Red Light

Red Light In a grimy flat in the city of Cork a burly man lies dead on a bloodstained mattress His face is unrecognisable seven gunshots have shattered cartilage and bone Yet DS Katie Maguire of the Irish Gar

  • Title: Red Light
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9781781856765
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a grimy flat in the city of Cork, a burly man lies dead on a bloodstained mattress His face is unrecognisable seven gunshots have shattered cartilage and bone Yet DS Katie Maguire, of the Irish Garda, knows exactly who he is Amir Xaaji Maxamed, a Somali pimp she has unsuccessfully been trying to convict for years.Katie knows it s her job to catch the killer But MaxIn a grimy flat in the city of Cork, a burly man lies dead on a bloodstained mattress His face is unrecognisable seven gunshots have shattered cartilage and bone Yet DS Katie Maguire, of the Irish Garda, knows exactly who he is Amir Xaaji Maxamed, a Somali pimp she has unsuccessfully been trying to convict for years.Katie knows it s her job to catch the killer But Maxamed was an evil man who trafficked young girls into Ireland to be sold for sex, and now that he s dead, the city is a safer place When a second pimp is killed, Katie must decide Are these vigilante murders justified And how can she stop them spiraling out of control

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    1. The talented Graham Masterton has done it again, in fact I think he upped the ante with this, the third installment in the Katie Maguire crime series. I didn't think he could better the first book White Bones but he has.What's unique I find about his crime books is the amount of gory, graphic, cringe-worthy kill scenes. You can tell that Masterton was a horror writer before turning his pen (or keyboard) to crime. I like it a lot, it makes for compelling reading, you want to avert your eyes but y [...]

    2. Katie Maguire is super cool, stays off the alcohol (few male cops do!!) is independent (too the point of driving her latest boyfriend John back to the States) and gets the job doneeven if it means spending 24 hrs chasing the bad boys wonder John went back to America! I did enjoy the third book in the Katie Maguire series and Masterton does a fantastic job of portraying a career minded police woman swimming in a sea of vipers (both the criminals and her own colleagues!) However 2 things annoyed m [...]

    3. You can see this review and loads more on my blog: bookaddictshaunMy first Graham Masterton read but definitely not my last! Of this crime fiction series of his anyway. Over the last few months I have read some absolutely brilliant crime fiction books set in Northern Ireland, specifically Belfast and Dublin and so was both excited and intrigued to read this book set in the Republic, in Cork. As a prolific reader of crime fiction certain elements of it can get repetitive and I really enjoyed read [...]

    4. Red Light Graham Masterton is a master at crime and horror. This is the first book I have read of his that is a crime novel, I have read a few of his other works and really enjoyed them. I was drawn to the book because not only is it a crime novel that I love, but it takes place in Ireland, which I am obsessed with.  A man is found dead with his face horribly mutilated and missing his hands. DS Katie Maguire, of the Irish Garda is tasked with solving this crime. Identifying the man proves dif [...]

    5. Red Light by Graham Masterton is a masterfully written gorefest detective thriller the likes of which not even this reader could have imagined. The attention to detail, brilliantly described characters, the noir feel in grimy wet streets, sex trafficking, all add up to an explosion to the senses. And the author knows how to use all us readers' senses so be warned there are some stomach-churning murder scenes that took my breath away, I had to close my mouth to stop the flies buzzing in and pinch [...]

    6. The third book in the Katie Maguire series, and the topic this time is sex trafficking and prostitution. While I found this installment to be less gory than the previous ones, it was far more emotional because of the poignant stories of the girls/women affected. It wasn't as suspenseful as the previous books as there was no real mystery to the whodunit, and the plot was fairly simple. Despite of that, Masterton managed to create another very engaging story that was difficult to pause once I've s [...]

    7. My introduction to Masterton's Katie Maguire novels -- about a tough, Irish cop. A mysterious woman is torturing and killing men involved in the sex trade industry in Cork. Predictable plot. Ridiculous dialogue. Gratuitous violence right out of a "Saw" movie. Oh yes, and Masterton throws in a sex scene. Not the worst thing I've read by Masterton, but not recommended. (At least no one is burned alive in this one.)

    8. Katie is investigating a series of local pimps being gruesomely tortured and murdered. However, it is evident that these men are pretty scummy as they are pimping out underage girls, mostly from overseas and really deserved to be killed.Then they see footage of an Avenging Angel.

    9. The third book in the series delves into the dark and disturbing world of illegal prostitution and sex trafficking. A handless body is found in an empty building in Cork, identification made particularly hard by the fact that the man's face has been shattered by several shotgun blasts. The only witness to the crime is a terrified and half-starved girl who can only tell the responding officers that the killer was an unknown woman. Eventually the Garda manage to identify him as a pimp operating in [...]

