Ideas and Opinions

Ideas and Opinions Here s the definitive collection of Einstein s popular writings gathered under his supervision The selections range from his earliest days as a theoretical physicist to his death in from such su

  • Title: Ideas and Opinions
  • Author: Albert Einstein Carl Seelig Sonja Bargmann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here s the definitive collection of Einstein s popular writings, gathered under his supervision The selections range from his earliest days as a theoretical physicist to his death in 1955 from such subjects as relativity, nuclear war or peace, religion science, to human rights, economics government.

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    1. It was interesting to read - though I admit to skimming a few of the entries that did not appeal to me. And, though I did not agree with all of Dr. Einstein's views, I found it incredibly interesting - and intellectually stimulating - to read his opinions, ideas, and theories. It was almost eerie to read some of his predictions concerning the United States in regards to a second world war (which happened), a Cold War (check), a Nuclear War (please, no), and even our economic and political issues [...]

    2. I started reading this book cause i wanted to know more about the man who postulated the theory of relativity. And i was delightfully surprised by the human nature of Albert Einstein. The book is collection of his speeches, interviews and articles covering his views and opinions about diverse fields ranging from Physics to philosophy and life in general. Amazed to find that most of his ideas are valid even in today's world.Einstein seems to had opinions on almost every subject and most of these [...]

    3. كل شيء يبدأ بفكرة، والأفكار عادة تبدأ ضعيفة، تبدو لغير صاحبها ساذجة تافهة،، لكن يقويها ايمان صاحبها الراسخ بها، دعمه لها بأساليب الاثبات العلمية، والصبر على استهانه الناس بها، الى أن يظهرها الله أو يهلك صاحبها دونها

    4. I read this book because I wanted to get to know Einstein a little. I'd run across several insightful quotes from him and decided to explore what he was all about. As my rating indicates, I felt this book was just "ok". The man himself was very impressive. He was definitely a humanitarian, and wanted nothing but peace. But the book is a collection of his essays and I didn't find it fascinating reading. It also seemed too repetitious at times. The last section of the book was about his "ideas &am [...]

    5. The words of the master himself. Not a biography written by someone else. Einstein's writings are fascinating. His opinionsought provoking and invigorating. I highly recommend this book!

    6. “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as judge in the field of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”A book of a variety of subject matter, many of which are likely better pursued in other works. Wisdom, politics, and science are stuttered through articles, speeches, letters and statements, i.e. it is often truncated, generalized, esoteric, and/or repeated. So why go this route? For me, there are two main reasons: 1) the man is not separate from his ideas; and 2) a [...]

    7. "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.""Feeling and longing are the motive force behind all human endeavor and human creation.""Nobody, certainly, will deny that the idea of the existence of an omnipotent, just, and omnibeneficent personal God is able to accord man solace, he [...]

    8. I never seen a man like him!Such a great mentality I ever seen in my whole life. He has different vision that the all other people around the world!!In spite of my disagreement with some of his opinions for maybe genetic factors but he still number one. On the other hand I agree with his ideals!

    9. Algunas de las cosas que dice el libro: La mayoría ha de vivir temerosa ante la posibilidad de verse eliminada del ciclo económico, y sufrir así la falta de lo necesario. Los habitantes de distintas naciones se matan entre sí a intervalos regulares. La inteligencia y el carácter de las masas son muy inferiores a la inteligencia y al carácter de los pocos que producen algo valioso para la comunidad. Combinar la sabiduría y el poder ha tenido éxito muy pocas veces, y cuando lo tuvo no fue [...]

    10. This is a collection of writings and lectures by Albert Einstein, organised in sections, discussing ideas, politics, pacifism, the Jewish people, science and more. I got through all of it until I reached the final part: contributions to science. Although Einstein's writing could be dense (particularly his pre-war stuff), it was generally understandable. The science writing was beyond me. I struggled through a lot of it, but stopped when I realised that I had read entire pages that didn't make an [...]

    11. I always believe that WHEN you read a particular book for the first time is akin to the first time you heard say Gershwin for the first time or Rakim. Whatever your tastes are the timing does matter. For me, this book mattered a great deal when I first read it. I read this in 1995. I was 21 and about to move into a 285 square foot efficiency, on my own. So one can imagine the impact a book like this can have at that age in that place. I absorbed the book like an Iguana in the desert laying in 3 [...]

    12. I've given this book at least a dozen times to people over the years. Wise insights and a good book to have around.

    13. Is Einstein a Philosopher?This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long, long time. The most recent addition to my “Top Shelf” on my bookshelf.Everyone “knows” Einstein as the scientist with the scientist look, E=MC2, etc. Until reading this I thought Einstein was just a scientist. After reading this book I stand in awe of the man’s intellect, the wide range of topics he thinks about, and the beautiful way that he writes and thinks.Someone recently told me an entrepreneur is an a [...]

    14. "A Importância da Boa VontadeNo decurso da minha longa vida recebi dos meus companheiros um reconhecimento muito maior do que aquele que mereço e confesso que o meu sentido de humildade sempre se sobrepôs ao meu prazer. Mas nunca, em ocasiões anteriores, a dor se sobrepôs tanto ao prazer como agora. Todos nós, que estamos preocupados com a paz e o triunfo da razão e da justiça, devemos estar hoje claramente conscientes do peso que uma pequeníssima justificação e uma boa vontade honest [...]

    15. A solid collection of Einstein's writing, covering a wide variety of topics. I was surprised every now and then by how "naive" he could be in political matters. Not that he's "wrong" anywhere, just maybe a little too convinced that "the good guys" will win eventually in spite of all the evidence (which he cites!) that they do not? Also, some of his ideas become a little repetitive, but that's really the editor's fault and not Einstein's. Although I have to admit that the last section with papers [...]

    16. i really pleased by reading this book of albert einstein;coz i always wanna to read different books of different peoples who have master mind, and he is also one & my first choice. no one is perfect in this world;but information makes everyone perfect. man of gr8 thought albertbsibe wish his friends to join his reading network. hey guys let's start

    17. I found the first part of this book fantastic, the later part of the book was a bit over my head as I was not familiar with some of the other scientists theories that he was quoting from so I became a bit lost during the 2nd half of the book and had to slow my reading down to process it.

    18. definatelyme ideas hidden in our mindd some thoughts we express by our movement and actionsfantastic work

    19. i was surprised that one of the smartest guys, let's seeever, could write so simply. you hardly have to be polysyllabic to read this and it was a joy.

    20. A good review of the ideas of Einstein. Contains letters, public speeches, and opinions on many topics including his humanism, pacifism, religion, relativity and everything in between. The main surprise was that he advocated to the US president for the development of the bomb before the Germans developed it. And after reading Schroedinger, the Germans at that time were not focused on building the bomb. Some quotes I liked: How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojo [...]

    21. Some beautiful thoughts about peace, about the meaning of life, about God, about almost everything. I was in waaaay over my head in the last section called "Contributions to Science." But my own peculiar illness dictated that I read every word, even when I had to start reading out loud to try to make any sense of those words."The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it [...]

    22. Einstein’s ideas on war, society, and racism is applicable today. His opinions about nuclear war written over 50 years ago seem to be a warning for today’s idiot leaders who seem hell bent on having the biggest and most destructive gun. Why should we care if the human race is exterminated? The planet will survive.

    23. Remarkable insight into the mind of the dreamer. It shows the humane side to this physics genius and his strong bond to his innerself

    24. Se que no debería decir esto, por respeto al autor, pero me pareció complicado la forma en que Albert Einstein expresaba sus ideas.

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