Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself Following the overwhelming response to Treasure Yourself Miranda continues to explore similar themes in her latest title providing insight on what she believes it means for young modern women to be

  • Title: Empower Yourself
  • Author: Miranda Kerr
  • ISBN: 9781401938475
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the overwhelming response to Treasure Yourself, Miranda continues to explore similar themes in her latest title, providing insight on what she believes it means for young, modern women to be empowered in all areas of life and how this can be achieved.For Miranda, one of the most powerful tools to facilitate change, both in her own life, and in the lives of othersFollowing the overwhelming response to Treasure Yourself, Miranda continues to explore similar themes in her latest title, providing insight on what she believes it means for young, modern women to be empowered in all areas of life and how this can be achieved.For Miranda, one of the most powerful tools to facilitate change, both in her own life, and in the lives of others, is the use of positive affirmations Here, she has written over 250 personal affirmations that can be used to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, harmonious relationships, fulfilling career and happiness When we have the courage to speak our truth, no matter how difficult that may be, we tap into the infinite power that lies within us Come with me on a nurturing journey I believe we all have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony into our lives and to share these experiences with others My wish is that the thoughts and affirmations in this book will help you to focus on the positive, leading you to a life of greater self care and joy To be your best you have to do your best And when you continually look with optimistic eyes, you empower yourself Miranda Kerr

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    1. And she does it again. I love Miranda's book, Treasure Yourself, so I had to give this a go as well. I have always suffered from low self esteem and negative thoughts, and the whole shebang, so picking up this book lifted some weight off of my shoulders. She just so effortlessly lets you know that if you are positive, and kind, and work hard, you will have an amazing life. It's not always as simple as that, but for me, right here, right now, it is just that simple. Positivity works every time. I [...]

    2. As always, a wonderful, inspirational book from Miranda. A great and short read, cannot wait to start opening it at random places daily. I love reading Miranda's thoughts on life, and hope there will be another book release from her soon.

    3. I loved the first book, because it was emotional and you were able to truly see Miranda Kerr in a different light. I expected this book to be great just like the previous one. It was great with all the affirmations and all, but man that was a mission. Lets be honest, and mostly this is for me. It's hard to apply all of them at once, when there's so many. It does inspire you to be more like her and it makes me idolise her from a stand off-ish perspective because of how healthy she is with her wel [...]

    4. I've always found Miranda Kerr a true inspiration, and her book, Empower Yourself proves how inspiring she is.Different from what I expected, each page of the book contains a life theory of Miranda and an affirmation. It's easy to read and allows you to get back to it easily whenever you feel like to do so.These theories are something we all know, but not something we all do. This book acts as a reminder to encourage us to treat ourselves better! If you are having a bad day, you can flip open th [...]

    5. Freaking AWESOME book I just want to scream at how this is a great little read. Felt a real honestly with this book it has some realistic affirmation that I believe helped me with my day to day. Its not airy fairy and has some pretty pictures in it as well which helps. I love Miranda Kerr last book "treasure yourself" and this is as equally as beautiful book that as beautiful as Miranda Kerr and her kind heart. Highly recommend this book for a young teen or anyone who like these kind of books.

    6. I finally added this book to , because it's been out for a month and was missing from the database for some reason. Can't wait to find it in stores!

    7. I believe this is a great book for young girl adults. It shows us how to respect each other and life lessons. I would definitely recommended this book to all the girls/young ladies or adults .

    8. (Read this review and more at Pretty Bookmarks)Disclaimer: I received a review copy c/o the publisher via Netgalley.I love Miranda Kerr. She’s one of my favourite Victoria Secret’s models. I’ve always been curious about the books she’s written (her books always seem to be wrapped in bookstores, so I never really know what’s inside) are about and so I jumped at the chance to read this book.Empower Yourself is a self-help book that leans more towards the daily affirmation, coffee table b [...]

