The Staff of Serapis

The Staff of Serapis The Staff of Serapis is a high octane new story from Rick Riordan set in the thrilling and dangerous world of Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase is about to encounter than she expects in the New York subwa

  • Title: The Staff of Serapis
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Staff of Serapis is a high octane new story from Rick Riordan, set in the thrilling and dangerous world of Percy Jackson.Annabeth Chase is about to encounter than she expects in the New York subway a vicious two headed monster and a young, blonde girl with mysterious powers Sadie Kane Together, magician and demigod must face Serapis, a terrifying god who drawsThe Staff of Serapis is a high octane new story from Rick Riordan, set in the thrilling and dangerous world of Percy Jackson.Annabeth Chase is about to encounter than she expects in the New York subway a vicious two headed monster and a young, blonde girl with mysterious powers Sadie Kane Together, magician and demigod must face Serapis, a terrifying god who draws his power from both Greek and Egyptian mythology and is bent on global conquestRick Riordan is an award winning mystery writer He lives in Boston with his wife and two sons Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick s first novel featuring the heroic young demigod, was the overall winner of the Red House Children s Book Award in 2006 and is now a blockbuster film franchise, starring Logan Lerman.

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    1. I enjoyed this even much more than I did the first book. I love that it’s about Sadie and Annabeth, two of my favorite heroines in Uncle Ricky’s epic adventure stories. I love how the story opened up with a bang and ended up with the same and as usual, Uncle Ricky’s imaginative and hilarious descriptions kept me entertained the entire reading time. I was almost clapping when my most awaited moment arrived- when the villainous god finally said “GAH!” and “RAR!” P.S. Happy early birt [...]

    2. Sadie Kane meeting Annabeth Chase? AHHHHHHH. Excited. I think the GIF sums up what this will be appropriately.Riordan released a teaser which you can access here.

    3. After Reading First of all. VERY FIRST OF ALL. I wanna just shout out to the world that MY ONLY TWO PREDICTIONS about this two short stories HAVE COME TRUE!! These two are-1. I knew, I FREAKING KNEW that (view spoiler)[ these two short stories were AFTER the Heroes of Olympus series. Psshh, fans making weird assumptions that magicians will pop out in HoO series- no offense but Are you nuts?(hide spoiler)]2. My assumption was that (view spoiler)[ Setne could be behind the Son of Sobek story, and [...]

    4. UPDATE 6/25/2014Well, I read this quite a while ago so this review is VERY late. Sorry. I've been busy and honestly hadn't remembered to do this.In part because this is late, and in part because the book was good but not amazing, I don't have much to say. I definitely suggest these short stories, as I suggest all of Rick Riordan's stuff (I believe he's secretly a writing god). This doesn't disappoint and will leave you wondering were this mini series is going. ENJOY!UPDATE 4/15/2014COVER!!!!!!! [...]

    5. Am I the only one FANGIRLING about this? I mean! Annabeth and Sadie! Both my fav characters in both series! I can't wait for them to meet! I hope they are more mature that Carter and Percy were! Can't wait!

    6. OMGOMGOMG OMGOMHJHVKHYFTDRRDRSSEXRCGVHBHBVYIEYRDGVHJHBJHBHJBJBHJBH THANK YOU RICK!!!My reaction towards the book: When I found out about itWhen I realised it was coming out in May:Seeing it will have a Blood of Olympus teaser:Remembering that someone will probably die in BoOMy overall impression ❤️I knew signing up to was a good idea :)

    7. I didn't care much for the monsters and the fighting. I read this for the reveal. Insightful Annabeth was just an added bonus.

    8. ตอนนี้สนุกกว่าตอนที่แล้วของเพอร์ซีย์&คาร์เตอร์อีก ไม่มีอารมณ์กระอักกระอ่วนระหว่างตัวละครที่พร้อมจะต่อยหน้ากันทุกเมื่อ สำหรับเล่มนี้ให้อารมณ์เพื่อนสาวผนึกกำลังต่อสู้อสู [...]

    9. SOMETHING UP THERE EXISTS!!!!SADIE KANE IS BACK! AND WITH Annabeth. This is gonna be so awesome, if Annabeth doesn't murder Sadie before the book starts. And well, who's gonna blame her? Carter had years to learn how to tolerate Sadie, and poor Annabeth is being dropped into it at the whims and wishes of Riordan and fans respectively. But then she's not Annabeth just like that. And she suffers Seaweed Brain. So there.

    10. Holy Hera and Hades. Greek + Egyptian = Recipe for awesome kickassness!!The crossover series is happeningoh yeah, you bet it is. You can bet five quid and a plate of Sadie's gran's burnt scones, it is.And Setne, that little evil filthy cockroach!! That scrawny old codger with the loincloth and Elvis hair!! Okay, I plagiarised sheesh, sorry. But earnestly, this looks sooo good.And this isn't fair, Riordan(oh right, none of his books have ever been fair) We wait a year for this, and you give us a [...]

    11. The Son of Sobek was better (and it is not because I am madly in love with Percy), but this short story definitely sets up the stage for the official Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover. I feel bad for Percy though. I mean, the poor kid had to go through the Battle of the Titans, fight Gaea and right afterwards, he has to go stop an epic Greek and Egyptian throwdown without so much as a coffee break. But on the bright side, more Percy!The movies are digitized crap, but Logan Lerman is hot.

