my blog athousandwhirlingdreamsIn 1948 the film The Third Man premiered. The director Carol Reed had asked Graham Greene to write the screenplay, and he agreed to do so. He quickly found out he could not write a film without first writing a novel. Although the concept (thus the book) was never meant to be published, it later was. This should be kept in mind when reviewing this novel. Greene knew he would be able to edit it when turning it into a script and thus may not have focussed too muc [...]

    23. I've loved some of Greene's other books but am rather lukewarm on this one.This was actually written as a pre-writing exercise for a commissioned screenplay for a proposed movie. Greene apparently was having trouble writing a screenplay from scratch and decided to write a novella from scratch then base his screenplay off of that. The novella wasn't originally intended to be published.That tidbit of history is probably why it's more action focused and less character focused than his other books. [...]

    24. I have seen THE THIRD MAN as a movie several times in my life and, to be clear, about 2 dozen times. So, I was finally drawn to read this quick little story and, in reading it, I could apply all of the characters with voices I am familiar with. The story follows the movements of Rollo Martens, a dime western writer during the immediate time period right after WW II in Vienna, Austria, while the story is actually written by a British police inspector who is following Rollo's movements while he tr [...]

    25. A species of spy/amateur hard boiled detective noir novelette. A writer of cheap westerns is called to post war Vienna by an old school friend. Vienna is no longer the graceful city it was or will in part become again; at the moment it's dark, cold and hungry. It's also divided up into 4 sections ruled over by four different winning countries from World War II - France, America, Great Britain and Russia. The first three countries all get on fairly well but relations with the Russian section are [...]

    26. What a splendid book. I re-read it after some 40 years because I had borrowed the movie from the library and I wanted to refresh my memory. Why had I not noticed before that the book came AFTER the movie? Or rather during the movie. When Graham Greene was asked to do the screenplay he felt he needed to write the novel to get things clear in his mind. He has explained all that in his comments about the book. Both the book and the movie are deeply atmospheric. At first it reminded me of the episod [...]

    27. "The Third Man" is one of my favorite movies and Greene's novelization of his and Carol Reed's script does a pretty good job of transferring it to print.Of interest in this edition is Greene's introduction, where the reader learns, among other things, that the famous "cuckoo clock" line was Orson Welles' invention, and that Reed insisted on the film's ending rather than what Greene originally wrote (a decision that, in retrospect, Greene endorsed).As Greene admits, the book is an outgrowth of th [...]

    28. Located in Vienna in the post second world war,is a noir novel that describes well the sensations of a sad,dark,gloomy ,claustrophobic destroyed Vienna by the war in a crude winter;divided in four pieces by the winner nations, also one sees the beginings of the cold war.Arround a mortal smuggling of penicilina,the book pose the choose between the idealiced frienship and the good of the comunity,centered in the protagonist Rollo Martin.As a curiosity it has a fun chapter with a literarian discuss [...]

    29. I feel like giving this the two stars may be too generous because I'm still not sure of what I've just read.Please stop novelising scripts. It just doesn't work.

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