Absolutely Famous

Absolutely Famous Ever since Sydney Tannen met Drew Forrester her life has been a series of ups and downs Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her childhood demons Now she has to relearn how

  • Title: Absolutely Famous
  • Author: Heather C. Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781497429253
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • Ever since Sydney Tannen met Drew Forrester, her life has been a series of ups and downs Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her childhood demons Now, she has to relearn how to live with the fame that she ran from for so long Can her relationship with Drew survive the celebrity hungry society she s been thrust back into When a media scandal thEver since Sydney Tannen met Drew Forrester, her life has been a series of ups and downs Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her childhood demons Now, she has to relearn how to live with the fame that she ran from for so long Can her relationship with Drew survive the celebrity hungry society she s been thrust back into When a media scandal that spans three countries and two continents threatens to destroy them and the people they love most, Sydney needs to decide if she s strong enough to weather the storm that comes with being famous Absolutely Famous is book 2 in the Famous Series You must read Relatively Famous first

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    1. Relatively Famous sucked me in, but Absolutely Famous blew me away. I could NOT STOP READING. I ended up doing one of those stay-awake-until-four-in-the-morning things (thank God it was a holiday today so I didn't have to work, but I'd have totally stayed up and done it anyway). There were times I wanted to slap the heroine, but that tends to happen (poor heroines never can catch a break). I was thinking I could wait a little before I read the third book, but, dammit I think I need to start it t [...]

    2. Given A Copy for An Honest ReviewOne of things I was looking forward to in reading the second installment of the series was the connection the reader gets with the characters and twists in the plot and I was definitely not disappointed!I really liked how the relationship between the Sydney and Drew was not superficial and perfect, but was instead like a real relationship. This was seen as both Sydney and Drew had to face their personal and work issues, while still trying to work together to make [...]

    3. WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! That was one if the best celebrity romance books I've ever read!!! This book was very unputdownable, like really, this morning I was on page 20, and the next I'm finished!!!!! Just wow. This book had insanely more drama, gossip, romance (I swooned throughout the whole thing), fights (sadly, but that's what media is all about), and it was just Wow I can't even form the words right now for this book Anyway, I still love Drew, even though he can be scary when he has his anger momen [...]

    4. I really liked how strong Sydney has become. This was a very enjoyable sequel and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    5. Nice story. I enjoyed the characters. The story reminded me of what some children from today's celebrities my endure when they get older.

    6. This series exhausts me and I’m bored. First I’m not a fan of the “buy the next book” trap that this author has obviously fallen into. Second. These 2 supposed to be adults are immature and (as I said) I’m bored.Finally, if the next books were FREE I’d continue but I’m not spending money on this “buy the next book” series at this time

    7. *Spoilers*Leigh's second installment in the Famous series is another enjoyable read. Like in Relatively Famous, the writing is solid, the pacing is fast to get to the tension filled good parts, and the characters are believable and well-rounded. Nothing and no one is perfect in this series, which saves it from being filed away as another pseudo-angsty yet saccharine sweet romance novel. Here's what I love about Absolutely Famous: 1) Sydney pulls her shit together and actually deals with her REAL [...]

    8. Heather Leigh’s captivating, sexy story about Drew and Sydney continues in ABSOLUTELY FAMOUS. There are four books in the Famous series, this is the second book and continues where RELATIVELY FAMOUS left off.In this book, Drew and Sydney’s fame causes problems in every facet of their lives, including their relationship. Drew is always concerned about Sydney’s safety and at times, his overprotective nature gets in the way of their relationship. It’s not easy, but Sydney tries her best to [...]

    9. Another great story and #2 in the ‘Famous’ series once again told from Syd’s POV with flashbacks to her early childhood. Starts off pretty much after the events that ended the first, with Drew and Sydney away in Vancouver while filming his latest project. But when Drew’s over-protective nature makes Syd feel like a caged prisoner she jumps at the opportunity to take on a new Warren hotel project in England. She’s off to London to re-vamp another hotel nightclub and leaves a hurt and an [...]

    10. Fantastic! This book was incredibly good - I honestly hated having to put it down to deal with every day tasks. I've already downloaded book three so I can start it immediately. My warning to anyone who hasn't started this series is to make sure you clear your schedule, because these books are addictive and you won't want to put them down, I certainly haven't wanted to. I highly recommend this series.

    11. A Great Book 2I really enjoyed this book. The couple still dealing with their issues. The questions left at the end of book one were really brought to a surprise ending. But they have the question of how to survive within this relationship with their lives in public. I am really interested in the next book to see what happens.

    12. WOW doesn't come close!!!!This series is awesome!! I absolutely adore these characters.Sydney makes you want to pound the HELL out of the reporters. this girl has lived in such fear from the actions of psychos.I will be rereading these books for a very long time. can't wait for the next book.

    13. Loving this seriesDrew and Sydney are such a cute couple. I love that with all of the tabloids running stories about each other they know each other and they don't allow the reports effect their relationship. Love how Sydney is letting go of the old and keeping the new Syd around! Love this grouped of friends as well! Can't wait for the next book!

    14. Great AdditionI personally found this installment to be much more captivating than the previous one. It's nice to see Sydney grow from where she was at and at the same time see how protective and how much Drew loves her. The other characters were a great add to the storyline.

    15. Part Two of this nice series about famous people lives which my mind changed about the glamorous mind set for realizing reality is kind of disturbing. I love the MC's but Drew's temper needs to come down a notch. I cringe when he starts in.

    16. I loved this just as much as the first. Again connected with the characters straight away again, a few twists. The book starts from pretty much where the last one finished give a few weeks. But overall another great read & well written. Cannot wait for the next one!

    17. What a fun couple of books so far!This series really shows the hell that famous people go through to try to lead normal lives. How sad really, but how intense and interesting it is to read!!

    18. This was just as wonderful as the first book! Love Drew and Sydney. They are my new happy couple. They both have wonderfully believable flaws. I also love that it ends without a cliffhanger, but still set us up for the next book nicely. Once again, well done Heather Leigh!

    19. Well I just loved this book. Such a beautiful love story that just made me feel good. Great characters and pure infatuation. Saving each other they fell in love. Thank you heather Leigh for sending me this. Can't wait for the next two. Hurry up Heather!!!!!!

    20. I am done, I cant read this anymore. DNF at 52% I just don't like any of these people at all, and they are getting worse, they are getting more immature as they go and just so dumb! they do stupid things and Sydney is the classic poor little rich girl, I don't feel sorry or bad for her at all.

    21. Another 4.5 Famous Stars!!! Loved the follow up!! I hate what they went thru!! I can't wait for the final installment! Let's hope there is no drama!!!

    22. Another quick, easy read as the series continues. I like the characters, and the story moves quickly and interestingly enough.

    23. no cliff hanger endingLots of drama in this book. Pay attention to details. Can't wait to read the next book in this series!!!

    24. 4 1/2 StarsWatch out for my review to be posted soon at afterdarkbooklovers*An Arc was provided by the author for an honest review.

    25. Wow! When are the next books due out??!! I need them now! I need to see what happens with all the friends too.

    26. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! There are no words to convey how much I love this book and series. It's incredible!!

    27. Could not stand the constant ups and downs between Sydney and Drew. I was surprised to find myself enjoying the first book so I continued on to the second book in the series, I will be stopping at book two. There were times that I questioned if this would be considered an abusive relationship. He does not trust her, he tries to restrict her movements, restricts what she wears and he had her monitored without her knowledge! Of course all it takes is a few kind words and Sydney forgives easily, ne [...]

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