Creep from the Deep

Creep from the Deep It s a whole new ride from master of horror and bestselling author R L Stine with a story so fiendish that it can t be contained to just one book Billy and his sister Sheena unwittingly dive into a

  • Title: Creep from the Deep
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780439918701
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s a whole new ride from master of horror and bestselling author R.L Stine with a story so fiendish that it can t be contained to just one book Billy and his sister, Sheena, unwittingly dive into a terrifying mystery when they accept a surprise invitation to HorrorLand the amusement park that always lives up to its name But first Billy and Sheena must sink or swim abIt s a whole new ride from master of horror and bestselling author R.L Stine with a story so fiendish that it can t be contained to just one book Billy and his sister, Sheena, unwittingly dive into a terrifying mystery when they accept a surprise invitation to HorrorLand the amusement park that always lives up to its name But first Billy and Sheena must sink or swim aboard a doomed ship that happens to be underwater with a captain who happens to be dead At least, he used to be

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    1. This is the first book that I finished reading this year and have no complaints. I really enjoy the Goosebumps series. It may be a bit childish but it's always adventurous & fun and sometimes that's all you need from a book!This book is about a brother-sister duo Billy and Sheena. This is not the first time I am reading about them as they are the main characters in the book Deep Trouble. There was no reference to the previous book though and it was like reading a fresh story involving charac [...]

    2. Rating: 3.5/5Billy and Sheena decide to spend the summer with their uncle Dr. D. He has a lot planned for them. The most exciting activity is finding a pirate ship that has been lost ever since it sinked. Billy and Sheena are very excited, but who would have guessed that their little adventure would take a bad turn. First thing gone bad, their uncle disappears. Then they are stranded on a weird island where skeletons are alive. And they are after them.This was really fun to read. I love pirates [...]

    3. 3.5 stars for the narration. He did a good job and I liked the music and effects.3 stars for the main story. I liked the pirate plot. They were like zombies, but it wasn't cliche. Thought their chant was pretty unsettling sounding!4 stars for the horror land story. It was kinda sinister for a kids story all in all I will give 3.5/4 stars for this one!

    4. The Creep From The Deep is about two kids and a docter named Billy, Sheena, and Dr.D. These three are trying to find a sunken pirate ship, with millions of dollars in gold and jewels hidden in the ship. Billy's main external conflict is that he entered another world and now he is trying to survive. Billy's main internal conflict is that he has to look brave in front of his sister while he is trying to survive from dead pirates! During reading this book, I made a Text-to-Text connection. Billy's [...]

    5. More like Creature Put Me to SLEEP. Passé pirates, missing wooden legs, snooze fest horrorland adventure. Not even the fun audio mix could keep me awake on this seadventure.

    6. Tittle:Goosebumps Horrorland Creep from DeepBy:R.L. Stine ‎I think that Goosebumps Horroland Creep from the Deep is a very good book because it has three parts.There was a kid named Billy Deep and his sister Sheena Deep Billy had another identity called the undersea mutant and his uncle Dr.D was looking for a pirate ship that was lost in sea.Then Dr.D realized that the ship got lost when there was a black cloud Dr.D was serching for that cloud then they did and they found the ship.Then they al [...]

    7. R.L. Stine's stories are known to have false scares that end at most of each chapter and this one sadly has the most unnecessary ones. When the main protagonist is telling the reading their "scare" was wrong then the rest of the "scares" proceeding have no claim to them at all. I just chalk them up to being fake too.I didn't like the ending at all. I won't spoil it but it makes no sense. The front cover doesn't seem to be in the story either. Why no have skeleton pirates? Anyway, I'm reading way [...]

    8. Continuing the series.This has some genuinely creepy moments. The first part does drag a little but the pace picks up on HorrorLand. I am enjoying these books. You have to read on!

    9. this was okay. I didn't enjoy the book as much as other goosebumps, and R.LINE'S other works. the story felt a little bit of what I have read or heard of before

    10. The deep siblings are back( Deep Trouble) ! This time they are in serious trouble again. With some pirates that they were used to be dead. Also The horrorland part was great again!

    11. it was okay for a thriller, didnt quite catch me dunno why, maybe I was expecting a monster in it or something more wao factor I guess. but it was cool as stories goes.

    12. This is my second one of this Goosebumps series and I’m really not a fan. I don’t like throwing the Horrorland on at the end and the stories just seems to end abruptly.

    13. Fast paced scary storyLoved goosebumps books as a child and I love this new series of goosebumps books. This particular one is about a haunted sunken ship.

    14. R.L. Stine tells the story of pre-teens Billy and Sheena who are on a mission with their uncle Dr. Deep, to uncover lost pirate treasure, which legend has it is guarded by zombie pirates. Billy, Sheena, and Dr. Deep made earlier appearances in the Goosebumps books, Deep Trouble and Deep Trouble II, and although this book Creep from the Deep appears 12 years after the first book, the characters remain roughly the same age and bear many of their same temperaments. Billy is a boy with an overactive [...]

    15. I've stated how much I love the HorrorLand theme park idea. I still wish that it exists. I still love the HorrorLand section.Anyway, I didn't really care too much for this book. I probably would've given it two stars, but due to the nostalgia and want factor of the books, I gave three stars.This book starts off with Billy imagining that he's a superhero. I guess it characterizes Billy, but I feel like it pads out the book. Maybe it would be better if reads comics based on his persona, Undersea M [...]

