Judgment Calls

Judgment Calls After three years on the job in Portland s Drug and Vice Division Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid gets what she wants her first case with the Major Crimes Team Kendra Martin a year old runaway has be

  • Title: Judgment Calls
  • Author: Alafair Burke
  • ISBN: 9780312997205
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • After three years on the job in Portland s Drug and Vice Division, Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid gets what she wants her first case with the Major Crimes Team Kendra Martin, a 13 year old runaway, has been found drugged, viciously assaulted, and left for dead in the Columbia River Gorge Despite pressures to kick the case to assault, Samantha goes for attempted murder UnfoAfter three years on the job in Portland s Drug and Vice Division, Deputy DA Samantha Kincaid gets what she wants her first case with the Major Crimes Team Kendra Martin, a 13 year old runaway, has been found drugged, viciously assaulted, and left for dead in the Columbia River Gorge Despite pressures to kick the case to assault, Samantha goes for attempted murder Unfortunately the girl s story isn t gelling Then again, neither is the alibi of the suspect she ID d, a low life who insists he s innocent One thing is certain Kendra knows the streets better than Vice and Samantha s following her down every last one of them to crack the case But the road to the truth is dangerous than Samantha dreamed, leading to an earlier death penalty conviction, a teenage prostitution ring, and threats to Samantha s own life When the possibility of a serial killer enters the fray, it sends Samantha s trial into a tailspin, and tests her judgment in both her professional and personal life to the very death.

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    1. Judgement Calls by Alafair Burke is the first book in the Samantha Kincaid series. Assistant DA Samantha Kincaid becomes involved in a case when a 13 year old prostitute is found having been left for dead after being brutally beaten and assaulted. Samantha is a very capable and likeable character, but I found the start of the book a bit tedious and difficult to get interested in. It picked up towards the end and I enjoyed it overall.

    2. After reading and enjoying Alafair Burke's Long Gone last year, I was intrigued to sample some of her earlier novels.First up is the first entry featuring district attorney Samantha Kincaid, Judgement Calls. As I've said elsewhere, it feels like legal thrillers are a dime a dozen these days, so it's going to take something really interesting or a good twist to make a new one stand out.And while Kincaid is an interesting character and one I'd like to spend more time with, I can't say that Calls i [...]

    3. Alafair Burke has another series about a detective in NYC (Ellie Hatcher) that I like well enough. Not ground-breaking but enjoyable. This is the first book in her previous series about an ADA in Portland. If you really like legal procedurals, you might like this book. As a bonus, the heroine is likable and all of the legal descriptions seem accurate-which makes sense as Burke was previously a prosecutor in the Northwest and is now a law professor at Hofstra. She's also the daughter of mystery n [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Portland Oregon Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid takes a case where a 13 year old girl is beaten and raped. At the time, the girl was high on heroin and turning tricks to pay for it but both the cops and Samantha hear the truth in her story. The story takes us through the process to get evidence ready for trial and the actual courtroom drama.In this first of a series book from 2003, it's pretty obvious the book is written by a former district attorney and professor of law. Th [...]

    5. Judgment Calls by Alafair Burke was published in 2003 but it slipped right by me. I don't know how I miss these books. I was subscribing to Publisher's Weekly in those days so it puzzles me that I didn't read a book of this quality, a mystery that has back cover testimonials from Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Linda Fairstein, and Lee Child.Well, I've read it now and I'm ever so glad I happened on it at last. The author, a former assistant district attorney in Portland, Oregon, has written a cou [...]

    6. A rich, compelling story about a girl's rights with a seedy background of dirty secrets. Samantha usually handles all the drug cases and those related to drugs especially since it was her job when she was back in New York. Drugs leads to hustlers and other petty crimes. But she also works with vice to catch the other monsters lurking the streets."But while I may have lost the prestige of a federal prosecutor's office, I had developed a niche as a part of the vice section of DVD, prosecuting the [...]

    7. One more in a long line of novels featuring a female PI/cop/lawyeris is the first of a series, and the author's first novel. It possesses all the necessary elements: a smart, savvy protagonist(ess).a semi-hunky love interest/foila corrupt DAme honest copsd less-than -brilliant criminals. Ms Burke drew on her own experience in the legal profession, here.e characters seem more 'believable" as a result.We have here a teenage prostitution ring earlier death-penalty case that is "on the rocks"since t [...]

    8. "Judgment Calls" is a book that I really enjoyed !!! Alafair Burke is not only a wonderful storyteller I truly enjoyed reading about all the facets of Law and how she has entwined those facets into her characters and their stories, as I eventually found out, Alafair Burke is a former district attorney in Portland, Oregon hence her background in her characters. I enjoyed her writing so much so that I have even chased and read the other books in this series of her Deputy District Attorney Samantha [...]

    9. This is the second Samantha Kincaid title I've read. She's a likeable DA with bulldog detective skills. At the same time, she's a savvy lawyer who knows how to play the office politics. One thing I like is how the legal issues/points are explained without seeming intrusive to the narrative. I'm not a lawyer so that's helpful to me. This story uses a couple of twists I didn't see coming. It's set in Portland, Oregon, that has its own peculiarities.

    10. Easy entertaining read one of those books I could not wait to get back to this was her first in the Kincaid series so I am looking forward to the next book.

    11. This was a good read, the plot was believable, with a lot of twists and turns. Alafair has created very interesting characters, some are really deplorable, but then they're suppose to be. Samantha is a strong willed, single minded, over achiever, who has a picture in her mind of the perfect life she has planned for herself. Her high school sweetheart Chuck, would not change to fit into that picture, so she left him behind, maybe to her own detriment. Samantha finds herself back in Portland, wher [...]

