The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter This handsome edition brings all of Beatrix Potter s tales and verses together in one book Each story is complete and unabridged and all the original illustrations both color and black and white

  • Title: The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
  • Author: Beatrix Potter
  • ISBN: 9780723247609
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This handsome edition brings all of Beatrix Potter s 23 tales and verses together in one book Each story is complete and unabridged, and all the original illustrations, both color and black and white, are included Potter s tales were often connected with real people, places and animals, so each story has a brief introductory note about its history As an added bonus, TheThis handsome edition brings all of Beatrix Potter s 23 tales and verses together in one book Each story is complete and unabridged, and all the original illustrations, both color and black and white, are included Potter s tales were often connected with real people, places and animals, so each story has a brief introductory note about its history As an added bonus, The Complete Tales also includes four other works by Potter, which remained unpublished in her lifetime As part of Peter Rabbit s centennial celebration, the first printing of The Complete Tales will be published with a limited edition lithograph inside.

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    1. Don't let this innocent looking book fool you! It's all death and despair right from the get-go when a mother bunny relates with such nonchalant callousness the death of their father to four impressionable young rabbits. One suspects she wasn't all that sad to see the old man go. Perhaps he was beating her. Love the fantastic illustrations! Sure they border on Kinkadian quaintness and might be too cute for their own good, but without them most of these stories quite frankly never would've been r [...]

    2. The classic stories really do stand the test of time. I've read these aloud to my children over and over. Even my 7 year old boy loves them. They love the pictures, and the stories are fun and easy to follow for all ages. I've always loved THE TALE OF TWO BAD MICE best, but my son tells me that THE TALE OF THE FLOPSY BUNNIES is best, because they're so lazy and sleepy they almost get eaten.2017: I don't think any of the illustrations could be better than the expression on Tom Kitten's face when [...]

    3. PRELUDE;A few weeks ago went to see the film of the Royal Ballet dancing several Tales of Beatrix Potter. The ballet choreographed by Frederick; with music, really delightful, by John Lanchbery, was first made into a film some years ago.This recent production was filmed in the actual theatre.There were only two of us in the movie theatre.I was sitting right at the back and was sorely tempted to get up and dance to my heart's content across the large open area behind the last row of seats. I didn [...]

    4. Ok, no, I didn't read the whole book, not even all the ones I didn't know before. After all, they're at Project Gutenberg, so I can read them on my tablet at any time. But I picked this up at the library to have an idea of just how prolific Potter (second cousin's great-aunt of Harry?) was. And I have to admit, the variety of what she created is more than I realized, and the quantity less. I'm finding that I'm enjoying the ones that are not so cutesy bunny more than those that are. The Tale of M [...]

    5. I finally got around to reading Beatrix Potter.I love Beatrix Potter. Just a children's author, not bloody likely. What doesn't she cover? Class, environment, animal rights, economic theory.And those pictures.There are three levels to Potter - (1) children (2) adult (3) artist.

    6. Ilustracije su famozne, a price i ne bas (izuzev tri bas predivne). Iznenaduje me njezina beskompromisnost u oslikavanju seoskih prizora s obzirom na njezne ilustracije. (Neki ostanu traumatizirani, netko bez repa, brkova ili mrkve, nekome pojedu djecu, a netko zavrsi u piti). Jedna od prica mi je bas bila jako strasna, sto nisam ocekivalaAli ovo je ljubav <3" Sam macak bio je osujecen u ljubavi. Njegov mrzovoljni i mracni svjetonazor djelomicno je bio posljedica razdvojenosti od sove. Ta mil [...]

    7. I did not read these gorgeous tales when I was a child. I have no nostalgia for Peter Rabbit and his friends. But oh, how I wish I had! How I wish I had read about the wonderful rabbit in his lovely blue jacket with shiny golden buttons and his tiny pair of shoes. How I wish I had lost myself in Beatrix Potter's wonderful, pastel-coloured water-paintings and gasped of the wickedness and cunning of Tommy Brock, and sighed with delight with each happy ending, each last word wrapping up the story i [...]

    8. Beatrix Potter's Complete Tales holds a very dear place in my heart. This collection has never lost its popularity. Beatrix Potter's first story in 1902, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was published in a small edition by Frederick Warne, within a year it was an instant best seller. To this day the appeal of the tales is just as strong.The animals seem to almost take on human personalities. In fact, these magical stories are often connected with real people, places or animals. Stories that involve an [...]

    9. Reseña completa en Hojas de Otoño2015 Summer Reading Challenge: #8 Un libro en otro idioma.Por mi parte mis cuentos favoritos son los de Peter Rabbits, Benjamin Bunny, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Timmy Tiptoes, The Tale of Mr. Tod y el que menos me gustó, que realmente no disfruté fue el cuento de Pigling Bland, que casualmente fue el mas largo de todos.En fin, es un buen libro para divertirse y distraerse un rato o para leerle a los pequeños de la casa.

    10. I'm glad I got to revisit these stories as an adult reader. I, as many people, grew up with Beatrix Potter's stories - in particular The tale of Peter Rabbit although I've read a few others too as a child. Some of the stories were quite fun - I especially liked The tailor of Gloucester, The tale of two bad mice, and The tale of the pie and the patty-pan for the writing. Overall, the writing wasn't what drew me in - it's rather straight forward as its aimed at a young reader. But I love Beatrix P [...]

    11. The Kindle edition included audio files which I didn't listen to, although I might try them at some future time.When one thinks of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit immediately springs (or hops) to mind, but there is so much more. Other stories feature rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, frogs, ducks, pigs, squirrels and other animals. Human beings usually appear only incidentally, and play a major role in only a few stories. The level of the narration varies: some stories seem geared to the very young, and s [...]

