Oops! I fell in love!

Oops I fell in love The novel talks about the small town to a metropolitan transition of a geeky wimp Kanav and his intimidating but interesting interactions with the fairer sex together with a happening college life w

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  • Title: Oops! I fell in love!
  • Author: Harsh Snehanshu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The novel talks about the small town to a metropolitan transition of a geeky wimp, Kanav and his intimidating but interesting interactions with the fairer sex, together with a happening college life with his three friends Life takes a whacky turn for him, when he loses his heart to the gorgeous Tanya, who s way out of his league After a lot of efforts on his end, his lovThe novel talks about the small town to a metropolitan transition of a geeky wimp, Kanav and his intimidating but interesting interactions with the fairer sex, together with a happening college life with his three friends Life takes a whacky turn for him, when he loses his heart to the gorgeous Tanya, who s way out of his league After a lot of efforts on his end, his love life just starts to bloom, but wait a minute, there awaits an OOPS

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    1. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!ALL OF THIS INDIAN WRITERS HAVE TAKEN THE MOST COMMON SUBJECT TO START THEIR WRITING 'COLLEGE ROMANCE + IIT' PLEASE THINK OF SOME OTHER INNOVATIVE IDEAS LIKE SPY THRILLERS OR FICTION OR HORRORi very much liked vish dhamija's book 'NOTHING LASTS FOREVER' and “If I Pretend I Am Sorry! Will You Pretend And Forgive Me?” by Prashant Sharma these books are some innovative ideas and quite different from the stories that many budding writers are using

    2. Interesting how among the numerous labels GR users have tagged this with, 'disgusting-novels' is one. That should speak for itself.In response to a question like 'why on earth would you read something with such a horrible title?', I'd say that I only managed to read about 3 pages of this drivel (Oh wait calling this drivel will be an affront to the term 'drivel') before being seized by a mad urge to hurl the book right out the window. I reined in that urge somehow since I harbor a lot of respect [...]

    3. I liked it!!!To say, it is just another comedy-love-story-of-a-iitian But there is something in the latter part of the story, it mesmerised me and I didnt leave the book till I complet reading it Now I am going to read the so called sequel of the book - Ouch! that "hearts"

    4. Life and the value of an IITian can be known The story wazz quite interesting esp. the beginning itself motivated me to read the whole book. The book can be suplied with tagz such azz humourous, love story, emotional, romantic and entertaining. It wazz somewhat motivating az i found that Life & problems of 'Kanav' little bit matched with that of myn!! i lovd the performace of Kanav at 'Waikiki', temple, bus stop and finally at the garage!!If in d end, kanav would hav said " aunty m an IItian [...]

    5. A disgusting piece of crap We really need negative rating on good reads, folks I want to give it a negative 5.

    6. It was a nice book to read but i find tht end pages makke ths book interesting.but it need a second part or 2nd book to end ths love story bcoj it was kind of incomplete

    7. OOPS! i read this bookJust by sheer bad luck scrapabsolute scrap.mehow finished this nonsenseGod!! save me from these kind of books

    8. This book taught me never to judge a book by its cover. It was couple of years ago when I picked this bundle of paper up from a bookstore after reading the esteemed “the bestseller” tag printed all over its cover. I started this book soon and sooner it turned itself into a disappointment, a huge disappointment. The book is built on a traditional theme; a lad from IIT falls head over heels for a girl who is in love with life; apparently. The book explores the conflicts and complications which [...]

    9. NOTE:IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF, PLEASE DON'T EVER READ THIS BOOK.That being said, let me tell you that i maintain a catalogue for the books I've read and among all those reads, this one was probably the most revolting,boring,over-the-top(uhh!! you get the point i guess) novel. This was book due to which I stopped reading Indian authors altogether.I am ashamed that I have read(half-read.uldn't complete this outrageous nonsense)this book.Would have given 0 STARS if possible.A Note to the Author: Dude, [...]

    10. Most of the story happens in the first year of his IIT life. His poor choice of words and slapstick comedy makes you to lose interest. The fact that the plot will not thicken even after reading 115 pages of a 220 pages book makes you go 'how much more should i read, ugh" i got this book 49 rupees. It worth 49 Rs though. There is no story AT-ALL. In a line hero meets a girl in a party- both like each other- she is scared od her strict mom- he proposes- she accepts-go on 1st date- kiss- mom catche [...]

    11. I love reading love stories and whenever I see any such books with some good reviews on , I order it in no time. I picked this book only for the good reviews it had got on and by some bloggers but I end up disappointed.This book, ‘OOPS! I Fell In Love’ is about the love between ‘Kanav’ and ‘Tanya’. Set in the backdrop of IIT-D the book takes you into the world of IIT and IITians. Kanav meets Tanya at the birthday party of his best friend, Richa. The beauty of Tanya makes him spellbo [...]

    12. Well, I am sure of one thing numbers do lie. I doubt it that everyone who has read this book has actually bought this book. This one I found in my apartment, and don't actually who owns this book.Well, I picked up this book just to know how fast I would be able to finish it, I was done with it less than a day. The problem with this type of book is that I feel the only point that this books tries to serve is to polish the resume of author; not terms of a literature profile in terms of extracurric [...]

    13. Kanav, an IITian, who was lonely and anxious person, drastically turns into a confident and a social being; all thanks to his friend Ruchi, who he met in a train. Tanya, Ruchi's friend meets Kanav at Ruchi's party. Kanav instantly falls in love with Tanya and tries to impress her, and yeah, she gets impressed. Kanav proposes to Tanya and she takes a month to "Think" that she too loves him. (lol) Her mother, who is a strict person and doesn't entertain any love business, catches Kanav and her dau [...]

    14. i have have 3 words to describe this love storyce,sweet and oops storyhaharls would like to read this kinnda stories as they alwaz wanted a boy like KANAV(HERO CHARACTER) who loves u madly,make you happy and can fight with any of the problems just for you.is is nice story and i think writer could make it more better as there are lacks of spices in the storye end is not that much digestive and not described properly as well.

    15. Not A good book! I am horrified that a friend of mine could even suggest such a book! Stereotyped IIT+ romance that might be a success, but the story itself is very boring. I am very sorry for the book and whoever reads it!(Ouch! 'I' read this book.)

    16. this buk is favdis is the first buk i read till d last pagermally i hate luv stories but dis buk make me fall in luv.s so funnyn harsh snehanshu have given a lot of humourdis buk is super

    17. I finished reading this book. I liked the story a lot. As specially the continuity of the story. It was like somebody was narrating his experience to me sitting in front of me. Thanks Harsh. I would like to know the continuation of the story

    18. This book Is awesome. Cutee Very Cute Story.I couldnt just keep it off till I complete.Plot-Amazing Writing- Too Good.Overall-Very gOod :DMust Read for Everyone.

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