The Forgiven

The Forgiven When three women all cousins are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family they each discover a story from the past that provides insights and ins

  • Title: The Forgiven
  • Author: Marta Perry
  • ISBN: 9780425271414
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • When three women, all cousins, are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, they each discover a story from the past that provides insights and inspiration for their own lives Central Pennsylvania, current day Rebecca Fisher gladly accepted her husband Paul s dreams as her own, but now that he has passed away, she s stWhen three women, all cousins, are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, they each discover a story from the past that provides insights and inspiration for their own lives Central Pennsylvania, current day Rebecca Fisher gladly accepted her husband Paul s dreams as her own, but now that he has passed away, she s struggling to raise two children and keep her home Renting her stable to carpenter Matthew Byler offers a partial solution even though Matthew has a troubled history, having sometimes failed to embrace Amish beliefs As Matthew seeks to prove himself, Rebecca realizes how dependent she has become on others Where can she find the courage to grow and change Lancaster County, 1941 As war threatens, Anna Esch pours her experiences into her diary Her world seems to crumble as neighbors turn against the Amish and her love, Jacob, is sent to a camp far away for refusing to fight She can t know, as she grows from a girl into a woman during a time of trouble and grief, that one day another Amish woman will gain strength from the words she writes and will learn that she, too, can become a keeper of the promiseRST IN A NEW SERIES

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    1. It has been a number of years since I picked up a romance featuring the Amish life and I was particularly attracted to this one because it was actually two stories in one. This one was set in modern times, but through the device of a diary, there is also a story tucked in about what it was like during WWII as well. I'm not an expert, but I felt completely immersed in the gentle, appealing story that was parts romance and parts character development set against the backdrop of a Central Pennsylva [...]

    2. Marta Perry is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction. Her books draw one in and make you feel a part of the Amish community and her newest book the Forgiven does not disappoint. Rebecca Fisher is a young widow with 2 young children. She was protected by her husband and now that he is gone, she is struggling with providing for her children. While helping to clean out her Grandmother's attic she comes across Anna Esch's diary. Can she find help from another time? Matthew Byler rents a buildi [...]

    3. The Forgiven is not the first novel I've read by award-winning author Marta Perry so I wasn't surprised at how well written and thought-provoking the story was. Marta Perry knows what she's doing in creating characters that spring to life within the pages of her novel. One doesn't need to be Amish to face the problems that young widow Rebecca Fisher and Matthew, the prodigal nephew, do. Juxtaposititioned to the present is the old family story of Anna Esch and her sweetheart Jacob facing the chal [...]

    4. The Forgiven by Marta Perry is the first book in the Keepers of the Promise series. Elizabeth Lapp is seventy-six years old and having some health problems. Elizabeth is going to move into her son’s home, but first she needs to distribute her treasures and memories. Elizabeth has items stored in her attic that to her all have stories and are a part of the family’s history. She has asked her three granddaughters, Rebecca, Judith, and Barbara (Barbie), to make sure the items go the correct fam [...]

    5. This book was like getting a two-fer deal. There were two stories - one present day and one set during WWII.Rebecca Lapp Fisher has been leaning heavily on her father and brothers ever since her husband died two years ago. When her father suffers a heart attack, she realizes what her dependence is costing him and begins to look at ways to help herself. When her banker comes calling on top of this, she learns that sticking her head in the sand since her husband's death has only dug her family a d [...]

    6. What a WONDERFUL story! A page in and I was HOOKED! WOW!Thank goodness we have every book of her Pleasant Valley novels! I won’t have to hunt them down to read them all. Of course we don’t have every book of hers but I’m going to be on the lookout!And so should you!Marta Perry is a masterful storyteller and she will pull you right in!Wonderful story! Intriguing history! Excellent characters!Just an all-around GREAT book!Now I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on the next one! LOL!Sus [...]

    7. This book kept my attention from its beginning until the end. I love how the author used two different generations showing that decisions have to be faced no matter what era you live. The Forgiven is the first book in the Keeper's of the Promise series featuring three Amish cousins and their struggle to preserve their family heritage it also points out that no matter what you believe in some things never change and what brings a family together is love, unhappiness, and a desire to kept them int [...]

    8. I have recently finished reading The Forgiven written by Marta Perry. I feel a bit guilty because I should have finished this book in the Fall when it was sent to me~~my apologizes Marta. However, every free moment I had, I would pick up this book and relish every quiet moment reading this inspiring story and connecting with each of the characters she developed in her story. I felt like I really knew the main character. I felt her pain, her agony, her grief, her struggles as she tried to care an [...]

    9. The Forgiven by Marta Perry will keep you going as it did me from the beginning to the end. Rebecca Fisher sorting out family treasures comes across a diary of Anna Esch written in 1941. While struggling to keep her home going after her husband passes she is drawn into reading Anna's diary. You will want to read this book to see both generations come together nicely to bring strength and courage to grow and change. This is the first book of a series "Keepers of the Promise". Will "The Forgiven" [...]

    10. I really liked how the stories were told: how Rebecca reading Anna's journal brought Anna and Jacob's story to the 'forefront' at the appropriate times, and how Rebecca and Matt's story played out because of what Rebecca read about Anna.I enjoyed the characters in this novel: especially Rebecca and Matthew. Neither of them were portrayed as perfect, and I liked how they were each able to help the other realise that they needed to do some work to become who God wanted them to be.I liked how we we [...]

