Parad sarf rn Far ega ota heldur af sta fr Stokkh lmi til New York Sk mmu eftir flugtak finnst h tunarbr f um bor Kr fum er beint a s nskum og bandar skum stj rnv ldum ef r eru ekki uppfylltar ver ur flugv lin spre

  • Title: Paradísarfórn
  • Author: Kristina Ohlsson
  • ISBN: 9789935114280
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Far ega ota heldur af sta fr Stokkh lmi til New York Sk mmu eftir flugtak finnst h tunarbr f um bor Kr fum er beint a s nskum og bandar skum stj rnv ldum ef r eru ekki uppfylltar ver ur flugv lin sprengd a h tta vi a v sa grunu um hry juverkamanni fr Sv j og leggja ni ur leynifangelsi Afganistan e a stefna l fi fj gur hundru saklausra far ega vo aFar ega ota heldur af sta fr Stokkh lmi til New York Sk mmu eftir flugtak finnst h tunarbr f um bor Kr fum er beint a s nskum og bandar skum stj rnv ldum ef r eru ekki uppfylltar ver ur flugv lin sprengd a h tta vi a v sa grunu um hry juverkamanni fr Sv j og leggja ni ur leynifangelsi Afganistan e a stefna l fi fj gur hundru saklausra far ega vo a L gregluforinginn Alex Recht st rir a ger um Sv a samt hinni litr ku Eden Lundell fr ryggisl greglunni Br tt kemur lj s a m li teygir anga s na v a allt inn flugstj rnarklefann Bandar kjamenn ttast n ja hry juverka r s og neita a taka vi flugv linni Eldsneytistankarnir eru a t mast og t minn a renna t

    One thought on “Paradísarfórn”

    1. Hostage is about what happens when a Swedish plane with 400 passengers was highjacked between Stockholm and New York and how it affected everyone who was involved. The highjackers demanded that the Swedish Government must revoke the decision to deport a Moroccan Man. The Swedish government set up a task force that included Police Superintendent Alex Recht, Fredrika Bergman and Eden Lundell. Unbeknown to Police Superintendent Alex Recht at first that his son Erik is involved. Erik Recht is the co [...]

    2. A really excellent thriller this one – I am aware now that there are previous novels in this series featuring Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht but sadly these had passed me by – however in this case I have started “late” at the right point,this novel being a slight change in direction from the previous – and introducing (I believe) Eden Lundell, a character I fell in love with. I will certainly go back and read the others, however for the next reader, starting here will give you no prob [...]

    3. As a big fan of this author and her character Frederika Bergman, I was extremely disappointed in this book. I can appreciate Ohlsson's desire to write about such a relevant topic which she addresses in her Afterward. I can also appreciate the long, arduous process of gathering intelligence both domestically and internationally, and the diplomacy involved in sharing it with foreign governments. What I can't understand is how an author I love (3 previous books earned 5 stars from me) can write abo [...]

    4. Ms. Ohlsson is a gifted writer, has unique knowledge of foreign relations, and she developed characters very well. I appreciated the depiction of strong women characters, but her obvious anti-American bias (including snide comments about Americans) was distracting. I won't read another of her works. P.s. Badmouthing all Americans and American military people and actions, given the significant market for titles that the US could provide, is unwise from a business standpoint. So I just guess that [...]

    5. 4 SterneErstmal muss ich erwähnen, wie mutig und innovativ ich es von Ohlsson fand, ihr übliches Erzählschema und das von Ermittlerkrimi-Reihen generell - ein Mord ist passiert, das etablierte Team macht sich an die Aufklärung, im Zuge dessen geschehen weitere Morde - zu durchbrechen. Nicht nur ist Ohlssons Ermittler-Team nach dem letzten Fall auseinandergebrochen und nur 2 der ehemaligen Team-Mitglieder treffen in neuen Positionen wieder aufeinander, auch die kriminalistische Ausgangssituat [...]

    6. I appreciate that Ohlsson wanted to try something new in this series, I feel as if it was just too different from the other books. I'm disappointed, because the previous book The Disappeared was a fantastic read. Hostage takes place in a very short timeframe, but it didn't feel tense or nailbiting. I think Ohlsson put too much detail into what is meant to be a fast-paced book, and the pilot being Alex's son is just too much of a coincidence.