    12. The first book I can remember reading was The Tale of Peter Rabbit, so Beatrix Potter is very near and dear to my heart. This collection of her tales is simply wonderful. Between her stunning artwork and her entertaining stories, there is something here for everyone. These would definitely be fun stories to read out loud to children. In regards to this edition, I really enjoyed how before each tale, there was some background information on the story and what inspired Ms. Potter to write them. I [...]

    13. Bought in the Beatrix Potter Museum during a trip through the Lake District. These are stories which will be reminded your whole life. Not only this book is a beauty, but a visit to the museum, where all Mrs Potter's figures are life size, is highly recommended. Even as an adult I love to read the story of Jemima Puddleduck, mrs Tiddlemouse and famous Peter Rabbit. The illustrations are fine colored and detailed and done by Mrs Potter herself.

    14. I'm so glad I took the time to go through this book and become familiar with the work of Beatrix. It is a lovely book of stories and artwork. It is also a collection of fine stories for children and adult with the hearts of children. This is a treasury of stories. It's worth getting from you library.

    15. Isn't Beatrix Potter wonderful, a fine artist and a writer of some of the greatest and memorable childrens stories. Reading through this remarkable book you know it will never go out of fashion.Put your feet up make some muffins and buns, make some tea and enjoy.P.S. anyone who gives this one or two stars is a miserable sod and can expect a visit from Mr Tod the wiley fox!

    16. From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Childhood favorites and some of Beatrix Potter's lesser known tales, in a fresh 2013 landscape.

    17. Review written in 2007: I've been reading this aloud to my 7yo for a month or so, reading one story every now and then. The stories are presented here in chronological order as published with 4 unpublished works at the end. The stories are wonderful, darling tales of anthropomorphic animals. Once she married in 1913 she didn't have as much time for her painting and writing and I think it shows as the stories in the first half of the book are much more enjoyable than the latter ones. The stories [...]

    18. I listened to the magnificently read Blackstone audio version, and really, I can't recommend it enough. It's like having a British gran read you the stories before a crackling fire while English weather does what English weather does outside, with a cup of chamomile tea. Tennyson wrote "Nature, red in tooth and claw" and while he wasn't writing about the brutal world of Beatrix Potter, he could have been. Peter Rabbit and friends may be late Victorian yeomen and gentry wearing blue coats and sel [...]

    19. These are kids' books?!?!?! Seriously?!?!I have no problem with anthropomorphic personifications, talking rabbits etc, but surely if you're making the animals talk you should stay away from making them eat each other! It may be because I was 'reading' the complete series on audiobook, one after the other, but do we have to have one story telling the tale of the mice that 'live' in the dolls house when the kids aren't playing with it and then in the very next story have the dog eating mouse pie? [...]

    20. This was a read aloud book to Emma. I think I loved the stories as much as she did! I read most, if not all, of these when I was little, but I had forgotten much of the stories.Children's stories certainly are not written like this anymore. I love that Beatrix Potter uses brilliant and colorful language. Her characters and descriptions were simple, endearing, and full of life. The illustrations are simple but there is something about them that captures your heart. She was a gifted lady to be sur [...]

    21. You might think that the big words and adult phrasing in these books would deter a child's interest not so! Children love stories about animals, and even if they don't understand every word (or -sometimes - even the plot!), they enjoy the rhythm of the language, the pictures and the funny situations. Besides, reading books like this with more advanced vocabulary and sentence structure teaches them how to speak with more advanced vocabulary and more complex sentences.

    22. I adore these little stories which are always so delightfully engaging and fun. I used to make my husband read them to me when I couldn't sleep and my favourite was always The Pie and the Patty Pan. Just like Ribby or Mrs Ribston as she is known in the tale, my husband came home to a chicken pot pie that had just underneath the crusts, you guessed ita patty pan. Me and our children roared with laughter at the delighted shock on his face. Ms Potter and Iwe got him good.

    23. I love her art and her writing is very funny. I've been reading a lot of children's lit lately.s like The Brothers Grimm and just weird contemporary children's litis is a splendid volumeI hear the Cocteau Twins when I read her bookse places between the sentences sort of turn into Cocteau Twins chiming tunesually ones from Treasure

    24. After reading the little handheld sizes many times, we now listen on Audible narrated by Katherine Kellgren. She has a lovely cadence, esp on The Tale of Mr. Tod! We also like the Tailor of Gloucester narrated by Meryl Streep because the music by the Chieftans makes it extra festive & enhances the Christmas vibe.

    25. Beatrix Potter remains one of my favourite authors. I discovered her tales when I was about 7 years old and have revisited her stories over and over. I love the illustrations in particular.Having visited Beatrix Potter's Lake District I have become even more fascinated by her stories. The places in her tales remain largely unchanged even today.

    26. I simply loved Beatrix Potter books as a child. My favorite is "The Roly Poly Pudding". When we were kids, we had the complete volume of Beatrix Potter, little green books. Oh how I wish my mother had saved them for my boys! I did manage to get a similar volume off of Ebay, along with a Saucy doll because "Jim killed Saucy!".

    27. How do I love this book? Let me count the ways Children of all ages adore it, the tales of peter rabbit (and friends) are incredibly clever, the illustrations are charming, and perhaps best of all it's fun reading these stories in a faux British accent (I'm actually getting quite good). A perfect little book!

    28. There is a lot of mice in this story. The story of Piggy Robinson reminded me The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear and Robinson Crusoe.I liked that all the stories were related to each other.

    29. Great book. Took me back to my own childhood. I love reading these to my kids, especially my eldest who really enjoyed the wee characters, cute names etc

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