The Lady in Yellow

The Lady in Yellow Tonight will be a howling night when the wolves will not be stillYou ve heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black now meet The Lady in YellowFrom an early age Veronica Everly has had a har

  • Title: The Lady in Yellow
  • Author: Alyne de Winter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tonight will be a howling night, when the wolves will not be stillYou ve heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black, now meet The Lady in YellowFrom an early age, Veronica Everly has had a hard life After the deaths of her actor parents, left at age five with an alcoholic aunt, she ends up in a the Catholic orphanage of Saint Mary s to be cared for by the nuns.Tonight will be a howling night, when the wolves will not be stillYou ve heard of the Woman in White and the Woman in Black, now meet The Lady in YellowFrom an early age, Veronica Everly has had a hard life After the deaths of her actor parents, left at age five with an alcoholic aunt, she ends up in a the Catholic orphanage of Saint Mary s to be cared for by the nuns Now, approaching her nineteenth birthday, she is a hired as governess to two motherless children living in a stately home in the wilds of Yorkshire Identical twins, Jacques and Jacqueline are also androgynous, magical, and clever enough to spook Veronica with their macabre fascinations.When she meets their gorgeous father, Rafe de Grimston, Veronica is both attracted and repulsed by him A mixture of tenderness and menace, dark secrets shadow his eyes, torment, and dread of his own nature.Belden House proves to be wilder than Veronica could have dreamed A mysterious bell tolls, wolves prowl the grounds, and under the full moon, a lady appears in an antique yellow gown whose eyes run red at the sight of Veronica.What is the nature of the curse on Belden House What is the source of the anguish that drives Rafe de Grimston away What of the old church, Saint Lupine s, with its wolfish shrine Who is the lady in yellow Veronica is faced with choices no one as young and inexperienced as her should ever have to make Shall she do what she must to save those she has grown to love, and destroy her own soul Or does she flee, and allow evil to devour them all Formerly a well received Novella, this Victorian Gothic Thriller is now revised and expanded to a full length NovelRevised and Expanded 2013

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    1. There are some books which absolutely knock you over your head. Some which make you wish you never had any other work so you could just read that book all day.This is one of those books. I can't begin to say how much I have loved this book. Every bit of it. The story starts off in a very Sound of Music like scene where Veronica, who never fits in with the nuns, is looking out for a job and is sent to Belden House. Now, this house is a place where lot of misgivings happen. Old and ancient spirits [...]

    2. A page-turning Gothic novel, complete with werewolves, visitors from the death and eerie twins. The author does a masterful job of creating a melancholic, creepy atmosphere.

    3. I cannot believe I stumbled upon this book for free. I was hooked within the first few pages - the characters are well written, the descriptions of the house - detailed and beautiful, and the suspense - palpable! It reminded me a lot of The Others, with maybe Dark Shadows and a little Rose Red thrown in there. It was fantastic. There was a little spot in the last third of the book where the action scenes and the emotions got just a little scattered, and slightly over the top (it was kind of "You [...]

    4. Beautifully written, lushly atmospheric and enjoyable mix of werewolves and Victorian Gothic settings. Jane Eyre, Beauty and the beast, werewolves, Vampyre by Polidori It is not horror - it´s unpolluted by foul language, gore, porn and other gross-out stuff. 4, 5.

    5. Interesting twist on old favorites.Interesting twist on old favorites.I gave this 4 stars as it was captivating and held my interest. I enjoyed the setting and storyline. There were a few twists that kept it interesting. I also liked that it was clean no bad language or adult scenes. I wasn't expecting an occult storyline so that was surprising.

    6. This is the second Alyne de Winter’s book I’ve ever read. After reading ‘The Shadows’ I wanted to read more about Ms De Winter. I bought “The Lady In Yellow” and I’m happy I did that. I’ve become a fan of Alyne de Winter’s writing style and I love the gothic alike worlds she so beautifully creates. ‘The Lady In Yellow’ is a modern day gothic novel with many references to my beloved Jane Eyre. It’s so well written and the storyline is so interesting that captivates you. Wh [...]

    7. I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall it is a good read. It tells a good story, but doesn't leave me with "feel good" mood that I like to have after reading it. I am not sure what I was expecting, since the gothic books today are just different from the ones that I grew up reading. I guess I just prefer the old castles with mysterious characters that you never figure out until the end. They contain the suspense, but not the occult, which was in this book. If you do not like vampires &am [...]

    8. Alyne de Winter is a pleasure to read. The visuals and rich descriptions of the Victorian mansion are esoteric enough to touch. In fact, fans of the book have hailed it a book that rivals The Others and Rose Red. As I flipped the pages of this book (and it most definitely is a page-turner) I felt as if I'd been transported by a time machine, a mere spectator peeking a glance at this story from behind a dark corner. I am enamored by the Victorian era, and if you enjoy historical novels at all, yo [...]

    9. I purchased this digitally on eBay and I am glad I paid no more than a dollar for this. I checked, and has this book listed as a gothic romance mystery -- a genre I enjoy reading. It is not. This a paranormal mystery with some romance thrown in. It has to do with werewolves that become vampires it just all got muddied. The way the father, Rafe was acting, leaving his children, a governess and two maids to face the horror of the full moon just made no sense. 3 Stars because the premise of the st [...]

    10. Good story with surprizesReminds me of Jane Eyre but it is not. Too much description would have liked more character interaction and conversations. Ending left me wondering if Savoy should not have been burnt she remains a threat. More info on twin characters needed to be fleshed out also others. Would recommend.

    11. Just okThe ending was tedious and so was the lady in yellow. Phrases like "get the riot act" not customary to the Victorian age. Typos and grammatical errors. Otherwise could have been a very good read. Characters needed fleshing out and supernatural scenes needed to be less conspicuous and forced.

    12. Too bad The story was captivating. The printing of the book is all screwed. Pages safe repeated making it difficult to separate everything. I was determined in reading it and kept everything straight for the most part. With correct printing I would probably have given the book 3 or 4 stars.

    13. That was a great story! I enjoyed how the love between Veronica and Rafe grew slowly and their love vanquished evil. I was a little sad when Jacques died and left Jacqueline alone. One thing I really liked about this storybody was "Vickie" or "Jackie" I like the true old fashioned names.

    14. Overall a good gothic horror story with a little bit of romance. Overall good pacing, though towards the end it seemed uneven - like it would go from slow to fast to slow again and again. Still overall a good creepy story that definitely get you making sure your covers are throughly tucked in.

    15. ScaryI have never read a more scary book. I don't believe in the occult. I won't read any more of her books

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