All Good Things

All Good Things When twenty two year old Olivia LeRoux moves to New York City she never imagined she was stepping into a world of passion sensation seduction and oblivion until the fanatical weeks she spent with J

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  • Title: All Good Things
  • Author: Alannah Carbonneau
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When twenty two year old Olivia LeRoux moves to New York City, she never imagined she was stepping into a world of passion, sensation, seduction and oblivion until the fanatical weeks she spent with Jace Rush, a captivatingly possessive businessman, shattered down around her with a truth that threatened to suffocate her and shred her heart Olivia s life spiraled out of coWhen twenty two year old Olivia LeRoux moves to New York City, she never imagined she was stepping into a world of passion, sensation, seduction and oblivion until the fanatical weeks she spent with Jace Rush, a captivatingly possessive businessman, shattered down around her with a truth that threatened to suffocate her and shred her heart Olivia s life spiraled out of control One moment, she was texting her best friend about a bottle of wine, and the next, everything was black Waking up in the hospital was one thing But staring into the hypnotic blue eyes of a man she d never seen before was another When he asked her out, she couldn t refuse Something about him compelled her to release her inhibitions and jump headfirst into a sexual relationship unlike anything she could ever imagine When the no strings attached relationship became tied down with the looming threat to Olivia s life, emotions were heightened and catastrophic secrets were revealed In the end, can Olivia accept Jace for what he is as a sadomasochist, or will her fears of his demons force her to ignore her heart and walk away

    One thought on “All Good Things”

    1. Ok.I just finished the whole series and since there are no reviews out there yet I feel like it's my duty to provide a little info. ;) In fact, I actually had to add all three books to because they weren't added for some reason! That was a first for me. Jace Rush:Billionaire CEO type, possessive, growly, Alpha stalker-ish, needs to dominate in the bedroom, known for being very emotionless with women, owns half of New York, (yada yada yada). You know the type. Caveman."What the hell are you doin [...]

    2. This story does have a similar feel to others I've read, but I really enjoyed itHot as fuck manSexy ladyGood sexYep! SortedOn to the second instalment:-)

    3. A must-read Erotic Romance with a twist This is my thirteenth novel written by the author. This review is story-based. In a world full of Erotic Romances, you have to be inventive and innovative, and that is what the author accomplished here.We are presented with Olivia LeRoux, a recently transplanted Canadian now living in New York City. She comes with a troublesome past and tries to find in NYC a life free from the bonds of her incomprehensible and over-bearing family. A twist of fate brings h [...]

    4. I've just finished the whole series and promised to give an honest review. I loved this series! Stunning writing with believable characters. I swear I totally thought this was going one way and it went in the complete opposite direction. Millionaire heartthrob and a girl who won't back down I love it.

    5. Typical but still unexpectedWhen I first started reading this book it read like your typical billionaire, alpha, control freak male. But then the suspence came into play then the romance and by e end we had a full blow story where one emotion lead into another. I can honestly say that the end was pretty pedicab le but I did like the fact that one of the characters questioned Olivia on why she was doing what she was doing. I can't wait to move on to the second book to continue this journey.

    6. i have had this book for a while and never bothered to read it . i now know why i never bothered. Good storyline, my kinda book, a lot like FSOG. I loved the banter between the h and H, some was even funny,but the h was just so annoying, its been a while since i have read about such an annoying character. i just couldnt connect with her

    7. Olivia LeRoux is a 22 year old Canadian trying to make a go of life in New York City! In a brief instant Olivia's life changes when she is in a car accident and spends four days in a coma in hospital, what she sees when she wakes up is Jace Rush a man so beautiful he takes her breath away And so their story begins. There is all kinds of goodness and sweetness, but the story is also filled with mystery what is Olivia's story with her family? What is Jace's story with his father, what's the myster [...]

    8. Very few reviews are bound to mean something. Of course, it seems I never learn my lesson. Because the blurb sounds interesting, doesn't mean the book will be too. I went ahead and bought this book without hesitation. Sadly, it didn't hold my attention. Not at the beginning, not in the middle, and definitely NOT in the end. Jace was.a lot of things. But, he wasn't hot (at least not to me). He was always growling, so I had to wonder, is he some sort of beast? It isn't sexy at all. There are times [...]

    9. Well where to start ? I loved this book ! I was already aware of the authors work having read some of her other books (which I also loved !!) Actually it was reading 2 other books and loving them that led me to seek out more of this authors work. I was drawn to All Good Things after reading the synopsis and being very intrigued by the alpha business man and strong willed female combination. I mean honestly who doesn't love a hot billionaire dom story ? ;)As I began reading this I was blown away [...]

    10. This was a really emotional read. I had to wait a little while before writing this to get my emotions in check. Jace is an over the top alpha male, who is obsessed with Olivia. Just looking at her calms his darkness and he craves this. Olivia is a good girl. She moves to New York, separating from her family, to make it on her own. Her father controlled everything around him and she isn't looking for a man, any man, especially one like Jace. He sees her in the back of a taxi and is drawn to her. [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this. The writing and the story held a lot of promise But the sex scenes were totally devoid of any sexiness. Very clinical, lacking heat, with the mechanical process of a couple of damp squid going at it. LOL.If you want to have a laugh, or you want to cry at such an abysmal loss of erotica, then this is the place to read it. Be warned.

    12. not going to say much at this stage except I really wanted to like this book a lot but I did struggle to finish it.good writing voice but had issues with the plots and characters lets see what book 2+3 gives us.

    13. I really tried to finish this one, and I do like this author, but only got through 61%. great premise especially with the accident, but Olivia was so annoying. She changes her mind every other page , and I hate the constant misunderstandings.

    14. I'm really liking this series. Has sort of a fifty shades feel but has its own twist. Jace is dark and a dominant who uses woman. Olivia is sweet and a good girl just wanting to leave her past and rich, stuck up family behind. But when fate throws them together, sparks fly and everything changes.

    15. It's good but is the typical 'troubled billionaire-perfect virgin' scenario. Very similar to Fifty Shades. A tad repetitive at times and the narrative was far from complex like others have accomplished in this genre.

    16. It was good I liked it and wanted to continue on to read two and three but couldn't find it anywhere. Not even has it. Am I the only one with this dilemma?

    17. DNFI thought I coud get over the billionaire virgin thingbut everythingeverything about this book is cliche.

    18. good! but very very very similar to fifty shades! i love the possessive guy who falls in love with an innocent girl but come on more unique story lines!!!!!!!!

    19. Mostly it's ok. But really I felt like I was reading 50 shades of Grey, so many similarities like prenup, BDSM, break up at the end of the book.

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