The Obvious

The Obvious An alcoholic father her mother missing since she was a child all Sammy has are her friends When their deceit starts to tear into their group Sammy must decide whether doing the right thing is worth

  • Title: The Obvious
  • Author: J. Cassidy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alcoholic father, her mother missing since she was a child, all Sammy has are her friends When their deceit starts to tear into their group Sammy must decide whether doing the right thing is worth losing everything.Friendships can be fleeting, family can t be chosen and the choices she makes will stay with her until the day she dies.

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    1. Sammy is a young woman who has been through a lot in her life and although she doesn't quite like her way of life now, she doesn't know how to change it. She struggles to find the answers she is looking for, but sometimes what is right there in front you is the best solution. Will she realise the obvious before it's too late?I will not say anything else, not wanting to spoil it for you, but this is no ordinary romance. The characters are absolutely realistic and their interractions are so lifeli [...]

    2. When I started reading it, I was appalled. Usually, when I come upon a dirty sex scene on the first few pages of a new book, I'll yawn and go read something else. I can't say what compelled me to read on. All I know is, that I ended up reading the entire book in one go, until 2 a.m and never regretted it. It's almost unbearably realistic, to the point where you start to wonder how much of it is a true story. It's haunting, and will stay with you for a long time.

    3. One of the things that indie authors keep surprising me with is how they work in the romance genre. A genre that is typically been rather stale in its methods of presentation seems to be getting a major overhaul, almost completely through the work of the indie authors of today.Although The Obvious hardly should be pigeonholed into such a limited genre, that's how it was described to me when I initially picked it up. Modern Shakespearean tragedy would probably be a better fit.This thing is fantas [...]

    4. A great debut!I first read and thoroughly enjoyed chapters of this book when it was a work in progress on Authonomy. The finished version is a credit to the attention to detail and high standard of writing that has been achieved. Firstly for the reader, it has a captivating opening. Then because the characters are written so realistically and contained within a plot that cleverly develops it makes you feel as if you are inside the story alongside the main character Sammy. This story takes you on [...]

    5. A good read. The sort of book that makes you thankful you had good parents (if you did). J. Cassidy has a way of drawing you in to feel for the characters and all the reasons why their lives run like they do. Difficult to say too much without giving the plot away.

    6. Not so obvious reality check which keeps you reading while your heart is breaking as you realise your life is about the choices you make.

    7. This short, well written book is categorized as Romance, but it flies in the face of every romance-novel expectation and trope. It's more a cautionary tale, a gritty story of wasted potential in which nothing good happens to anyone, and no one can do anything about it. Don't read it in the winter.Sammy, barely twenty years old, has been on her own for two years, on the dole and out of work no matter how many applications she fills out. Abandoned by her mother at an early age, she was nevertheles [...]

    8. This is an excellent read!!I was doubtful how this was going to move forward after a very raunchy beginning but I was very pleasantly surprised as it opened into a very dark and deep read. The locality of the story has been very well researched by the author as it is written about with confidence and a sure knowledge of where things are which adds depth and helps draw the reader into the events giving the feeling that we are there as things unfold. Added to this the characters are superbly round [...]

    9. When we first meet Sammy, we think she's hit rock bottom. That's only just the start. A highly intelligent under-achiever, a life full of promise has ended up on a self-destructive autopilot of casual sex and poor decisions. She has a tight-knit friendship group that seems to barely keep her on the rails, but as that friendship group fragments, so does her behaviour.The most positive influence in Sammy's life seems to be Kev, an old school friend who lives in the same building as her. They have [...]

    10. This novel is chock-full of F-bombs and sex with a constant undercurrent of violence, and I loved every word.On the pages without a sex act or a reference to one, you’ll find a twenty-year-old girl--Sammy--who is thinking or talking or being asked about sex. Yet this is in no way an erotic novel. Sammy uses sex. Sometimes as a weapon, but more often as a shield to insulate her from the internal damage of an abusive childhood, suffered at the hands of her alcoholic father who raised her alone a [...]

    11. Do you ever feel you want to scream "What the hell are you doing?" to a character? That's how I felt with Sammy. The solution to her problem was obvious, as the title says, yet she couldn't see it. We have all found ourselves in situations, though, when we couldn't see what was right there in front of us until much later. Sometimes we have a chance to change things. I won't tell you if Sammy managed to do that because I will spoil your reading pleasure."The Obvious" by J. Cassidy is a well-writt [...]

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