Disobeying Disobeying explains why parents tell their children what to do and encourages children to obey their parents Free download includes songs and read along with Joy For Ages

  • Title: Disobeying
  • Author: Joy Berry
  • ISBN: 9780717285938
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Disobeying explains why parents tell their children what to do and encourages children to obey their parents Free download includes songs and read along with Joy.For Ages 4 7.

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    1. If I only had enough money to get 20 books for my kids, these would be the ones I would choose. You may have seen the "Help Me Be Good" books in the doctor's offices, and you can get them on Ebay.The books cover a wide range of issues (Bullying, Being Rude, Being a Good Sport, Telling the Truth, Fighting, etc.) and Joy Berry does such a good job of logically defining and articulating a. the behavior b. why a child may show this behavior c. reasons why that particular behavior is not productive d [...]

    2. When I got this out today to read, my granddaughter said "Oh I love these"; I had not realized before how much she liked the series. Helps a child see the importance of obeying parents/elders. We have more of the series, which we have read, but was unaware of how fond she was of them until today.

    3. I love all the Help me Be Good Books by Joy Berry. I had a couple handed down to me from my mom and I found a bunch of the series at a used book store and bought them all! My kids love reading them just for story night, but I also find them very helpful to read when we are having a problem with a certain trait.Each book focuses on defining what the action is, how it makes people feel and what to do about it. It helps explain why kids need to obey and how to fix situations when they haven't. It's [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book and found that my Daughter who is three years old had the ability to understand what the book was telling. It is easy for children to understand and not only explains what a child is doing when they disobey but also explains what they are doing is wrong and how they can correct the problem or keep it from happening in the future. The book has different scenarios to show children what kinds of things they do the are considered disobeying. Activity - have the children in [...]

    5. A Children's Book About Disobeying gives clear examples of how children disobey and how the often feel about the way parents (or adults in their lives) seem to have all the power. It gets into the feelings and consequences and only devotes one page to changing behaviors. I love this series and think they are a wonderful way to start discussions with young children about issues that are important to them.

    6. Such a great book for kids and adults to read together!! Joy Berry has a wonderful way of bringing things to a kids level to help them understand things better. Sometimes as an adult we forget kids see and process the world differently than us.Beautifully illustrated to help kids pay attention while learning valuable life lessons!This series is wonderful for any home or classroom! I want them for he community center where I work!! I am also thrilled they are being made available as ebooks!!

    7. Every couple of library visits we pick one of the books out of this series to take home. One side has text, the other has kind of a comic book scenario (picture with bubble conversations) and somehow my six year old finds these didactic readers very interesting. We've read about being a bad sport, being bossy, being mean, disobeying, showing off, etc. Aimed at 4-7 year olds.

    8. Joy Berry books are THE BEST! All her Help Me Be Good Books are writen in a way to explain all the reasons why a child may choose to do bad behaviors. It does it in a way that isn't saying "YOU did this and YOU should do that." Offering alternative ways to handle situations and why they would be a better choise. A must have for every parent.

    9. cute but preachy. I like that it goes over why patents might be upset and also explains why sometimes there are punishments.

    10. This book is about little Annie. She disobeys her parents, but this book teaches children that disobeying is wrong and how not to disobey. I liked this book and it is useful to read to lower elementary students so they understand better how to obey.

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    12. This book teaches children not to disobey. It teaches children what happens if they disobey. This book also teaches children about safety.Learning Extension: The children can practice obeying rule. Create a obstacle course and have different rules for them to practice and then have then go to the finish line.

    13. This is a great book to teach children about obedience. It gives the definition of what it is to be disobedient. It also tells children the consequences of being disobedient. The book tells children why they should be obedient to their parents, and the rewards you can get for being obedient.

    14. It would be a great book to read on those crazy days when it seems like every kid had to much sugar and aren't listening! It not only explains what being disobedient is but explains why you should listen to adults

    15. fun and great for us to share, especially when do the demos to the parents and we can discuss from this simple and entertaining moral story

    16. a good resource for teaching children and learning how to handel responcibility and obeying their eldersa good resource for teaching behavior

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