The Future Widows' Club (A Bless Her Heart Novel)

The Future Widows Club A Bless Her Heart Novel The Future Widows Clubwhere a woman prepares for widowhood before the jerk dies Welcome to the Future Widows Club a secret society of women who ve been treated like trash by their no good husbands and

  • Title: The Future Widows' Club (A Bless Her Heart Novel)
  • Author: Rhonda Nelson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Future Widows Clubwhere a woman prepares for widowhood before the jerk dies Welcome to the Future Widows Club a secret society of women who ve been treated like trash by their no good husbands and prefer waiting for widowhood over divorce But sometimes waiting can be murder Jolie Marshall s husband Chris is definitely no good He conned Jolie into an I do anThe Future Widows Clubwhere a woman prepares for widowhood before the jerk dies Welcome to the Future Widows Club a secret society of women who ve been treated like trash by their no good husbands and prefer waiting for widowhood over divorce But sometimes waiting can be murder Jolie Marshall s husband Chris is definitely no good He conned Jolie into an I do and her mother out of her life s savings Now Jolie is sticking out the marriage with a little help from the Future Widows Club while she gathers evidence to send him to prison Then Chris is murdered and Jolie s the prime suspect And her alibi, a meeting of the FWC, isn t likely to convince anybody of her innocence But when she discovers the detective on the case is Jake Malone the man Jolie ditched to marry Chris she knows she s really in trouble Because all of a sudden, she s thinking that a life sentence wouldn t be too bad with him

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    1. I loved The Future Widows Club by Rhonda Nelson. It's funny to serious and everything in between. And, you will be guessing until the end of Who Done It?!? This is a book that I have on my keepers shelf.

    2. The book started out promising, then everything went out the window. If you want romance without realism this is your book.

    3. This is a really cute story. The Future Windows' Club is a great idea for women whose husbands treat them badly, but they have decided to wait for them to die instead of divorcing them. The members meet weekly to update the others when they have done something to make widowhood easier or to party if one of them actually becomes a widow. The characters are described in a way that makes you feel like you know them.Jolie is invited to join the club because it's well-known that her marriage is awful [...]

    4. Really enjoyed the twists in this story, the premise, and learning more about what really goes on at those bridge games and what southern ladies really do when they get together for ice-tea.Engaging and fun read.

    5. Funny book. It goes to show that if you feel as though ur husband isn't a good mate, so do others and have gone as far as to make a club about it. I was completely shocked as to who the murderer was considering this person seemed to me to be the biggest ditz.

    6. I enjoyed this one for the most part. It was light and funny and the ending was a surprise. However, the romance was sort of abrupt and some scenes pulled me out of the story.

    7. Jolie Caplan married Chris Marshall on the rebound. Jake Malone, her long-term boyfriend (think from 3rd grade past college) had unexpectedly bolted after her father died several years ago, when Jolie needed him most. In the 2 years since Jolie and Chris said “I do,” both Jolie and Jake have come to miserably regret their choices.Chris Marshall very quickly turned out to be a chameleon — one skin being the snake charmer, the other skin being the cobra. Chris quickly proved himself a liar, [...]

    8. This was a really entertaining book about a young woman who married in haste, and is now repenting at leisure as her husband of two years has swindled her mother and multiple other townspeople out of their savings, while cheating on her with abandon and as the book begins, being physically abusive. I know that doesn't sound promising, but the setting and the people are lots of fun. The town is named Bless Her Heart, North Carolina, which is a bit confusing at first until you get it clear that it [...]

    9. The editing on this book is completely non-existent so the typographical errors and completely missing words become a real annoyance and jolt you out of the tale at almost every single page. Normally I can see a way past this but with the frequency being so high it completely destroyed this book for me.This is a real shame as the story itself is witty and an unusual take on the crime thriller meets romance genre. With a strong set of characters that you wish you knew. Nobody feels stamped out fr [...]

    10. The Future Widows' Club by Rhonda NelsonNow this is a deliciously funny and eccentric mystery novel. All bases are covered and tastefully so, if I may say.Some lovely quotes:  " . he  quirked a questioning brow.”“ . looking as happy as a hooker on front church pew. ““She did a little hip-roll shimmy dance move”. The twist in the plot I didn’t see coming, may have  been obvious to some, but slipped through to the keeper in my case.Loved all the characters.  They all had redeeming [...]