    10. 4 starsAn estate agent is showing a building to a potential renter when they discover a horrific scene. A man is dead on a bed. His hands have been removed and he suffered a shotgun blast to the head. Beside him is a young girl of thirteen. She is terrified. Meanwhile, Katie is visited by a care worker and a young girl of eight named Corina. She was adopted at the age of three to some really bad people. Katie hates the Dumitrescus’ with a passion. They are very bad people. The poor little girl [...]

    11. Another well written and enthralling Katie Maguire, which sees our lady take on the local sex trade and people trafficing. The book is largely better written than the previous two Macguire, and the climax is excellent. That said, much of the climax you could see coming and there is no real twist, and there is a sudden and almost sad ending, and this lets down the book somewhat.

    12. Mogę w pełni polecić cały cykl o Katie Maquire wszystkim fanom mocnych thrillerów, którzy nie obawiają się sięgnąć po kontrowersyjną i brutalną tematykę. Mimo że trzeci tom serii to lekki spadek formy autora, nadal wart jest uwagi.Cała opinia:kacikzksiazka/2017/02/c

    13. Yet again, a good story but somehow the mark of 'great' is just missedWhat I didn't like: The constant use of The SAME Irish colloquialisms unnecessarily. These can enrich a tale and bring the locus in quo to life but using the same ones over an over again in odd ways and times makes them mockingly incongruous;The number and relevance of strings left open by the end - as if the author himself had got bored with the tale;The new introduction of the ubiquitous boss who not only dislikes the detect [...]

    14. Got 3% in and gave up. I was already torn as to whether I'd read anymore in this series as I'd remarked before in my review of Broken Angels that it was a real struggle to wade through all the Irish dialect. Then on the very first page of this book there were two words I had to look up straightaway !!! (benjy and gawks). Then we had pigs' bodices-even the Irish dictionary I was using didn't know what the hell these were !! I got to "only a dooshie piece" and knew there was no way on this earth I [...]

    15. Second book I've read by graham masterton (I somehow bypassed the first Katie Macguire book) and the best way I can describe it is ok. The beginning and plot development are good. In my opinion this book delves a little too much into Katie and john's relationship But she does seem a lot more 'human' and you can get a lot more invested in her character. On the other hand the ending was terrible- there was quite a gripping build up that just never quite went where personally I think it should have [...]

    16. Story is based in Cork where I live - so it was good to know landmarks, street,etc. However I felt the story was poor.

    17. This was a cracking read- I really wish that I had read the others before, but it didn't affect the plot in anyway. I couldn't put it down.The story is a difficult one due to the subject matter and it's graphic content, however it's a story that needs to be told, and I marked it down due to the sexual graphic content which I felt wasn't necessary in all cases, and some people will certainly argue that I am wrong- but that is just the way I felt.The main theme is child sex slavery, which is bruta [...]

    18. My opinion is that this book was written very well , certain graphic scenes made me imagine the picture and all the blood , I liked how the story kept adding up . However the plot was very predictable , but that does not mean I did not like the ending , which I found very relevant . The book was a modern Sherlock Holmes without the mystery (at least for me) . 'Red Light' was definitely not my type of book , however I still enjoyed it which was a suprise , so here's my congratulations to the auth [...]

    19. Another in the series featuring Superintendent Katie Maguire of the Cork garda - who seems to get very involved in the detail of cases despite her very senior rank. Murders in the prostitution and trafficking industry lead to a serial killer avenging a dead sister. And the personal love life saga seems to have no connection to the rest of the plot.

    20. I'm not sure if I've gotten more sensitive or if parts of this really were a little too gruesome. I read that the author also wrote horror novels, which may account for the graphic violence. Nevertheless, it was an interesting plot and location, and I think I'll double back and read book one before rejecting the rest of the series.

    21. I could have done without the sex scenes and poorly written at that. To what end? Katie Maguire learns that "the love of her life" is leaving and the next morning, she is in the arms of her female Detective Sergeant. Do we really need to know that their tongues met? Who is Graham Masterton writing this drivel for? Could have been a good story without that! Ugh.

    22. Third in the Katie Maguire series. Good writing. I like the characters. The first one I read, Broken Angels, was dark and this is dark too. I'm not usually one for the the dark police procedural, but I like Katie, so I'm sticking with it.

    23. Brilliant!This was my third Katie Maguire book and all were of a very high standard. These dark Irish thrillers grip you and keep you enthralled until the very last page. I cannot recommend Graham Masterton's books highly enough. Bring on the next one!!

    24. Hated it, gave up after 5 chapters, there was a paragraph on page 22 that really annoyed me as being unnecessary.

    25. This number three in the Katie Maguire series. A brilliant read. Not for the fainthearted. A fast paced read. . Katie has to solve a case that involves murder, prostitution and white slavery. Mr Masterton is better known as a horror writer.d this shows in certain scenes in this bookYou get a sense of the mean streets of Cork and man's inhumanity to man. You find yourself siding with Katie and the forces of law and order, but also having a certain amount of sympathy for the killer. Graham's writi [...]

    26. This is another great read in the Katie Maguire series. Graham Masterton tells a gory tale which is compulsive reading. I couldn't put it down.

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