    12. If you like legal thrillers or Law and Order this might be a good one. For me there was a lot of court room action and very little else. Kincaid is likeable enough but I don't think I'll keep reading this series.

    13. After reading Alafair Burke's second book, Missing Justice, I thought I would try the first one. Even though this book contained some interesting moments, it seems super heavy on the technicalities of the justice system. Yes, ADAs go up and down stairs and ride elevators to get to their bosses' offices and the cafeteria. Yes, they sometimes have clandestine meetings with police officers, but probably not as often as writers of detective novels would have us believe. How often young, attractive A [...]

    14. [audiobook:]The story got a little bogged down from time to time with technicalities of the legal system, but overall it was an enjoyable mystery. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.Unfortunately, my enjoyment was definitely hindered by the narrator, Betty Bobbit. The Australian accent that kept creeping in was really distracting. She did little to differentiate between most people's voices, and the result was that it was often hard to tell who was speaking. Also, she had a tendency to [...]

    15. I love Alafair Burke! She hooks me and then I can't stand it until I've finished the book and I know the whole story!! This one was perhaps a tad more grisly than I prefer (Everyone knows I'm such a wuss!), but well written and her characters are all so well defined! I feel as if I'm the protagonist, dealing directly with the other characters myself!!

    16. i wasn't totally drawn into this book. the protagonist was interesting and the case was interesting, but it just didn't absorb me. maybe there was neither enough humor nor angst.

    17. I have this problem. When I discover a new author, I typically set out to read their books in chronological order. Okay, not typically. Almost always. Alafair Burke is the latest in this practice. The benefits is often you read series in order (can you imagine not doing that, it gives me shakes thinking of doing otherwise), but you also can see the growth of the author as a writer. The disadvantages of doing this is that most authors would tell you their debut novel isn't the best representation [...]

    18. I really enjoy Alafair Burke's novels, especially her Ellie Hatcher series. I'm happy that I found another series of hers to enjoy!Samantha Kincaid walks into her office on a Monday morning and a cop is waiting for her to take on a case. The case is of a 13 year old girl that has been beaten and left for dead. The young girl is a prostitute with a heroin addiction so the leading DA on the case wants to quickly drop and dismiss the case. Samantha takes on a case and is quickly lead on a deep inve [...]

    19. Samantha Kincaid is a deputy district attorney in Portland, Oregon. She begins prosecuting a case against a man accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 13 year old prostitute then leaving her for dead. The case ends up developing lots of twists and turns. I found the writing rather amateurish. This is a debut novel. After I found out the author is the daughter of author James Lee Burke I coldn't help but wonder if that was part of the reason she was published. I won't be reading more books in the [...]

    20. Just because my mother was a nurse, don't expect me to have anything to do with the medical field. And just because Alafair Burke's father's writing takes my breath away, I should not expect her novel to have the same effect and it didn't. This legal mystery read like a textbook and had shallow character development. I do not mind reading extensive details to understand plot intricacies, but don't give them to me in a lecture.

    21. 2.5 starsNot horrible, but not impressive either. Kind of a cookie cutter mystery, in that it's formulaic and you can find a million just like it.

    22. I am a big fan of Alafair Burke and Judgement Calls, the first in her Samantha Kincaid series, is excellent.Deputy DA Sam Kincaid is new to the job and gets a case that seems unwinnable, especially since it depends on the witness id by a 13-yr old run away prostitute and drug user. But Sam is undeterred despite surprising twists and turns, bureaucratic interference and a complicated love life.

    23. This book is not my favorite Alafair Burke novel. It was alright and I will continue to read her work. The story just took too long to set up, only the last quarter of the book gets your attention. This was her first effort and Ms. Burke has become a very good writer. Recommended to Alafair Burke fans.

    24. Awful. The only reason it has 2 stars versus 1 is because that actual writing is not that bad. Although, the author overuses the characters' names during conversation. Literally, one exchange between two characters where each has about 8 lines, the male character says the female's name in every single line of dialogue. Where's the editor?? NOBODY talks that way. Read it out loud, and it's patently obvious how ridiculous and distracting it is.Another distraction is Burke's over-use of jargon and [...]

    25. I first learned of Alafair Burke when I read one James-Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux books. Robicheaux has a daughter named Alafair who has an unsavory boyfriend. It interested me that Burke assigned his daughter name to a character in one his books. If I get the chance I always ask authors where did they get the names of their characters. Their answers are quite fascinating. One has a large phone book specifically set aside to find suitable names for characters.Samantha Kincaid is the central c [...]

    26. Judgment Calls, by Alafair Burke. B-plus.Purchased on assette from audioeditions.This is a series involving an assistant prosecuting attorney, Samantha Kincaid. She reminds me somewhat of Linda Fairstein’s Alex Cooper. She also has somewhat of a love interest, another cop whom she’s known since highschool.Sam is fairly new to the office and so spends her time prosecuting drug cases. Then, she’s thrown a tip by a cop. A young girl was raped and left for dead. At the hospital she appeared to [...]

    27. We happened to have read the second book in this (Asst. District Attorney) Samantha Kincaid series first, and liked it quite a bit. In “Calls”, debut novel for both the author and Samantha, the pacing, the “voice”, the details, and the plot just seemed a little off. While the story about an assault was later complicated by a similar older case, much of the book kind of dragged along on technicalities – and Samantha’s on-again, off-again, relationship with a detective, unlikely on an [...]

    28. This was a good book, just not a GREAT book. If you want to know all about the legal system in Portland, Oregon you will enjoy it, as there is some courtroom drama as well as the different steps needed to get an indictment. This is the first book in the Samantha Kincaid series. Samantha is very likeable and was the star of the book.I was a little surprised on the outcome, as I didn't see it coming, but that was good. I kept getting the brothers mixed up though, so I think that might have been wh [...]

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