Theres a Sheep in My Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement

Theres a Sheep in My Bathtub Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement What happens when you drop an American family with three small children into the post Communist chaos of Outer Mongolia There s a Sheep in my Bathtub chronicles the adventures of the Hogan family as t

  • Title: Theres a Sheep in My Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement
  • Author: BrianHogan
  • ISBN: 9780979905605
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • What happens when you drop an American family with three small children into the post Communist chaos of Outer Mongolia There s a Sheep in my Bathtub chronicles the adventures of the Hogan family as they try to follow God s leading into one of the world s most remote and mysterious enclaves Brian and Louise meet during their college days at Cal Poly State University in SWhat happens when you drop an American family with three small children into the post Communist chaos of Outer Mongolia There s a Sheep in my Bathtub chronicles the adventures of the Hogan family as they try to follow God s leading into one of the world s most remote and mysterious enclaves Brian and Louise meet during their college days at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo and embark on a pursuit of a calling to the nations that propels them from the Navajo Nation s painted desert in Arizona to the wild steppes of Central Asia Along their way five children join the cross cultural roller coaster Disarmingly honest and charmingly humorous, their tale will thrill you and bring tears to your eyes An intensely personal memoir, this book still manages to pack a powerful dose of missionary insight and Biblical principles for seeing the Church explode into life among peoples that have never even heard of Jesus Get comfortable You will not be able to put it down.From the very first page this book jerks you irretrievably into the outrageous, the uproarious and the impossible to imagine It has got to be one of the most absolutely fascinating tales to ever prove that the truth is stranger than fiction Nevertheless, it throbs with a sobering and relentless sense of calling and purpose that is truly inspiring the late Dr Ralph D Winter, Founder, U.S Center for World MissionI wept, laughed and was stirred by this book I love a good story, and this is a really good one You won t be able to put it down Floyd McClung author of Living on the Devil s DoorstepBrian Hogan s apostolic passion shines through with an incredible combination of raw honesty and witty humor A gripping real life parable unfolds that will have you laughing, weeping and rejoicing at the amazing testimony of God s grace and power revealed through ordinary people facing extra ordinary obstacles I wholeheartedly recommend this book as it not only tells an amazing story, but also becomes a discipleship tool that reveals to us a whole new paradigm of church and missions David Broodryk, Kingdom People Network, South AfricaIf you want a radically cross cultural journey without leaving your favorite easy chair this book is your ticket If you desire to plant churches that reproduce among the least reached this is your training manual wrapped up in a most delightful, brawny and instructive story box I laughed I cried and wrestled through the realities of what it means to leave the easy chair and watch God prove Himself faithful accomplishing His dreams for a people through one ordinary and obedient family Brian Hogan is courageous, practical and real Focused in the same direction for many years, he is a pioneer, church planter, mentor and model His journey is a challenge to all those who want to be used by God Brian s thinking will stretch and grow you his passion and lifestyle will confront every comfortable corner of your life There s a Sheep in my Bathtub will be top on the reading list for those I train Carol Davis, director of LeafLine InitiativesBrian Hogan s Erdenet story had been told to me a number of times as a real and astonishing exception and a true, powerful secret I am thrilled to see it in print Brian experienced church history in the making in 1993 1996 May his insights multiply like an epidemic and grip an entire new generation of an apostolic people, so that this planet will never remain the same Wolfgang Simson, author of Houses that Change the World The Starfish Manifesto

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    1. Are you nuts? What are you thinking? You have only been there three years—no way is that long enough to plant a church! This is one of the criticisms from the nearby mission community when the author’s team announced they felt they were nearly ready to pull out of Erdenet, Mongolia. But for the church planting team described in Brian Hogan’s “There’s a Sheep in My Bathtub” located in Erdenet, Mongolia, three and a half years was all the time it took (I somehow missed from the book th [...]

    2. This book, written with wit and transparency, is about an American family who go to Mongolia to start a church planting movement. I have laughed my head off at the cultural and language faux pas (as one who can relate . . . ) and wept over their grief. Also, as one coming from a Reformed perspective it has been stimulating to read about the healings and other manifestations of God's Spirit that have accompanied their work. Also an amazing peeling back of the curtain as the fruit of a deeply felt [...]

    3. This is a must-read for church planters. Brian was part of a YWAM church planting team in Mongolia when there were still very few believers in the country, and this is the story. Brian is a very entertaining and humorous storyteller, but more than that, there are important lessons to learn from many of his stories. The Holy Spirit led Brian and his team to do some things that were contrary to much of the conventional human wisdom about how to lead a church-planting movement. The fruit of their o [...]