    12. Kratko, opet suvise kratko. I ovog puta mi je smetala konstantna prica koja stopira svu akciju. imesto borbe dobijamo gomilu istorije,blah.Show, don't tell.Idemo dalje, valjda ce treca knjiga biti vredna svega ovoga.

    13. 2015: rated 2 stars2018: rated 3.75 stars. The second part of Demigods and Magicians: Three Stories from the World of Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles is done!! Still brings me a lot of nostalgie and wanta me to re read the The Red Pyramid series and The Lightning Thief all over again!! The only thing I have to criticize about this second short story was Annabeth's attitude. I didn't feel like she was Athena's daughter at all. I know that encountering magicians and Egyptian magic is somethi [...]

    14. It's Annabeth's POV. I could almost stop right there, because Annabeth. But since I'm here, I'll add that Sadie seems to have matured an incredible amount since the end of The Serpent's Shadow. But she really kind of had to for this story to work. She would have looked even more vapid than she sometimes did in her own series. But this version of Sadie is actually a match for Annabeth. Which makes the realization that this is probably going to turn into a series of short stories with a connected [...]

    15. Rick Riordon HAS to write a series combining Greek and Egyptian mythology. Seriously, he already started a whole new era with this "Crown of Ptolemy" thing. I gotta have more. This is epic, okay. How old is Sadie again? I thought she was at least 14 or somethingbut it mentioned in here "no older than 13" what? my memory sucks.“Oh, I believe you. It’s too ridiculous not to be true. It’s just that each time my world gets stranger, I think: Right. We’re at maximum oddness now. At least I kn [...]

    16. This was at the end of my copy of The Blood of Olympus and I finally managed to go back and read it. Quite enjoyed!

    17. Czy to naprawdę było komukolwiek potrzebne? Wszystkie opowiadania opierają się na tym samym schemacie, śmieszne było tylko to drugie (przyznaje że śmiałam się na głos) ale nic to do uniwersum nie dodało. To jest takie o czytadło o którym zaraz zapomnę. Nie żebym spodziewała się czegoś mega ale przynajmniej na poziomie co sprawiło by że nie uznam tej książki pisaną dla pieniędzy. Oczywiście nie mam nic do tego- jeśli ktoś pisze dobrze jak najbardziej niech na tym zarab [...]

    18. Another crossover between The Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles series. After Percy met Carter in The Son of Sobek, now it’s Annabeth and Sadie’s turn.Annabeth was on her way home after an interview for internship at a local architecture firm when she saw a weird monster and decided to follow it and met Sadie Kane who was fighting a similar monster.The story follows Annabeth. I love this girls team more than the boys one. Annabeth and Sadie proved a lot better pair than Percy and Car [...]

    19. Sadie + Annabeth, ultimate girl power!Wow, I'm literally hyperventilating right now because of how really great this book is. I mean, Rick Riordan writes so well. Simply the best. When I read the The Son of Sobek, I was really amazed by the crossover. Two of my favorite fictional crushes combined? That is what you call fantastic.And then I read this book. Oh gods, I couldn't ask for more. It was really a great read, two different worlds are combined into a single story. Perfect.I really hope Ric [...]

    20. 4,5/5 TIENE QUE HABILITAR LA MEDIA ESTRELLA!Escuché el audiolibro de este libro, leído por el mismísimo Rick Riordan, y no puedo estar más feliz por ello.Me encantó oír de Annabeth y Sadie de nuevo, así como su relación, que me gustó muchísimo.En este libro, que viene a ser algo así como una continuación de The Son of Sobek, vemos que las cosas van más en serio, y que la historia no termina aquí.Me gustó cómo el autor combinó mitología griega y egipcia, lo cual es genial, ya q [...]

    21. Great fun, as expected. After The Son of Sobek, it's only a matter of time that Annabeth and Sadie will meet each other. And Rick's writing really cracks me up sometimes:'Alpha, beta, gamma!' Sadie cried. 'Gyros, spanakopita. Presto!' She beamed in triumph. 'There. You're done for!' Serapis stared at her, clearly baffled. The red tattoos on his skin dimmer. A few of the symbols turned into question marks and sad faces.Yes, it's not the most sophisticated form of humour but hey this is a middle-g [...]

    22. Thank all the gods for this crossover!! I really want to read The Kane Chronicles but I couldn't find any motivation. The Son of Sobek really impressed me, but this wow. This opened my heart, my body and my soul to a whole new world. Just like Annabeth, I'm in awe. Rick Riordan is truly the Myth Master!!100 POINTS FOR SADIEBETH!!

    23. Amazing. Amazingggg. AMAZING I just love these books. I love them so much. Uncle Rick never ceases to amaze me. BUT, enough with the short stories! (although they are entertaining heheh). How about a full blown series with the two world's combined?!NOW THAT WOULD BLOW ME UNDIES OFF. I can wait until after 'Blood of Olympus', though. KThanks!

    24. Can you believe these two? I mean I never thought Annabeth and Sadie could work out but damn ant friendship! While Percy and Carter were like two cornered animals afraid of even saying their names, Annabeth and Sadie went ahead and spilled their whole history. Love them!

    25. The Staff of Serapis is a short story that is a crossover with Percy Jackson & The Kane Chronicles characters. I don't know much about Egypt mythology but I still really enjoyed the book. It was great & I was hooked. I'm looking forward to reading more short crossover stories.

    26. هفتاد صفحه؟ بازم کمه. یعنی که چی آخه:((برخورد آنابث و سادی خیلی بهتر بود، و ماجراشون هم. جلد قبل انگار سرسری نوشته شده بود.

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