Flug des Adlers

Flug des Adlers Nach drei Jahren im Exil muss Widerstandsk mpfer David Valentine erneut in die Schlacht ziehen denn im blutigen Krieg zwischen den Kur und den Menschen ist den au erirdischen Invasoren ein m chtiger

  • Title: Flug des Adlers
  • Author: E.E. Knight
  • ISBN: 9783453527553
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nach drei Jahren im Exil muss Widerstandsk mpfer David Valentine erneut in die Schlacht ziehen, denn im blutigen Krieg zwischen den Kur und den Menschen ist den au erirdischen Invasoren ein m chtiger Schlag gegen ihre Feinde gelungen Sie konnten deren wichtigsten Verb ndeten gefangen nehmen, ohne dessen Hilfe die Menschheit den grausamen Blutsaugern nicht mehr l nger WideNach drei Jahren im Exil muss Widerstandsk mpfer David Valentine erneut in die Schlacht ziehen, denn im blutigen Krieg zwischen den Kur und den Menschen ist den au erirdischen Invasoren ein m chtiger Schlag gegen ihre Feinde gelungen Sie konnten deren wichtigsten Verb ndeten gefangen nehmen, ohne dessen Hilfe die Menschheit den grausamen Blutsaugern nicht mehr l nger Widerstand leisten kann

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    1. Another great audio book in this series. Knight took some real chances in this book pushing Valentine in some interesting directions. As usual, the action & scenery was great. Valentine is an excellent hero in most ways. He's a bit too self-effacing for me & I wonder at his legal position. Considering what he has done, it's not only unfair, but pretty amazing that he isn't in better standing. Of course, not many know his full story, but some do or should, especially at the end of this bo [...]

    2. Okay, so I like this series. I like Valentine, I like the premise, I like the supporting characters and I like the world Knight has created. But for crying out loud, we're starting to just ramble along here. I get the feeling that Knight started out with a plan but once he started writing he just chucked it out the window. Characters that were deeply developed have been cast aside willy nilly. Characters you thought were cast aside come back just to be cast aside (probably) again. Still, it's a [...]

    3. The title is explained in the last paragraph. Who and why does our hero fight? The Gettysburg Address says: we resolve to fight for freedom. My fondness for the series is slipping away like Val's friends. The prose slogs, interspersed with peaks of terror, too close to horror for me. Who and what I would consider important, such as the fate of his own daughter, are glossed over, sprinkled with cameos from the series. I liked the final conflict, and the rescue of a pilot (view spoiler)[ - who rew [...]

    4. So, I have a serious issue with Blake. If you're far enough into the series to know who Blake is, then you probably understand why.I spent nearly a year deliberately avoiding this book. I strongly considered moving the series over to the 'Abandoned or Completed' tab of my book spreadsheet.I'm not sure that I'm glad I didn't, but I will keep going. This is a little bit more like the earlier books. And, with the first book about the Wolves, and the second about the Cats, I'm glad to see one with m [...]

    5. Definitely one of the better books in the series. E.E. ties up a lot of the looses ends that were inadvertently created during some of the other novels. His writing style also change a little for the better. His long descriptive passages before and during the chapters have been shortened leaving more to the imagination than in the previous novels, which gives the novel a much quicker flow.

    6. This series does just what a “long” series should do: keeps things interesting by having nicely complex characters that don’t always go in directions that the reader may want… and suffer the consequences, whether that means paying the price or reaping the rewards. Just like in real life.After the last book in the series, Valentine's Exile, I was happy to see this one return to form and follow David Valentine as he works further towards recovering from the totally unfair circumstances in [...]

    7. I have been devouring this series, which is in a few ways indefensibly ridiculous. But I was enjoying them enough to make up for that.This book is the point at which I couldn't any more. With the exception of a couple minor things (I thought the Blake situation was intriguing, and I learned about autogyros), everything is miserable. Everyone is awful. Our hero just seems like a dick. And he's rushing through even more places than in previous books.The whole thing felt fragmentary and rushed- the [...]

    8. Some time has passed since the end of Valentine’s Exile, and in Valentine’s Resolve David Valentine is still in exile. He has spent many months wandering the Kurian zone exacting revenge on “Quisling” scum. When Styachowski and Duvalier find him in a remote outpost, he is alone, filthy, and just a little bitter. His former comrades convince him to take on a special mission for Southern Command. They need the help of the Lifeweavers and they believe Valentine may be the only one capable o [...]