    4. An encouraging, fascinating look at missionary work after the fall of Communism in Mongolia. While I really enjoyed the book, it seriously could use the ministrations of a good editor. Especially initially, the writing was clunky and hard to get into. Several things are repeated unnecessarily, such as how they got an apartment in Erdenet. Lines occasionally have weird spacing and at one point the chapter references a picture of an appendix (in the appendixhaha) that is not there. For observation [...]

    5. Great book with lots of information on Mongolia and the culture that is very interesting. I love how they don't try to change the people they just go and give the gospel and I also love how the culture so easily accepts and has so much joy and spreads the love to their family and friends. A domino effect. It gives me hope for other areas and makes me want to join in on reaching other areas. Lots of hard work to start and keep up with and amazing to see that the Mongolians end up taking it fully [...]

    6. I heard Brian Hogan teach lectures on two different occasions and purchased this book. It is a must read for folks interested in International Missions, specifically if you want to go for a longer term. Even if you aren't interested in missions, it is a good read with insights to cultures and how Westerners can learn to appreciate them.

    7. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll praise God for his goodness and power! This is perhaps the best missionary story I've ever read, and in large part because of Brian's intimate, transparent style. This book is accessible to my 10 year old daughter, but deep enough and challenging to the heads of missionary organizations the world over. I simply can't recommend highly enoughr anyone!

    8. Learning more about starting a house church is a good part of this book. Learning more about life in a foreign culture, dealing with family tragedy, and trusting God in everything is the best part of this book. His very open honestly and willingness to share all the details of life was great.

    9. I admit. I'm a writer. So I tend to read books from a writer's point of view. I have to consciously turn off the internal editor. "There's a Sheep In My Bathtub" has some clumsy sentence structures and stream of consciousness, unstructured paragraphs in the beginning. That's why I gave it a rating of 4. But hang in there. Soon my editor voice faded into the background as the gripping story of a family's efforts to plant a church in the harsh land and complicated culture of Mongolia took over. Th [...]

    10. Anyone wonder why the country of Mongolia sends out more cross cultural missionaries per Christian than any other country in the world? This is the inspirational, sometimes funny, and sometimes heartwrenching, true story of a family who travels to Mongolia to be missionaries. They and their team set up a new church in Edernet and the Holy Spirit raises up indiginous leadership so the team is able to turn the church over to local leadership and leave in the matter of just a few years. The story i [...]

    11. So this is a missionary book. Is it funnier than most missionary books? Yes. Is it braver than most missionary books? Yes. Is it more compelling and gripping than most missionary books? Also yes. Did it make me cry at one point? . . . .(Debating whether or not to say "yes" and brand myself a weakling). . . .(Still debating). . . .(Some say she debates to this day)

    12. Funny, informative, and inspirationalI enjoyed this book on several levels. It offers a fascinating, and often funny, view of life in Mongolia. In addition, it is inspiring to read how God is working there. I loved seeing the New Testament principles of church planting being successfully implemented in such a foreign culture.

    13. Honestly, the very best missions related book I've ever read. Great storytelling along with some hard truths about missions and how western Christians tend to mess things up. 😜 So very well done! Should be required reading for anyone planning to go on the mission field!

    14. Awesome Love it!! Glory to Jesus So much goodness in it Highly recommend this book to anyone that is following Jesus.

    15. I first heard of this book from a friend taking Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and I picked up a copy when I took the class myself last Spring. The author, Brian Hogan, came in as a guest speaker and shared the skeleton of the story which he has fleshed out in his book, There's a Sheep in My Bathtub. Hogan's stories were colorful and captivating, and exactly calculated to meet the students where they were at and push them toward a new understanding of ministry.Once in a while, a s [...]

    16. Brian Hogan, his wife, Louise, and their three young children were part of the first wave of Christian missionaries in post-Communist Mongolia, in 1993, specifically to the city of Erdenet. From the backside, what they and their ministry partners accomplished in a little more than three years seems remarkably fast and almost too easy: the birth of a healthy, indigenous Mongolian church, with no further role or need for expatriate missionaries.Follow along through the chapters of "There's a Sheep [...]

    17. I was enthralled with Mongolian when I was there this past July and, looking to learn more about this country, came across this book. Having attended a church in Mongolia that was founded by Koreans, I was interested in the experience of bringing the gospel message to Mongolia. Hogan and his family moved to Mongolia in the early 90s, not long after the country began opening up after decades (actually centuries) of being closed. It was a time of turmoil as the transition from a state controlled e [...]

    18. I sang out loud "Jesus Christ is Lord of Mongolia." My missionary friend moved away to the other side of the crowd, convinced the strain had fully unhinged me. Mongolians and Chinese gave me extra room and gazed on me in stunned amazement. Even the guard did nothing as I walked past him and grabbed the gates. THey all though I was a lunatic. I felt God in what I was doing and so I continued, telling Him silently if He didn't move to open the gates I'd die of embarrassment. Either way my problem [...]