    16. Billy's second adventure, this one goes a tad bit crazier. As Billy, his sister, and his scientist uncle(Dr.D) are searching for the sunken pirate ship, The Scarlet Skull, they are swept up into a dark cloud, and are cast to land of the dead. In a search for they're uncle, they have to fight off the zombie pirates that once inhabited The Scarlet Skull. Uuuuugggggg! This book was Aweful. If I never hear of this book again it'll be to soon(I know it's cleshe, but it's the only thing that fits this [...]

    17. This is the third Deep Trouble book but the main characters act like they have never been through anything unusual before. At one point the main character mentions that he was bitten by a shark, which I can only assume happened in one of the previous books, but he doesn’t act like someone who’s been through that when it comes to jumping in to the ocean. Having very little connection to the previous books may not be such as bad thing though, because it means the book can be fully understood w [...]

    18. Billy and Sheena Deep are on a vacation with their uncle Dr. D on his boat, when they decide to get into his submarine and explore a shipwreck. When a black cloud comes over them, Dr. D disappears and they find themselves making an emergency exit from their sub as skeleton pirates attack. They swim to an island where they run into the pirates again with their uncle captured, demanding what they have taken be returned. They narrowly escape, but not for long. It turns out Billy had been carrying a [...]

    19. I think this book is a good book because it is interesting to read. Its about a boy and a girl with their uncle going underwater to find a sunken ship. It is a legend that a ship sunk in the water and no one had ever find it. Their uncle is trying to find it, he is a scientist. They went into the deep water in their submarine to find the old sunken ship. Its believed to be cursed. In the legend it saids that it went into a black cloud and never to be seen again. They went into a black cloud and [...]

    20. I would go 3.5 stars were that an option, but this was a cool read an IMHO a major improvement upon the previous installment I this series.Billy and his sister Sheena are spending their vacation with their scientist Uncle Dr. D. After a day of swimming and arguing, they get the call to go and search for a long sought after sunken/vanished pirate ship. While their Uncle has dreams of scientific discovery Billy and Sheena have dreams of lost treasure. But then the story gets wild, ships, treasure, [...]

    21. This is the only Goosebumps book that I have yet given this many stars. It was good to see Billy and Sheena again, of course, in contrast to most of the other Horrorland books that introduce new characters with the same bad guys (not a bad concept, just different). What really gave this book it's high marks for me, though, was the Horrorland addendum. This is some of the best, scariest material that I have ever seen from R.L. Stine in his Goosebumps series', and it actually gave me Goosebumps. R [...]

    22. in every goosebumps book but this one I rated 3 stars but this one I rated 4. It was a very good book compared to the other goosebumps. This one actually had some adventure and successful action. if you want to read goosebumps read Deep Trouble andDeep Trouble II. They kind of tie together.

    23. Pages 137Author R.L.Stine Name creep from the deepLiterary Horror Anger ShockNever judge a book by its cover because this cover has a sea creature on it when it's about zombie pirates but it was still good. Thank you R.L.Stine. I would totally recommend it to other people it is a awesome book especially if you like twist. There's always a twist to R.L.Stines books. My favorite part was when a Scarlett skull eats to zombie pirates.

    24. The story for this book was far more interesting than the previous one, although the characters were not very likable. The development of the Horrorland story was also more enjoyable than the first one, but I think (and hope!) that this will get better as new characters are added.Rating - 3/5★★★There is also a link to this review on my blog here!

    25. This was one of the BEST book i have ever read! R.L.Stine did a wonderful job of describing what was going on. I also think it was a great idea to include 3 stories in 1 book. On the down side however there was one small minor flaw that i noticed why put in a story that was the first one to come out?Anyways that was the only thing i disagreed with but otherwise the book was good. I would reccomend this book to people who like horror and fantasy.

    26. Creep from the Deep features a brother and sister, a crazy pirate ship and the Dead Zone, the realm of the dead. I'm really enjoying how the Horrorland novels are tying up together, and the main character of the next book, Monster Blood for Breakfast is already introduced in the last part of Creep from the Deep. These books are so much fun! Plus, Slappy scares me.

    27. Tämä oli ihan ok kauhupläjäys noin 10-12 -vuotiaille. Voisin kuvitella, että jos olisin vielä kohderyhmää, kapteeni Ben madonsyömine miehistöineen olisi tullut kummittelemaan uniinkin. Kauhumaan huvipuisto vaikutti myös hauskalta, tarkoitan KARMEALTA! paikalta. Kirjan huumori oli pönttöä, mutta niin sen kuuluu ollakin.(Kirjan nimi on suomeksi Syvyyksien syylä. Mitä ihmettä? Miksi?)

    28. I will say, the zombies in this book are nicely described to scare a reader. (Not that much, acctually) Now, Sheena and Billy have to find their uncle, and it is a mystery. Very nice conclusion in the end I will say. Four stars only because the title= very misleading. (Next part might be a bit of a spoiler): Honestly, there's is no 'Creep From the Deep'. (Not exactly a spoiler. ^¿^ )

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