    9. *An advanced copy of this book was graciously provided to me by the publisher to honestly review.*In “Empower Yourself,” Miranda Kerr’s follow-up to “Treasure Yourself,” readers are entered into a world of positive affirmations for young, modern women. Topics touched upon range from body-positivity to family life and everywhere in between. Each page is formatted so that there is a topic, a paragraph regarding why you should positively affirm yourself for said topic, and then an “empo [...]

    10. Title: EMPOWER YourselfSeries: - Author: Miranda KerrGenre: Self-help/ SpiritualRating: 3 starsThis is not usually the sort of books I tend to read, but I was drawn in by the beautiful fabric cover design. The design of this book, both inside and out, is the only thing I really enjoyed about it (given that it's not to my taste). To be honest, I was hoping for an element of this book to include a spiel about the wonderfully talented, successful Miranda Kerr, but unfortunately that was a let down. [...]

    11. I love the cover, the paper, the content, the pastel colored illustrations and everything about the whole book. I always felt attraction to hold then read the book whenever I passed through my bookshelf, hahaha. The book radiates good vibration (really) so for me it is a blessing to have this magical book on my hands. The cover color (my fav) and the content inside attract happiness, confidence and self healing to me. And I already feel like Miranda as my mom through the book, as it is such wise [...]

    12. I received a copy from netgalley for review. I liked a lot of what Miranda put in her book and I wrote down a lot of quotes from the book in my own personal notebook. I havent read her first book so i didnt really know what to expect. I thought overall it was kinda preachy on how she believes women should live. And it was a lot if she manages it thats amazing, I don't know if I could ever be that perfect. Maybe one day im only 22. I didn't learn anything knew from reading this book but at points [...]

    13. **I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.**This is a great inspirational book. You could read it straight through (as I did) or when you feel you need a pick me up or a guiding hand, you can pick it up and find exactly the affirmation you need. This would also make a wonderful gift for a new mom, a child on the cusp of adulthood or college or as a gift to yourself.

    14. This book is something that should be read daily or simply when you're feeling low. It gives you that motivation and the feeling of empowerment - yes, like the title - is actually quite remarkable. Alas, i made the mistake of reading the book in 1 sitting and thus i found it extremely boring, i merely just flicked through the pages like how you'd read a magazine. Nonetheless, if i were to read it daily or simply whenever i find the tim, im sure it'd be a wonderful book to have.

    15. Its about having the tools to change your life and the lives of others using positive affirmation , Through the writers own journey she has used yoga, meditation and prayers focusing on positive guidance, faith and visualisation. This book is a tool which helps you keep your life in balance, shows you how to a appreciate our one ness, forge relationships to benefit from one to another, to ask for help and give support. Just loved the book.

    16. This follow up to Miranda's first book, "Treasure Yourself," did not disappoint. There is less background and more affirmation in this book, and I loved it. May this woman spread her positivity throughout the world.

    17. Really inspirational. Has a lesson for everything in life. If you feel a little lost, do read this, and find yourself.

    18. This book is so beautiful. The cover, the quotes. Even though the things written are known by all, its a fresh reminder and looks great on the night stand.

    19. Nothing really surprising. Most passages in this book are common/cliched things we've all heard before. Some parts of the book got repetitive. Overall a nice short read.

    20. Encouraging and UpliftingIt's a simple book with a simple message: Be positive. Sometimes we tend to forget that life is what we make it.

    21. Miranda Kerr writes yet another powerful book for people of all ages. I adored the first one and how she would link stuff back to her personal life and I do believe that was missing in this one. Regardless, I loved each affirmation. I do believe that through affirmations you can create a different and better person out of yourself and these affirmations are a good way to start! Again, it could have been better by having some more stories or ways to link it into a persons life (I do understand th [...]

    22. I thought this was an actual book not affirmations. It's still very pretty and positive so I'm determined to look at it for good thoughts but I'd be lying if my Mum and I didn't laugh about some of it's advice like "Drink Water". #ThanksMiranda #LifeAdvice

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