New Theories of Everything

New Theories of Everything The author presents and explains the latest theories predictions and controversies surrounding the ultimate explanation from superstrings and multiverses to speculations about the world as a compute

  • Title: New Theories of Everything
  • Author: John D. Barrow
  • ISBN: 9780192807212
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author presents and explains the latest theories, predictions and controversies surrounding the ultimate explanation, from superstrings and multiverses to speculations about the world as a computer, and the implications of these theories for own existence.

    One thought on “New Theories of Everything”

    1. I have enjoyed Barrow’s previous works -- I was so enthralled with Barrow and Tipler’s 1988 book The Anthropic Cosmological Principle that I read every word of its 736 pages multiple times. Barrow’s latest book, New Theories of Everything, does not disappoint. In this wide-ranging work, Barrow examines the notion of viewing science as the search for algorithmic compression of observed data. In other words, the best scientific theory is the one that explains the most data precisely in as cr [...]

    2. I know that this was published in 1991 but I really didn't think he did that great of a job at going over a lot of the approaches that people are taking in looking for a single Unified Theory. He covered string theory fairly well, but missed a lot of other opportunities to explore other ideas out there. I am going to give him a pass on that because of the publish date, as I know that the last ten years have provided a whirlwind of new ideas in this field. Since that was supposed to be the premis [...]

    3. Uno de los mejores libros que he leído sobre filosofía de la ciencia / Matemáticas / Física; es adecuado para lectores aficionados y publico en generla a si como para un publico mas educado y expertos en la materia, analiza la historia de la búsqueda de una teoría del todo desde diversos ángulos desde los filósofos de la antigua Grecia y su devoción a las matematicas hasta los físicos del siglo XIX y XX en su trato respecto la relatividad general y la mecánica cuántica. Planteándono [...]

    4. I am reading it currently. But I have an observation right in the beginning about the author's argument concerning the link between monotheism and unity. Monotheism by nature is proponent of duality. The name itself claims '1' which acknowledges 'existence of 2! And it draws boundary around itself thereby creating an exterior. Hence monotheism is in no way an unifying approach. It is the source of breaking nature into pieces and analysing each fragment separately often resulting in disparerpte c [...]

    5. Kniha o tom, jak je vůbec teorie všeho myšlenkově podložená. Táže se spíše proč než jak a zavrtává se do problematiky jak z historického, tak právě z filozofického hlediska: jak se náhled na svět vyvíjel, jaké existují názorové školy. A jde docela hluboko. Zaujala.

    6. Perfect stuff for Quantum Physics buffs & Arthur Beiser worshipers.Not the right book to read at 16~17.One more read needed to rate it fairly

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