    11. I always relish the chance to read another of Marta Perry's Amish books, and this one was especially wonderful. I was instantly drawn into the story because of the compelling characters and their issues. The dual stories set in the present and during World War II made it impossible for me to put down the book once I started reading it. I had to know how the stories of Rebecca and Matt as well as Anna and Jacob were resolved. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves Amish stories as wel [...]

    12. Rebecca is helping her grandmother can to prep a move. Her cousins are to help but this book is all about Rebecca. My guess is since this is book one we will meet the other girls in more detail then. Rebecca is busy dealing with so much, helping her grandmother, the story she found in the diary, and adjusting to motherhood as a widow.Matthew is recently returned to the community and is trying to fit in and make a place for himself.Both of them needed to learn forgiveness and not towards others b [...]

    13. Ohhhhhhhhh, this book was so good. I absolutely loved it, every page of it. When I first started it, I was afraid that the two stories were going to make it a bit hard to follow, but it ended up being the exact opposite: they grew together, helping each other out while being their own story. I definitely want to read more of Marta Perry's books, now. If they're even half as good as this one, I'm already sold. The characters seem so real, like I've known them for years. It was just amazing from s [...]

    14. The Forgiven was a very good read. Marta Perry is starting a new series. Matthew has returned to his Amish community and Rebecca is still hurting over the death of her husband. She discovers her own dreams and Matthew is working on his. He needs to forgive himself and his family needs to forgive him. His secret comes out to Rebecca. She is helping her grandmother with her house clearing and reads a diary written by Anna. Anna is a young woman of the World War II era and it is a story in part how [...]

    15. This was my first time to read a book that had Amish characters. I appreciated the glossary of Pennsylvania Dutch words and phrases, which I used several times. The book had action so it held my attention. I got involved with the storyline and the characters. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good storyline. This is book one of the Keepers of the Promise series so I'll look forward to reading the next one in the series.

    16. This is the first Amish lifestyle book I have read. My 97-year old Aunt is especially fond of this genre and particularly fond of Marta Perry's books. My Aunt's recommendation was well received. I enjoyed the characters and story is compelling. Marta Perry's love of the Pennsylvania Dutch country and the Amish shines through. I am looking forward to the next book in the Keepers of the Promise series.

    17. I enjoyed this story. Liked the way the journal entries were interwoven throughout the story. Can't wait to read the next book in this series.

    18. Good read. As another reader said, until I read the book, I hadn't thought about how the Amish were affected by the WWI,WWII and other wars.

    19. Until reading this book I did not think about the kinds of persecution the Amish faced in this country during World War II.

    20. This is the story of three female cousins in Pennsylvania who are Amish. Each woman deals with love and the choices that come with it.

    21. This was a well written and interesting Amish romance novel with one plot set in current day and the other set during World War II. The characters were well drawn, and I was interested by the history of what a pacifistic society often deals with during times of war. I liked seeing the parallels between Rebecca's current story and Anna's historical one and the importance of family history and the knowledge one can gain from it. This novel has earned a place on my favorites' list, and I look forwa [...]

    22. I just love Marta Perry Amish books. And this one just became my favorite! A story in a story. To help the main character learn the lessons she needed to learn. And that story was almost better then the big story.

    23. I had the great pleasure of meeting this author and have enjoyed her books for many years. The Forgiven is a tender story of second chances past and present woven together in a satisfying and inspiring way that brings hope and peace.

    24. Really loved this book. It is the first I've read by this author! Enjoyed both the stories in the book and have never read anything like this before. Great characters and you really learn to care for them. I enjoyed it so much I ordered books 2 and 3 in the series today!

    25. Marta Perry brings readers a new Amish romance series. The Forgiven is the first book in the Keeper's of the Promise series featuring three Amish cousins and their struggle to preserve their family heritage. Readers looking for a sweet portrayal of love and loss will find this book both compelling and inspirational. Perry captivates readers with, not one, but two stories interwoven to create a great reading experience and proves that some things are same no matter what you believe in. Grief, lov [...]

    26. What a story tually two stories woven into one. The Amish are people of Peace, and when the wars come along, they take the commandment from God "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" literally, and refuse to serve in the military.A current day story, interwoven with a story of the war! Misunderstandings, disappointment, persecution, and nearly every emotion that you can imagine, along with happiness just around the next corner.A must read, for fans of Amish fiction, and/or Marta Perry.

    27. The Forgiven is the first book in the Keepers of the Promise series by Marta Perry. It is the story of Rebecca Fisher, a young Amish widow raising two children while trying to keep her home. While helping two cousins clean her grandmother's attic, she is given a relative's diary from World War II. As she reads Anna's diary, Rebecca deals with helping her children with the loss of their father and with her own grief and anger. She rents her husband's stable to carpenter Matthew Byler who has retu [...]

    28. I was truly disappointed in this read. I've anxiously awaited it's release, because I'm a fan of Amish fiction. Unfortunately this book was quite boring to me. I felt the pages were covered in so much unnecessary drama that I just couldn't get past it. Emotional repetitive thoughts throughout the whole book. I thought this book was about three cousins; but it actually is about only one of them. I'm assuming the remaining series will be about the others. Maybe had this book been about more than M [...]

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