    19. This brilliant book should be better known and utilized. One one level, it is a very gripping account of missionary autobiography -- carrying the reader along, the author almost always succeeds in making the reader *feel* as well as mentally comprehend the story. For that alone, it is worth reading -- to experience a thick slice of a very adventurous family's life in seeking to understand and obey God's will for them, often in circumstances beyond what many reading it in English, have ever or ar [...]

    20. OK, a quick disclosure, I know Brian from his days in YWAM. But this review is not colored by that friendship. What Brian and the team saw God do in Mongolia is truly historical in terms of missions. This book is an important case study on the goals and methods of cross-cultural missions. Prior to the team's work, there were very few Christians in the country. Afterward, there was a healthy reproducing church (sending teams to plant other church-planting churches around the world). That is the p [...]

    21. This book is a personal account from a missionary of a church multiplication movement that took place in Mongolia. As a missionary myself, this was a book of much interest, but I imagine it would not capture the attention of many other people. With that said, it was mostly well written apart from the occasional drifting about in the story. Being a personal account, it was incredibly moving at times, often funny, and very transparent. A couple things I would have liked to see: 1. perhaps an appen [...]

    22. What I do and church planting movements have something in common; both aredifficulty to explain succinctly. Brian Hogan’s autobiographical account of his family’s adventures in moving to East Asia and planting multiplying churches there now provide me a reference point for CP movements. No dry, textbook explanations here. In fact, the beginnings of the movement, as described by Hogan, defied church planting theory initially. But the Hogans and their team of expatriate and local workers perse [...]

    23. There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub is a remarkable book. It tells the story of the small team of missionaries that God used to plant a dynamic indigenous church in Mongolia. In the course of a few years, Mongolia went from being a nation with hardly any Christians to a nation with its own church planting church. Brian tells the story with wisdom, humor, and transparency about the struggles and loss his own family experienced. The book is a must for anyone with any interest in church planting becaus [...]

    24. 1.5 stars.I've read a lot of missionary books for school this year and most of them were very good.This, however, wasn't. And I recommend Floyd McClung's "Living on the Devil's Doorstep" as a better alternative if you want to read about God's work through missionaries. This book was bad. Very badly written, incredibly boring, bad layout, and I felt like more time was spent on the Hogan family instead of what God was doing in Mongolia. Don't get me wrong, I usually love hearing about the family a [...]

    25. This is a story of a family who went to Mongolia to do mission work and plant a church. I have a friend who went to Mongolia about a year ago to teach English & she asked me to read this book. What this family went through, how they learned to work within a different culture,what God taught them, and how they learned to love the people all serve to make this book an interesting read. Having a friend who is in Mongolia now made it a bit more personal for me, but a good read for anyone who wan [...]

    26. This was a truly inspiring book. It should be required reading for those serving in cross-cultural missions. Setting out to help birth an indigenous Mongolian expression of the body of Christ led to Brian Hogan and his fellow missionaries being able to move on to the next assignment after a little more than 3 years. This model follows in the footsteps of Paul's work throughout the Mediterranean. The book was also entertaining. The only thing that kept it from getting 5 stars was the editing, wit [...]

    27. I didn't find this book engaging at the beginning and wanted to put the book down as I felt I couldn't relate to their spiritual walk. They were listening to God but their life looked very chaotic to me. I persisted because I wanted to discover the meaning of the title, "There's a Sheep in my Bathtub." I'm glad I kept going as I began to identify with them as peers in a journey that is challenging and rewarding. They are real and vulnerable all the way through the book, living out their faith wi [...]

    28. This account of a family that helps pioneer taking the gospel to a remote town in Mongolia left me identifying with many aspects of cultural adaptation, more aware of how easy my life is, and in awe of God's power to build His Church without all the trappings we Westerners think are necessary. If you're looking for a modern day pioneer missionary story that will leave you laughing and crying, this is for you.

    29. I had been waiting to read this book. I so admire this author, his humor, his sacrifice, his vision. Fun to read about those early days when Mongolia opened to the West. He does not candy coat his experience. I also marveled at how he experienced God's leading. The opening story, his faith there in Beijing in the cold, arriving in Ulanbaator in the dead of window.uly amazing and I am trying not to use that word.

    30. such a frank portrayal of the overseas church planting experience. it makes me breathless with wonder when i see what the Holy Spirit can do with such imperfect vessels. i laughed and cried and prayed along with this family as their epic journey unfolded. i gained both practical knowledge and spiritual insight from their examples.

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