Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea Way down deep in the deep blue sea there s a lot to find I guarantee Come on Be brave Just follow me And let s explore the deep blue sea

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  • Title: Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea
  • Author: Jan Peck Valeria Petrone
  • ISBN: 9780689851100
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Way down deep in the deep blue sea, there s a lot to find I guarantee Come on Be brave Just follow me And let s explore the deep blue sea

    One thought on “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea”

    1. Plays on the Brown Bear, Brown Bear style of repetitive lines that change by one sea creature/sea element for each page. With a fun twist at the end. Illustrations are lovely.

    2. I also read Jan Peck's book Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea to my reception class while on placement. The book tells the story of a little boy who swims under the sea and meets different sea creatures. It has a regular rhyming pattern throughout the book, a perfect book to read aloud to a class. I feel that this book was perfect for reception and maybe even a younger age group. It would open the children's eyes to the world around them. I liked the end of the story when we realise that the ch [...]

    3. Will try to remember this next summer for my bathtime or ocean story time. Liked the ending and introduction of marine creatures.

    4. This is a non-story book that narrates a boy snorkeling and coming across different sea animals. Turns out that he's in the bathtub, but, OH! What an imagination!Anyway, I put this on my Interactive Books shelf because I would use the prose as a call-and-response book reading. For example:Reader: "Way down deep"Audience: "Way down deep"Reader: " the deep blue sea,"Audience: " the deep blue sea,"Reader: "I spy a sea horse"Audience: "I spy a sea horse"Reader: "racing by me."Audience: "racing by me [...]

    5. When you were little bath time was the best, well, as long as you got to bring toys in. With the right toys you could be anything you wanted; a pirate, a mermaid, a scuba-dive; with your toys and imagination it could be so much fun.Well, it’s bath time for out little protagonist and he’s decide to go explore the deep blue sea and see what creatures he can find.A perfect read for the little ones, right before bed.Rating 4 out of 5 Read@Book

    6. MOMMY: 4.5 for this book. Yen Yen picked it up at the aquarium and it was an immediate hit. The rhyme and repetition make this book interactive as Peanut was volunteering the next line by the second time we read it (3 yrs old). This is a cute story about all the things this little boy finds while he's diving in the deep blue sea looking for treasure. Cute little twist of imagination at the end. Bright illustrations without being overwhelmingANUT: He loves the rhyme and occasionally chooses to re [...]

    7. This book tells the story of a little boy who swims under the sea and meets different sea creatures. It has a regular rhyming pattern throughout the book, a perfect book to read aloud to a class. I feel that this book would be suitable for reception or younger. It would open the children's eyes to the world around them. I liked the end of the story when we realise that the child was only "swimming" in his own bath tub. I believe that a lot of children will be able to think of a time which they w [...]

    8. This book was a hit at an ocean-themed bilingual story time program I did in June. I loved the use of bright color in the illustrations, and the pictures are also big which helps when reading to a group. I used this book (and the other stories I read during the program) to build the children's ocean animal vocabulary. I'd pause to ask them what animal was featured on the page before reading the text.

    9. This was a great story about a little boy who dives under the ocean and meets many of the creatures living there, including a great treasure. It's not until the end when we find out he was really under the water in a bathtub and had found a coin. A great story to help children see the imaginative side of everyday things.

    10. I love this book. It has great rhythm. When I read it in a preschool or child care setting I will often pass out the different sea creatures for the children to hold up when we come to their part. The book works for dialogic reading. Also point out to the children that the sea creatures go from small to large and then backwards from large to small.

    11. This is a fun book, basic rhyming (mostly!) about a boy exploring the ocean. Very few words with lots of repition for early readers. Also super fun surprise ending that it's actually a tale about a boy using his imagination whilst in his bath playing with his sea creature toys. My 5 year old loved it!!

    12. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea was a great children's book! It is about a little boy who explores the "ocean" to find treasure for his mama and himself! He sees many sea creatures before finally discovering the treasure! He is so excited to show his mama the treasure he discovered! We find out on the last page of the story that the little boy was in his bathtub all along!

    13. This book is about a young boy who pretends to find treasures and animals while taking a bubble bath. The story shows the bottom of the sea and shows each animal that he finds. Repetition of words is used throughout this story, where children can sing along. This story would be good for children learning about ocean animals and connecting a science lesson.

    14. A really cute read-aloud about all of the "treasures" a boy finds in the ocean, with bold, bright illustrations and plenty of opportunities to identify some common ocean-life such as octopus, starfish and a whale and not-so-common to young onesa swordfish. Used this in toddler storytime and actually sang the book to the tune of "Fiddle-I-Fee." A great read-aloud!

    15. Luke just loves this book! We have had to renew it at the library twice. I think we might buy this one. The author has other cute ones too, but our little library in our little town doesn't have the others.

    16. A child meets a sea horse, crab, starfish, turtle, octopus, dolphin, swordfish, whale, and shark as he looks for treasure in the ocean. Repetition would make this a good choice for preschool or kindergarten read alouds.

    17. A little boy imagines snorkeling beneath the deep blue sea and seeing all sorts of sea creatures. At last he sees mama waiting with a towel, by the bathtub, where the boy and his bath toys have had a fun adventure.

    18. Colorful and lovely illustrations. Book can be read to a beat. Need to make inferences from illustrations to understand ending (four year old daughter and I had conversation about that). "I like this book because it has coins in the bathtub." -Alina

    19. This is a fun read-along with repeating text and cute ending about a little boy who is scuba diving (spoiler) in the bathtub!

    20. Not my favorite, but the rhyming would make it good for toddler or preK story times and the illustrations are nice and cute.

    21. Cute story of a young boy exploring the ocean floor. Told in a rhyming sing song fashion that makes for a great read-aloud for young readers.

    22. This is one of the few books that keeps all 14 two year olds in my class sitting still through the whole book!

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