Service Design: From Insight to Implementation

Service Design From Insight to Implementation We have unsatisfactory experiences when we use banks buses health services and insurance companies They don t make us feel happier or richer Why are they not designed as well as the products we love

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  • Title: Service Design: From Insight to Implementation
  • Author: Andy Polaine Lavrans Løvlie Ben Reason
  • ISBN: 9781933820330
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • We have unsatisfactory experiences when we use banks, buses, health services and insurance companies They don t make us feel happier or richer Why are they not designed as well as the products we love to use such as an Apple iPod or a BMW The developed world has moved beyond the industrial mindset of products and the majority of products that we encounter are actualWe have unsatisfactory experiences when we use banks, buses, health services and insurance companies They don t make us feel happier or richer Why are they not designed as well as the products we love to use such as an Apple iPod or a BMW The developed world has moved beyond the industrial mindset of products and the majority of products that we encounter are actually parts of a larger service network These services comprise people, technology, places, time and objects that form the entire service experience In most cases some of the touchpoints are designed, but in many situations the service as a complete ecology just happens and is not consciously designed at all, which is why they don t feel like iPods or BMWs One of the goals of service design is to redress this imbalance and to design services that have the same appeal and experience as the products we love, whether it is buying insurance, going on holiday, filling in a tax return, or having a heart transplant Another important aspect of service design is its potential for design innovation and intervention in the big issues facing us, such as transport, sustainability, government, finance, communications and healthcare Given that we live in a service and information age, a practical, thoughtful book about how to design better services is urgently needed.

    One thought on “Service Design: From Insight to Implementation”

    1. Service Design: From Insight to Implementation is a good book that provides a survey of the state of service design. The challenge is that the book is a general survey where the gap in the current service design literature is in the next step forward, an approach based on how things are done. For context-- if you compare service design to it's interaction design counter part. This book would be the equivalent of "Designing for Interaction" by Dan Saffer. A good overview, but in this case: This i [...]

    2. Where "everything about service design" is A and "everything I already knew about UX design" is B, this was A union B. I wish it had been A complement B. But the important thing is that I finally finished this book.

    3. I struggled to rate this book. It was kind of a dry read, taking me over three months to finish! I did, however, find myself agreeing strongly with many of the statements in it, and I've folded the bottom corner of many pages for future reference, so I must have taken quite a lot from it. On the positive side, I loved the introductory chapters, and the sections on measurement, and service design as a means for socioeconomic change. Those were really useful and powerful, and reinforced my passion [...]

    4. Good starting point!Service design does, ideally work at the strategic business level, connecting business propositions with the details of how they will be delivered.Designing service sounds like a mix of marketing, operations management, IT, facilities management, organization design, and human resources, with a bit of change management thrown in.The difference between service design and product or UX design, for example, is that the number of stakeholders we are designing for is usually large [...]

    5. I came across this book when it was listed with the London UX Book club, and I now incorporate service design principles into my professional practice as a product manager/developer/designer.In particular the section about service design blueprints and the various 'probes' available for understading users of a service were particularly useful. Recommended.

    6. Kurczy, ta książka jest bardzo nierówna. Ma rozdziały, które sa niezłe, ma tez takie, które sa spektakularnym bullshitem. Podsumowując, lektura tej publikacji nie jest czasem stracony i kilku ciekawych rzeczy, można sie dowiedzieć. Nie zmienia to faktu, ze wiele tez i propozycji jest przedstawionych w różowych okularach.

    7. Good read for deepening understanding of service designGoing beyond This Is Service Design Thinking, this provides more of a guide to thinking through the business context and problems of service design. It's not chock full of tools and techniques, but it does include good examples throughout the book. I appreciated the section on measurement the most.

    8. Great introduction to Service Design and user-centered focus on Service rather than products. A must read for all developers and UX Designers.

    9. A nice introduction for understanding the new study with casesDesign Thinking, Human Centered Design, Service Design, Agile, Growth Hackingtually they are coming from similar root and evolve into (slightly) different disciplines. If you want to grasp a whole picture of the concept and methodology with limited time, this small book is worthy to give a try. To me, the most valuable part is the whole case study in chapter one concerning the insurance industry and the first few chapters discussing a [...]

    10. It's a good book to learn more and get inspired about service design. The authors bring examples and try to explain every point in detail. There is also a list of materials for additional research as well as plenty of ideas. Highly recommended to all interested in design and especially in service and experience design.

    11. Pretty good introduction to the subject. A bit to much of case studies. With examples in Norwegian that even I, as a Swede, were struggling to understand.Appreciated "The Triple Line" part of measuring.

    12. A good introduction to the topic. I like the diagram they provide illustrating how it works and turns the org stovepipe on it's side. Enjoyed some of the case studies too.

    13. Great book. Very practical with techniques, examples and real-world cases.If you're a designer, there's no reason not to read it.

    14. Very good and practical book on Service Design. Put 4 stars only because of Chapter I, which is a bit boring.

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