    7. In my opinion not as good as the previous books. It took my quite a long time to get interested in the story, but this is also due that I don't tend to like "secret service" stories and FBI and CIA agent's tend to bore me. The new character of the Swedish secret service, Eden for me was an incredibly unlikable character, the sort of self-obsessed, self-important and ruthless woman I can't stand. However, about half-way through when Fredericka Bergmann and Alex Recht took over the "solving of the [...]

    8. The name hostage is a little misleading it should be Hijack, but maybe the author had a reason for this, if so I missed it. Hostage or Hijack this is a very good novel full of action, thrills and cliff hanging moments. The story starts with what is almost the ending as the author describes the events leading up to that point. After a slow start the pace picks up and we meet the central character Eden Lundell head of the Security Services counter-terrorism unit in Stockholm. Eden who has previous [...]

    9. Du kan läsa fler recensioner från mig här =)Det här är fjärde delen i Kristina Ohlssons deckarserie om Fredrika Bergman och Alex Recht och den boken i serien jag gillade minst.En fullsatt Boeing 747 lyfter från Stockholm och flyger mot New York. Kort efter start hittas ett hotbrev på en av flygplanets toaletter. Krav riktas mot både den svenska och amerikanska regeringen, om de inte infrias kommer planet att sprängas. Ett av kraven från kaparna är att regeringen ska ompröva sitt bes [...]

    10. I don't understand how Ms. Ohlsson can take a novel and fill it with such intricacies that at times you become almost lost, yet make it a wonderful read. But that's exactly what she's done with Hostage. We meet yet again Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht, both in slightly different rolls. We are introduced to Eden Lundell, head of SAPO's Counter Terrorism unit and many of her staff. Eric Recht, Alex's son, becomes a central figure whereas before he's only been mentioned in passing. Time can be a w [...]

    11. Der FlugFredrika Bergman ist nicht mehr im Team von Alex Recht, das Team existiert nicht mehr. Alex führt eine andere Abteilung und Peder musste aus dem Polizeidienst entlassen werden. Fredrika ist im Ministerium. Eigentlich geht es ihr und ihrer Familie gut, doch manchmal vermisst sie die alte Zeit. Nun soll erstmals jemand, der in Schweden eine Aufenthaltsgenehmigung bekommen hat, abgeschoben werden. Und weitere Entscheidungen über das Asylrecht stehen an. Da wird die Stadt mit gleich mehrer [...]

    12. Wow! I really liked this book! I've read the three previous books in the series and this one was an exciting turn of events. In the past, the primary character -Fredrika Bergman - was a criminal investigator. Now she is working for the Swedish Justice Department where she is able to once again team up with Alex Recht. A plane heading for the US is hijacked and demands are made to both Sweden and the US. Working against the clock and with international agencies that don't always have the same age [...]

    13. Swedish thriller writers have found a comfortable niche among American readers and I certainly understand why after reading this well-written book by Kristina Ohlsson.Several bomb scares have people already on edge in Sweden where terrorist threats are all too real. The police and government agencies breath a sigh of relief when the threats appear to be a hoax, but the hijacking of a passenger jet bound for the U. S. is not a joke. Thus begins the countdown to saving the passengers' lives while [...]

    14. The Hostage was an amazing story that kept me reading. I read it in 2 days. I started one evening - stayed up late. then finally gave into sleep and finished it the next day.It brings Fredrika and Alex Recht back together. They both work together in a case where a plane has been hijacked - they work with Sapo.we get caught up with what has been going on in their lives - and how they have drifted apart - yet still stayed in touch. The hijacking of the airplane brings them back together using thei [...]

    15. 2.5 stars.This was quite different from the earlier books in the series, and I didn't think it was different in a good way. I do prefer mysteries to international incident thrillers though. In addition to not loving the storyline of the book, I thought there was a lot of really obvious stuff going on that nobody picked up on. It's definitely less enjoyable reading a mystery when you can tell what is going to happen. I'll still read the next book, but I think this one could be skipped.

    16. 3.5. liked being back with alex and fredrika although they weren't as central. very suspenseful mystery, but there did seem to be a lot of filler chapters (too many "i know we're missing something, if we can only figure it out" sections) so i read very quickly. not sure why it ended where it did, because that case is definitely not closed.

    17. A bit on the dull side and a little difficult to get into. In the beginning, I thought it was the narrator because of the changes in volume between the characters' spoken words and the book's narration but I eventually realized that it was just slow. Very little actually happened and everyone was flat.

