Glenraven A major new novel by the author of The Mists of Avalon and the hot new hand among new fantasy authors Sophie and Jay Jay are seeking escape from the pressures and disappointments of their worlds What

  • Title: Glenraven
  • Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780671877385
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A major new novel by the author of The Mists of Avalon and the hot new hand among new fantasy authors Sophie and Jay Jay are seeking escape from the pressures and disappointments of their worlds What the women attain is reluctant hero status, when they are prevailed upon by the citizens of the magic kingdom of Glenraven for help in overthrowing a monstrous ruler.

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    1. Originally published on my blog here in December 2001.One of the perennial difficulties for the fantasy novelist who wants to involve earthly characters is how to take them to the scene of the action. (Once there, they pay the author back by requiring explanations of what is around them, making exposition easier and seemingly more natural.) I don't recall the precise device used in Glenraven occurring anywhere else, however, and it is always nice to see something new.When Jayjay's marriage break [...]

    2. This is not exactly rocket science, it's a light romance with the touch of the supernatural and vampirism. But if you believe in magic, or even if you don't, if you feel like snuggling down for the night with a cup of hot chocolate and letting the world go by, this is a great read!

    3. A book about two women who travel to another dimension, called Glenraven. They then fight to free it from its evil ruler.

    4. Glenraven ist ein sehr interessantes Land, das von Marion Zimmer Bradley und Holly Lisle erschaffen wurde. Die Landschaftsbeschreibungen und die Darstellung der Lebensweise sind sehr gelungen. Es wirkt wie ein Paradies, in dem die Zeit stehen geblieben ist, denn es herrschen die Hygienebedingungen des Mittelalters.Leider sind die Ortsnamen sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, deshalb war es sehr schwer, den Überblick zu behalten. Eine Karte des Landes wäre hilfreich gewesen.Auch die Rassenstruktur des [...]

    5. Well, sort of historical fantasy. It takes place in modern times, but in a place that is medieval and fantastical in nature.Both authors have turned in better work, but this one had a lot of good moments. For me, the weakest aspect was that so much of the action was outside the control of any single character, even the villain. The whole thing felt like a runaway train at times, especially during the climactic battle scene, and it was moderately unclear what some of the prophecies and omens real [...]

    6. In the genre of middleaged (if you think middleaged means thirty something which I don't) women end up in improbable alternate fantasy world by riding mountain bikes from Tuscany and then save said world and make everything better and, oh yeah, find true love, or at least one of them does, this book is quite possibly king. Or queen. Or something. It's a more or less entertaining read, anyway, and you can skip the dreary parts by counting the vast number of fantasy tropes that get worked into eve [...]

    7. I read this so long ago. I do remember thinking it was quite a lovely fantasy because of the world - Glenraven. It reminds me of two other stories I really enjoyed. One is Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword mixed with a bit of Oz. I liked the complexity of the world and the two heroines. When two people who are average and still make such an impact, it is a message I like. Basically, if people work together and put their mind to it, amazing feats can be accomplished.

    8. Esse é o tipo de livro que considero ideal para apresentar o universo de fantasia para adolescentes. Co-escrito pela autora de As Brumas de Avalon, Glenraven é um romance legal de ler, onde duas mulheres do nosso mundo são jogadas em outro e tem que lidar com as adversidade para sobreviver e entender tudo o que está acontecendo a sua volta. É uma história para crianças e adolescentes bem simples, mas encantadora. Ideal para passar o tempo.

    9. This book was co-written by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Holly Lisle, and there's a second book in the series which I'm also going to get my hands on so I can find out what happened to JayJay and Mathiall.

    10. Time honored concept of getting into something unexpected & finding the lost way from our world. Done well & the adventure is one to remember. I think of the Thomas Covenant books and I don't have any inclination to repeat that exasperating experience but this was much more satisfying.

    11. One of my all-time favorite comfort-food books; you know—those books you always return to when you need something familiar, comforting, and escapist. This book is it. I can't quite give it 5 stars but 4.5 would be close.

    12. Need an escape? This is it. Needed some more backstory, and now I want another. But other than that I liked it.

    13. Kinda makes you check the travel-book shelf a bit more closely I mean if there were one with a cover by Clyde Caldwell, I'd have to start saving some dinero

    14. C'est une classique histoire de fantasy sans grand intérêt en soi, remplie de clichés mais ce n'est pas désagréable à lire et finalement, je me suis laissée prendre au jeu.

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