    9. Knight's post-apocalyptic science fiction series continues with this newest installment. David Valentine has left the Southern Command, one of the main sources of resistance against the Kur—the aliens who have invaded our planet. Knight’s strength lies in his detailed and believable idea of how society could evolve after we’ve been taken over by intelligent but malevolent beings. The opening chapter – and much of the book – is violently graphic, but that is the setting for the story. I [...]

    10. I just finished Valentine's Rising, book four in the Vampire Earth series by E. E. Knight. I find it necessary to stress that, while I was initially put off by the title, what with vampires being on every other street corner these days, the series has been excellent. A race of extra-terrestrial beings come to earth after a conveniently-timed series of global catastrophes, and offers salvation - for a price. That price is slavery; the Kurians exist by consuming the life essence of humans. The ser [...]

    11. Another exciting adventure for David Valentine. There is a lot of story crammed into this one book. We get to see Southern Command, Pacific Command, Seattle Quislings and Pyp's Flying circus all in this one book. We also get to see different parts of the United States from the other books, Arizona and Washington. There is plenty of action and excitement and we get to meet some new characters. (view spoiler)[Some of the characters we never get to find out what happens with them and that is disapp [...]

    12. This is a great series. Let me note that I am writing this review a couple of years since reading it. The world David Valentine inhabits is exciting, terrifying, and consistently interesting. I have to wonder at this point in the series, however, if it would not be a good idea for Mr. Knight to start writing books from the perspective of some other character. Valentine, although helping to win this war, is very much becoming a broken down war horse. You begin to wonder why he keeps doing what he [...]

    13. This episode in the story of David Valentine's war against the Kur, has Valentine traveling West to search for and establish connections with an extremely ruthless and competent but mysterious revolutionary leader in the N. West, through no wish of his to protect one of the only people he cares about, his son. He also learns abit more about his father that really blows your mind. I really loved this book above the others because, for once Valentine gives us a peak into all the anger he's been ke [...]

    14. The Earth has been taken over by aliens from a planet called Kur. These Kurians feed off the life energy of humans, in essence making themselves immortal. They set up kingdoms in which they can harvest this "aura." A leader of the Resistance in the Cascades is slaughtering populations in the Kurian Zone. The protagonist, David Valentine, struggles to stop the slaughter and leads an attack against him, even though he is a resistance fighter himself.I learned from this book that the nvalue of huma [...]

    15. Even with the 6th installment of the Vampire Earth series the author manages to keep a high standard and keep the reader glued to the pages with tension. The story takes some really surprising turns, it even had me doubt David Valentine's intentions one time or other. But of course our hero never fails to continue his fighting for the right reasons. Hopefully, E.E. Knight will be able to continue this series as fresh and original as before, and end it in good time.

    16. This is another in E.E. Knight's excellent "Vampire Earth" series. The series title is sort of misleading, because the evil aliens aren't really vampires as we think of them.That said, the characters are richly imagined and well crafted. Knight may spend a bit too long on his hero's introspection as exposition, but I kind of enjoy knowing the ins and outs of a character's mind.

    17. Ok so pretty much let me with a little to be desired, I guess it was a bit dirty for me and I mean (lewd). not as good as the first ones, not as much action, it was okay though, not horrible but not really that great. I started the series for the ridiculous amounts of action, and it no longer sways me as much

    18. I started this one this morning with my coffee. I ama starting to burn out as bad as David Valatine. I am curious to see what happens to him next and then I will take a break from Vampire Earth. I just got back to this one & will finish it later today. It just seems to be the same thing again and again without really getting anywhere.

    19. While not my favorite entry in the series so far, I think that this story opened up some interesting options for future directions. I hope that at some point, humans will actually start winning the warwe'll see.

    20. Valentine is heading west in his quest to overthrow the tyrants that occupy post-apocalyptic Earth. He discovers unexpected enemies and allies and sees a depressing side of Seattle, Washington. Another well written dark tale in the Vampire Earth series.

    21. The suspense stepped up in this one, you were not sure if you liked Valentine or not. Who was good and who was bad kept changing and it kept you reading to try and figure out. At the end all made sense and you were back to liking Valentine and agreeing with his decisions.

    22. 3+It was pretty good. I like that the protagonist is learning that most things are not black and white. He's really taking it on the chin in the process of learning it, though.

    23. I thought I was going to be able to finish it, but I just couldn't bear it. Granted, it was #6 in the series which could be the problem. I will try to find the first one.

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