    11. The Future Widows' Club is a delightful, quick read. With its endearing Southern ladies and their secret club, Nelson shows the readers how women can love and support other women in less than ideal circumstances. Jolie and Jake are obviously meant together, and the unexpected murder of her current rebound ("bastard," according to The FWC) husband, does go a long way toward helping them get back together where they belong, but the identity of the murderer remains a mystery until the very end. Tru [...]

    12. Surprising murder mystery in a quaint southern town!youThe murder of a man who wasn't worth anyone's tears. Who killed this sorry excuse for a husband? Not Jolie, his wife. But who? While absolving Jolie of the crime, she and Jake found their back to each other. But no clues surface until the death of one of the the founders of the Future Widows Club. Some secrets are worth keeping!

    13. The Future Widows Club Blesses My HeartAs a widow who was married for 44 years to a musician, I could really relate to Jolie and the ladies of the FTW. I occasionally had to deal with his infidelities (which didn't bother me) or his mixed up priorities (which DID bother me)!! I left him after ten years, but never got a divorce (long story) so I would have really enjoyed joining a FTW. I laughed, I was moved. I really am looking forward to the next Bless Her Heart adventure.

    14. The Future Widows Club was a very fun read, I couldn't wait to keep reading every time I got a chance. The story of Jolie and Jake is somewhat predictable but the plot line regarding her husband's murder and the point of the Future Widows Club is fun and different. If you're looking for an enjoyable, light read -- I recommend The Future Widows Club. Hopefully I will run across some more Bless Her Heart novels in the future.

    15. Ok, could have been betterI didn’t know this was going to be a romance, which doesn’t appeal to me. The author makes very like able characters but the whole teenagers in heat thing isn’t what I want to read about. She also needs a better editor, there were a LOT of typos in the digital version of the book.

    16. Wonderful Story, Great CharactersThis story was great! The characters were funny and so well-written. I loved Jolie and Jake originally. The FWCs were going and so easily visualized. Such a short review, and I apologize to the author for that, but I really need to put a review in. Highly recommend this sort, awesome read!!

    17. It's a good premise, an ok mystery, but miserable reading due to the poor editing. There are too many typos, missing words, and misused words to be forgivable (i.e. "pouring over notes"). Also, the author has every single character putting their tongues in their cheeks or their hands wiping their faces to express themselves. Not very creative.

    18. Brilliant, must read.This book made me sad in parts but also made me laugh so much. I couldn't put it down. The FWC is one heck of a support group that could only be in Bless Her Heart. The characters cause so much mischief you are sat on the edge of your seat waiting for them to be caught. Didn't see the ending coming though. Can't wait to read next book in the series.

    19. Intriguing storyThis story makes you feel sorry for women who suffer from being in a bad marriage but happy and hopeful for when the men are no longer in the women's lives. Awesome storyline and superb ending.

    20. Quick and fun reading Sweet story with good friends and love. Definitely light reading but nothing wrong with that! The editor was apparently sleeping on the job though; hopefully the next edition will have more corrections.

    21. Cute and Intriguing ReadThe idea of this book was very intriguing! It kept me very interested, some love story to it, a little mystery, a lot of cute zaniness to and a pretty good ending!

    22. Great ideaI know I got this book for free but a little proof reading wouldn’t of hurt. I mean if you take yourself seriously as a writer, I would think that would be paramount. Otherwise it was a good read and I didn’t put it down until I finished it.

    23. Great title!!Joliet and Jake were made for each other and from Third Grade they (and everyone else in town!) had known it - but as usual a spanner fell into the works!! I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the follow-up

    24. Definitely A WinnerPretty sure this is the first book I've read by this author,but I've pre-ordered the next one and checking out her previous offerings. Enough said.

    25. A fun cozy mysteryIt's a really quick read that's hard to put down. Very entertaining with good characters. I'll read more of them.

    26. Wow, not expected! Total surprise!Well written, thoughtful, and fun. Has to have a sequel! A total age turner. I sat up reading way into the night! Thanks I needed that!

    27. Unexpected EndingI really liked this book and read it within a day. The storyline is serious but also funny. Looking forward to the next one in the seriedr

    28. This was a fun read. The trouble the ladies get into the comrade they had was good. That being said for me it was missing something, but not sure what.

    29. MehNot badly written, but the premise was better than the actual storyline. I read it all, but kept waiting for it to get better.

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