Follow the Saint

Follow the Saint Three novelettes herald the exploits of Simon Templar a modern day Robin Hood The first of they three is a spy story the second a mystery and the third is a caper

  • Title: Follow the Saint
  • Author: Leslie Charteris
  • ISBN: 9780330028349
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three novelettes herald the exploits of Simon Templar, a modern day Robin Hood The first of they three is a spy story, the second a mystery, and the third is a caper.

    One thought on “Follow the Saint”

    1. Originally published on my blog here in October 2000.After the anti-Fascist outburst of The Saint Plays with Fire, Leslie Charteris' next published Saint book is a collection of three stories (previously published in magazines) which are typical of an earlier period in the development of Simon Templar. Pretty average parts of the series they are too, being not particularly memorable but of a reasonable standard.The first story, Miracle Tea, is the most interesting, and from the start revels in t [...]

    2. I'd never read a Saint book before. It wasn't for me. When the Saint's henchman blows someone's brains out, then tells a joke, it puts me off. There are a couple of comic situations, but I don't feel the stories hold up.I did love the form factor and design of the book.

    3. Written surprisingly early - 1929, and surprisingly amoral. A hapless bank manager is steadily coshed to death as the antihero, his girlfriend and his thug try to rob some bankrobbers. I wonder what level of moral panic this series caused at the time

    4. Much better than the previous: instead of a single novel, with a pulp-style villain, this book comprises three novellas, which is a better format for the Saint's adventures.

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