The Awakening

The Awakening Tara folded and unfolded the pink referral slip Her fingers made sweat marks on the paper I can t be pregnant I haven t had sex Lisa M Lilly s heart pounding new novel The Awakening tells the story

  • Title: The Awakening
  • Author: Lisa M. Lilly
  • ISBN: 9781492893219
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tara folded and unfolded the pink referral slip Her fingers made sweat marks on the paper I can t be pregnant I haven t had sex Lisa M Lilly s heart pounding new novel, The Awakening, tells the story of one young woman who finds her life at risk over a phenomenon she cannot understand.Tara Spencer is at a loss She has recently learned she s pregnant, despite nev Tara folded and unfolded the pink referral slip Her fingers made sweat marks on the paper I can t be pregnant I haven t had sex Lisa M Lilly s heart pounding new novel, The Awakening, tells the story of one young woman who finds her life at risk over a phenomenon she cannot understand.Tara Spencer is at a loss She has recently learned she s pregnant, despite never having had sex Her fiance breaks up with her, convinced she cheated on him, and even her parents and best friend doubt her story.But when Cyril Woods, a member of The Brotherhood religious order, claims to believe that Tara is still a virgin, she believes she has finally found understanding.The Brotherhood sees Tara s child as a possible new messiah that is, until they learn she is expecting a girl This revelation convinces them that the child is actually the anti Christ, and they are determined to prevent Tara from giving birth at any cost.As the forces aligned against her close in, Tara s only hope for survival is to solve the mystery of her pregnancy But who is her friend and who is her enemy Will Tara find answers before it s too late

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    1. I received a free copy of this book from Audiobook Blast in exchange for an honest review. This is it.I requested this book because it was categorized as horror with the description being - A young woman finds herself on the run when a religious cult becomes convinced her mysterious virgin pregnancy represents the first stage of the apocalypse. My mind first went to Rosemary's Baby. I loved that book so I thought I would love this one. That seemed like a reasonable conclusion but I was wrong. Af [...]

    2. Yes, I read my own book! Hundreds of times as I wrote and rewrote it. The Awakening is a thriller about a young woman whose mysterious pregnancy may bring the world its first female messiah -- or trigger the Apolocalypse. You can find it on for Kindle (or any smartphone, laptop or computer with the free Kindle app) and on Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

    3. First let me say that this is a DNF book. I've given it a chance and I'm at the point that the story is so far fetched with what is going on that I can't read it anymore.

    4. Lisa Lilly is a talented writer, and she tells a good story. I'd give this five stars, but there was a huge problem during a pivotal scene. **Warning** Spoiler Alert. When Cyril has sex with her, there should have been some indication that she was exactly what she says she is, a virgin. Her hymen would have been in place and he would know without a doubt that she was a virgin. None of that played out, which led him to call her a whore and a slut. That whole scene didn't feel right, even though i [...]

    5. I hate to give this book only three stars, because I pretty much loved it. It was great until the "appearance" of Protennoia (about 77% into it); then it was good. But the ending was absent. There was no closure, no climax, no wrapping anything up. I am guessing the author was going for it being open for interpretation, but it fell extremely short. I seriously felt like everything that happened in the entire book was pointless. That said, it was written amazingly well. It is difficult to write s [...]

    6. I finished this book, but I did not like it. The story revolves around Tara who is pregnant but has never had sex. The first months of her pregnancy are the seven longest months ever and the pregnant/no sex questions or statements are repeated way too many times. The ending was abrupt and rushed and leaves the reader with a dumb founded look on his face. The blurb about this book is very misleading. I will not be reading the other books in this series.

    7. Well-written book. I appreciated that the herione did not do stupid stuff to advace the plot. A lot of research went into the book about the ancient religious beliefs and the the possibility of a new messiah.

    8. I Blame My WifeHaving been told to read it by my wife I duly plodded my way through this book knowing that I was ignoring my better judgement.The idea of a female messiah is quite uplifting, I do hope however that her teachings and writings are a better read than this book.I would have been far better reading Rosemarys Baby or my old Dennis Wheatleys than this mishmash.

    9. I truly loved this book. It makes you think how would the world accept a divine pregnancy?!?!? I think this book would make a fabulous movie. Hope the next book is as good as this one!!!

    10. Review from the wife.I may have to dig up how I ended up with this book for her, since it's definitely not her usual type of book. Maybe I thought it was going to be more fantasy focused, less thriller focused?Anyways, this review is greatly abridged because my wife is very taciturn about her personal religious beliefs, and this is the sort of book that it's difficult to read without factoring your personal beliefs in. We spent two hours talking about it, but I know she'd skin me alive if I wrot [...]

    11. Tara's life is changed forever the day she finds out she is pregnant. It's an impossibility because Tara is a virgin! She has never had sex, not even with her fiance, so how can she be pregnant? That's something she has to find out, but with her parents thinking she is loosing it, her fiance breaking it off because he thinks she cheated on him, strangers trying to kill her and everyone calling her a liar, it's harder than you think to get answers. That is until Cyril comes into her life. He has [...]

    12. Some books just take themselves too seriously. Here we have a young woman who becomes pregnant, yet never had sex. So we have a virgin birth. We have a cult trying to make sure the birth does not occur. We have visions telling of a feminine messiah. We have a battle between traditional religion and this new concept. And absolutely none of it seemed in the least bit believable. Oh, and on top of all that, this was only the first in a series of books, so of course plot lines went unresolved and th [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book and enjoyed the approach. I think it is extremely brave to take on a topic such as the 2nd Coming and keep the storyline under control. The central character of Tara was excellent, not only because she came along as twenty something nobody, but also because she had severe doubts about faith. This made it far more enjoyable for reader such as me, a cynic who wants to read this as a character study than a book about being a Christian.Great things to recommend. Feminine challeng [...]

