Night Flying

Night Flying Georgia Hansen can fly All the women in her family can They fly at night when the world sleeps for no one must discover their secret Georgia will soon turn and make her first solo flight taking

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  • Title: Night Flying
  • Author: Rita Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780385327480
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Georgia Hansen can fly All the women in her family can They fly at night, when the world sleeps, for no one must discover their secret Georgia will soon turn 16 and make her first solo flight, taking up her birthright with a special ceremony to mark the occasion But her anticipation is disrupted with the arrival of her rebellious Aunt Carmen Banished from the family yGeorgia Hansen can fly All the women in her family can They fly at night, when the world sleeps, for no one must discover their secret Georgia will soon turn 16 and make her first solo flight, taking up her birthright with a special ceremony to mark the occasion But her anticipation is disrupted with the arrival of her rebellious Aunt Carmen Banished from the family years before for breaking the strict code of flying enforced by Georgia s grandmother, this unknown aunt reveals the true price of her family s gift, for the Hansen rules of flying are strict and unforgiving In this powerful coming of age novel, Georgia must weigh the cost of her heritage against her passion for flight.

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    1. This is my all time favourite book.Nothing has ever surpassed this and I don't think anything will.I can't pick what it is about it but I love it entirely.

    2. Rita Murphy, Night Flying (Delacorte, 2000)Night Flying is one of those young adult books I happened to pick up by accident because it was in the wrong section at the Case book sale. Glad I did, because this is a fun little book. Murphy never talks down to her audience, refreshing in a YA novel, and better yet, adult readers won't gag on the sentiment. Murphy has a message, but she is as good as any novelist writing for adults (and better than most) at making it palatable.Georgia Hansen is on th [...]

    3. An interesting family story about a girl, about to turn sixteen, in a family where the women can fly. That element is the only thing that makes this book fantasy. The book is played as realistic fiction where the family have this ability.Georgia lives with her mother, 2 aunts, and grandmother. The grandmother rules all and is very uncompromising. Georgia will be "initiated" meaning have her first solo flight on the evening of her 16th birthday. Just before, though, her aunt Carmen, who Georgia h [...]

    4. This Book was recommended to me by a co-worker at the public library. It is very woman-centered. It is about a family of all women who can fly. It is a coming-of-age story about a young girl (Georgia Hansen) who discovers something powerful about her real mother. It is also coming-of-age in the context of her flying because at her 16th birthday-which is coming up soon-she is scheduled to make her first solo flight.

    5. I didn't like this book at all it was way to fake. It is about this little girl who is learning how to fly getting taught by her aunt. This is really all the book was about it gets really boring after a while. I recommend this book to people who are in to fiction only. It is a good book and it shows how close this girl and her aunt are but this book is boring.

    6. This book could have been so much more. I loved her writing, I loved the story, it just seemed incomplete. Everything, and I mean everything, was just barely touched on. It had just enough to make you interested and then it would never be brought up again. I hope she fixes this flaw in her writing and writes more because I think she has a lot of potential.

    7. I liked this book pretty well. It was an interesting concept and it was a page turner. However, I thought the ending was a bit premature. I picked it up because I thought my 10 year old would like to read it. I think there were some coming of age parts that I wouldn't be comfortable with her reading.

    8. A coming of age story couched in a fantastic setting. The women in Georgia's family can fly-- but they all live under the thumb of the family matriarch. 15-year-old Georgia may be the only one with the courage to ask hard questions about her family's history, challenge the rules, and ultimately set them all free. The book feels a bit old-fashioned, but the descriptions are fabulous.

    9. This is a young adult book but upon my daughter's strong recommendation I read it and loved it. The women in the story are strong and lovingly eccentric. The flying scenes that take place over Vermont are amazing and the stuff of vivid dreams. Georgia, the protagonist faces some tough choices linking her past to the present and longs to be able to fly freely-a real metaphor.

    10. Really happy that I decided to read Night Flying. A nutshell review would be that its wonderfully written story that picks you up and you are taken into it. If you are looking for a good quickish read, then pick up a copy if you can. <3

    11. A Delacourt prize winner about a girl who can fly and the family of women that raised her. The flying scenes were incredible, but the story line was thin and predictable.

    12. i am really enjoying this book so far. my favorite character is carmen, she really adds surprise to the story.

    13. A magical coming of age story where the all the women in family can fly. I'd recommend this book to those who enjoyed reading The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton.

    14. A family of women who have the ability to fly at night. Grandmother is an oppressive witch, who keeps the daughters under tight control. Probably symbolic to the author

    15. Ehhhhhhhh.This book read like a memoir, but in a weirdly bad and strange way.Review soon-- possibly. I don't know when I'll have time.

    16. Fairly satisfactory book. It was a unique take on flying, but never really explains the how of it (very frustrating). Anyhow, I'd say this falls firmly in a fantasy coming of age story.

    17. An interesting premise for a book- a family of women fliers. I enjoyed this read, but somehow, it felt unfinished to me.

    18. Listened to this in the car - it grew on me - all female book made for an interesting coming of age tale- liked the lyrical writing

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