    18. This story was just a bit too real concerning our world of terrorism. A plane flying from Stockholm to NYC has been told they have a bomb aboard and have to meet certain conditions or it will be remotely detonated. Alex and Fredricka are on the case. Confusing things further is the fact that Alex's son Erik is the copilot and a possible terrorist is the pilot.

    19. Relevant tema, men hysteriskt tråkigt om ett flyg som blir kapat på väg från Stockholm till New York. Det fanns absolut ingenting här som fångade mitt intresse. Ointressanta karaktärer, obetydlig drivkraft. Jag har kategoriserat det här som "thriller" men det kunde lika gärna bytas ut med "veckans sovpiller". Inte direkt dåligt skrivet, bara oengagerande. Snabbt läst och fort glömt.

    20. Ich konnte das Buch kaum aus der Hand legen und bei mehr Zeit hätte ich es bestimmt in einem ausgelesen. Es ist der vierte Teil der Fredrika Bergman Reihe. So gut und doch ganz anders als die ersten drei Teile, aber vor allem eins: spannend bis zur letzten Seite! Eine absolute Empfehlung!!

    21. I was flying to Hawaii when I read this book. It was ok because I was not flying from Stockholm to New York with a stop in Washington D.C I thought that Kristina Ohlsson did a great job in creating a Hostage situation with the flight. She really created suspenseful story.

    22. Das Buch startet mit einem zweiseitigen Prolog, der mich sofort emotional packen konnte. Ich wollte unbedingt wissen, wie es weitergeht - wurde allerdings erst einmal enttäuscht.Wer im Prolog eine Szene anbringt, bei der schon nach wenigen Seiten klar wird, dass sie auf Ereignisse weiter hinten im Buch vorgreift, der geht einige Risiken ein. Es kann gut werden - muss aber nicht, wie Kristina Ohlsson hier leider beweist. Nach dem packenden Prolog geht es nämlich erst einmal 24 Stunden rückwär [...]

    23. A flight from Sweden takes off, heading to New York. Shortly afterward one of the crew finds a note in the toilets saying that there is a bomb on board. The pilot has to stay in the air. Any attempt to land the plane before the two demands of the hijackers are met will result in it being blown up. The note demands two things – one from the Swedish government and one from the American government.The US and Swedish governments have a clock counting down. The plane only has a certain amount of fu [...]

    24. Another Nordic series that I liked has let me down so hard that I won't be bothering to order the next installment. First of: negotiating with terrorists is an excellent idea. Great! All cat lovers can now take someone hostage until the world's governments officially put a feline in charge so that cats can literally rule the world. Yay! Next: An unexpected twist that was truly unexpected because it made no sense. I actually considered it, but decided it was too dumb because a team of experts wou [...]

    25. A hostage situation involving the pilot of a Sweden to US plane - the plane has already taken off, there are over 400 people on board and the US is saying no to all negotiations. The mystery is based in Sweden so Bergman and Recht are working with the CIA of Sweden to determine what will ease the hostage situation. Except Alex's son is the co-pilot on the plane. This is, as usual for Ohlsson, a thriller with many personal and professional issues. I down-rated it for one reason. I got tired of Fr [...]

    26. A note is found in the bathroom of a plane carrying over 400 passengers & crew from Sweden to New York. It says that a bomb is on board and will be detonated if the plane attempts an emergency landing. Two demands are made - the USA is to close down a detention facility in the Middle East and Sweden is to stop the expulsion of a suspected terrorist from their country. If the demands aren't met, the bomb will explode. Various government agencies from Sweden, USA, Germany are involved trying t [...]

    27. Solid 3.5 stars. I really liked this book and this author - thanks Mackey St for the recommendation!All characters were interesting - even the bad guys. What I found interesting was how Americans are presented from a Scandinavian viewpoint - not too flattering - but true I'm afraid. The story was involving from page one - I liked how the different agencies worked during the time crunch and the different skills blended for cooperative effort rather than creating conflict & ego clashes. Last c [...]

    28. Went back to this series after a longish break so forgot some of the earlier story arch. That didn't really interfere with my enjoyment of this book. It was pretty suspenseful, with some interesting new characters (e.g Eden). I am not a huge fan of political/global conspiracy type plots so I was afraid this book was going to be tedious. My fears were unfounded! The story was character-driven, and politics was absolutely not a focus! Can't wait for the next one in the series!

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