Death Set to Music

Death Set to Music Mme Camille Jeanne Chenandier is found bludgeoned to death in her living room

  • Title: Death Set to Music
  • Author: Mark Hebden
  • ISBN: 9780802731173
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mme Camille Jeanne Chenandier is found bludgeoned to death in her living room.

    One thought on “Death Set to Music”

    1. Also published as "Pel and the Parked Car"PROTAGONIST: Inspector PelSETTING: Burgundy, FranceSERIES: #1 of 17RATING: 4.0WHY: Mme Chenandier has been murdered. The suspects are plentiful, including various members of the household staff, her lover, her philandering husband and her strange daughter. The investigation is led by Inspector Evariste Clovis Desire Pel, an intriguing character who is grumpy, sarcastic, worried about his health (but not enough to really do something about it). He is assi [...]

    2. Wonderful read, 1st in the Inspector Pel series. Mme. Chenandier has been brutally murdered at home, her head beaten to a pulp. Everybody who could possibly be suspect has a seemingly solid alibi. But Pel has Sgts. Darcy, Nosjean, Misset, Krausse and Lagé busy following the trail he suspects, and even though they're stymied at first, his housekeeper's nephew comes to pay her a visit and gives Pel just the idea to figure it all out. Very satisfying police procedural set in Dijon, France. Pel and [...]

    3. To be fair, I'd probably give this 2 1/2. It takes place in Dijon, in France, and has an interesting Police Inspector/protagonist. I like his description. He is happiest when he is convinced he is going to die soon. I liked his friendship with a young boy and the fact that he is bullied by his housekeeper. But, ultimately,I was disappointed by the classic puzzle mystery and not that interested in the characters beyond the inspector so I'll be passing on others in the series.

    4. Three and a half stars. Slow to start with and I didn't think I was going to like it but it improved as I got further into it. Not bad but Maigret needn't worry : Pel won't be knocking him off the top French spot.

    5. I have not given stars to this book purely because I read it so long ago I cannot remember how I felt about it.An opera maniac meets her doom while the stereo plays Rigoletto

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