    14. Tara finds herself pregnant and still a virgin. Her boyfriend, best friend and family all reject her in some way. Almost immediately after finding out she is pregnant she begins a strange and frightening journey. People trying to kill or harm her are the norm. She can't figure out who to trust and who is only after her miracle baby.A female second messiah is a hard concept to grasp. If you are religious I would recommend suspending reality. Just enjoy the story for the fast paced thriller and br [...]

    15. I found it fascinating to see how a story of immaculate conception might play out in todays society. There was a lot of research done into different religions, but the book is not preachy. It is an exciting thriller that challenges the patriarchal religions. I liked and related to the main character. This is the first book in the series, so it left me with lots of questions and a desire to find out what happens next. I listened to the audiobook edition which I received free in exchange for an ho [...]

    16. I read this book for the author. I have to admit this is not my normal topic of reading. The story sounded interesting so I gave it a shot.I am unsure what my own religious beliefs are. The idea of a second messiah coming sounded strange. In this story Tara claims she doesn't know how she became pregnant and that she was still a virgin. Cyril comes out of no where. He not only believes Tara he gives her a reason for her pregnancy. Cyril claims there are people out to hurt her and her baby and wi [...]

    17. Review is on the page. This book made me think. And I loved the feminist, pro-choice, patriarchy of religion, over and under tones. But it isn't specifically any one of those things. The author remained absent and allowed the characters choices to be their own. I tried to understand the controlling factor of main character Tara Spencer's family/friends and am glad that I don't have people like that in my life. This is a challenging book if you are set in your mind about religion. But if you just [...]

    18. I was really excited to read an antichrist story, some of my favorite stuff! But wow I HATED this book. Tara's parents are awful and act like their daughter having an abortion is the same as her committing suicide. None of the people in the book feel like realistic characters. If the author was trying to emulate Dan Brown, she did a great job with all the cardboard cutout people in this book. Also NOBODY cares to mention when a classmate CONFESSES TO RAPE on NATIONAL TV and NOBODY SAYS OR DOES A [...]

    19. I loved the conflict(s) that the main character, Tara, experiences throughout the novel. She's got conflict on all sides. What a predicament to be put in! I found myself wanting to know what will happen next to poor Tara and then her not knowing whether or not she was carrying a child for the good of the world or for the destruction of it made it even more intriguing. This novel is truly unique and quite a read!

    20. Moved way too fast and started to lose focus and little under half way through. The ending is practically non existent and anti-climatic. She spends all that time running and hiding and gives birth right on stage in front of hundreds? And the red haired man just kind of disappears, no explanation given for it.This could have been really good, instead it just falls flat. 2 stars for a good idea that was badly executed.

    21. This is a great, thought provoking book. I loved the strength of the female characters and the paranormal and thriller combination. The only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars is because I have a son and was bothered by the general negativity towards males. The main male character was a bit too weak-minded in my opinion and it bothered me. All-in-all a very fun, intense read with an interesting premise.

    22. Great intro to a new seriesThe Awakening is a well crafted story that delves into folklore, urban fantasy and religious doctrine. This is a great intro to a "what if" on the Second Coming,A definite title to add to a TBR list for all you fantasy lovers out there.

    23. I really liked this book. while it had moments that I really questioned the sequence of events, overall it worked. I liked that the religious theme wasn't over the top so much that I couldn't follow. I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

    24. Imagine what happened when Mary discovered she was pregnant despite being a virgin! Surprise seems like an under reaction. And what did her friends and family think, with no precedent and no reasonable explanation?This book was a well-written thought experiment along these lines, in a modern setting. I enjoy seeing ordinary characters' reactions to implausible situations, and this book delivered. There were a few gaps of unclear motivation, but not more than I observe in the ordinary lives of my [...]

    25. This is an excerpt of the full review on camilleareads.wordpressAs a reader, I wanted to see the mother choosing her baby over the world. I wanted her to fight fiercely for her child while That would have been far more controversial than the idea of a female messiah. Give me a protagonist who would have used Cyril’s protection to her advantage, who would have rather let the apocalypse rain down than have her child on a dangerous quest, and a woman who would have felt guilt at it, who would hav [...]

    26. Not my typical genre. Thought I would step out and expand my horizons. A bit disappointed this wasn't quite as good as it sounded (which is sad because it really did sound like it could be a great book). There wasn't much character to the characters, the story kind of became wellfar fetched or at the very least it just fell flat. Not my taste, maybe I just didn't get it. I am glad it was a free book from Bookbub or Freebooksy.

    27. OK but not the DiVinci CodeThe book was an interesting read but it was not a book that I couldn't put down. I had read that this book could be compared to the DiVinci Code, unfortunately it did not have compare in terms of interesting facts, education, research or writing style. With that said, it was still interesting, especially for those seeking light, easy reading.

    28. Compelling, fascinating, as well!As I said, the story is very compelling. It seemed to push and pull me along without stop, because I could empathize with the main character. I kept thinking what if this was a child of mine or any others I know. What would my reaction be?Well written, likeable main character and a compelling, fascinating and fun read.

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