The Flash, Vol. 4: Reverse

The Flash Vol Reverse The fourth volume of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul s New breakout hit The Flash A mysterious and powerful Speed Force killer has left a trail of bodies in his wake and only Barry has the pow

  • Title: The Flash, Vol. 4: Reverse
  • Author: Francis Manapul Brian Buccellato
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The fourth volume of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul s New 52 breakout hit The Flash A mysterious and powerful Speed Force killer has left a trail of bodies in his wake and only Barry has the power to stop him But when the killer stays one step ahead of him, Barry finds himself face to face with the Teen Titans and Kid Flash for the first time All this will lead tThe fourth volume of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul s New 52 breakout hit The Flash A mysterious and powerful Speed Force killer has left a trail of bodies in his wake and only Barry has the power to stop him But when the killer stays one step ahead of him, Barry finds himself face to face with the Teen Titans and Kid Flash for the first time All this will lead to a confrontation with the Flash s most deadly foe, The Reverse Flash Collecting The Flash 20 25, 23.3 Reverse Flash

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    1. Also reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesFlash continues to trot along in the Land of Meh.It has an interesting enough storyline to keep me coming back (when it's convenient), but not enough to get me overly excited for the next installment.In this volume, we finally get to meet REVERSE FLASH, who is undeniably one of the biggest villains in the Flashverse.FlashverseGod, I'm so clever!First things first, we've got ourselves a new Reverse Flash! Exciting, no?No.He's Iris' brother, Daniel, and his backs [...]

    2. Reverse Flash is a bad guy, in the Flash Rogues Gallery, but this version of Reverse Flash is actually more of a tragic story.You know, it seems obvious to me that Flash just isn't on Geoff Johns' list of important New 52 characters. I mean he's got a competent writer, but the storylines are shit.So people who got stuck in the Speed Force with Barry all got some powersd now someone kills them all off, until only Iris is leftBarry sees a slowed down video that shows his reverse symbol, and goes a [...]

    3. The main story about the Speed Force and "evil Flash" is sort of interesting. Some of the side stories are lackluster.Above average to very good artwork. OVERALL GRADE: B minus.

    4. REVERSE FLASH isn't classic ZOOM. That's the first thing you need to know.Daniel West, brother to Iris, is "Reverse" Flash. This is the darkest book and character in the Flash series so far and I frankly love it. It makes for a nice change of pace and chance for Barry to further develop. Credit is due to Manapul (and Buccellato) for inventing a well written, soon to be canonized new Flash villain who is ruthless, single-minded, yet sympathetic in his origin. Reverse Flash is tragic. He serves as [...]

    5. This was not good. I enjoyed the bit with Kid Flash, but honestly, that was all I enjoyed about this volume. The new Reverse Flash has a horrible backstory and furthermore, the character design is just awful! His powers, what he is capable of, how he got them, is so poorly defined There seem to be no rules of engagement for this new version of Flash's arch-nemesis. He just does whatever is needed to advance the plot.This is also likely the worst time-travelling Flash story ever written. Neither [...]

    6. Another good continuation of the Flash narrative and a nice ending of Francis Manapul's run as the Flash writer. It was wonderfully and interestingly illustrated. I loved the story what Francis Manapul did with it.

    7. The story just keeps on getting better and better. I'm sad this is the last volume illustrated by Francis Manapul, the past volumes were breath-taking thanks to the additional charisma his artwork contributed.

    8. This was really fun to read. I finished it at school. I liked the storyline of this volume more than I did the rest.

    9. The Flash tracks down a killer who is targeting a small group of his friends who were trapped inside the Speed Force, including Iris West. Uncovering clues takes him from one false lead to another, finally landing him in the same place as the culprit: the New 52 version of the Reverse-Flash. (view spoiler)[This time around, the identity of the Reverse-Flash is Daniel West, Iris's brother, who plans to collect Speed Force energy from his victims so that he can go back in time and kill his abusive [...]

    10. At the start of this volume I saw Flash running towards that 4 star. A Interesting villain killing people? YesKid Flash? YES. Then you find out the reasoning of the Reverse Flash. And everything just feels like it falls apart. Once a interesting villain really comes down to a selfish guy who wants something to change from the past and in doing so sacrifices all the good he could have in the present. The problem with this is it takes away the "scary" factor he had up until this point. He came off [...]

    11. (4.5 stars)Really enjoying this series, the artwork alone is fantastic. Manapul is writing a nice balance of action and story and coupled with the art makes this near perfect. Reverse flash is killing speedsters left and right and Barry needs to find out who he is and what he wants. Kid flash also makes an appearance and it is pretty fun to watch the exchange between him and Barry. Manapul is also doing a pretty damn good job with the series, spacing out stories and villains in even pace. bring [...]

    12. Flash is still one of the most beautiful and kinetics books on the market. Well, it was. I guess thus ends Manapul's run. He does a great job bring the title full circle to some of his original ideas from the first few issues. The main storyline here deals with the Reverse-Flash and recent murders of Barry Allen's friends. The identity of R.F. is interesting here and something I didn't expect. There is also a bonus Barry Allen tale as a detective before he becomes the Flash which has sub-par art [...]

    13. This series is finally on the uptick; I have been pretty disappointed with the New 52 reboot of this this far. We finally had a good villain, and his backstory was pretty good also. Iris West circled the background of this volume a little more, getting closer to Barry (physically, if not emotionally or romantically). His relationship with Patty is going strong - she knows about The Flash and they live together! So at least no lying or weird excuses when he isn't around.

    14. Rating would've been higher because for the most part, I loved the story and the art. But I thought that (view spoiler)[ Daniel West, Iris' criminal/crazy ex-abuse victim little brother as the Reverse Flash was LAME! SERIOUSLY???!!! (hide spoiler)]Also, Iris has a couple weird, passive-aggressively jealous moments with Patty, regarding Barry. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Time to see what's next I guess. Really hope it's better than mediocre in the next volume.

    15. I loved the introduction of the new Reverse-Flash. They really set-up Daniel's history over the last 24+ issues, and I'm glad to see that we could get a young Wally soon. I love Iris so much, and while Barry's current girlfriend isn't bad or anything, I really hope we get to see their relationship flourish more.I'm glad we've moved on from Grodd, and to be honest, the slowest part of this hole arch was the villain's month stuff. Good stuff, and I'm so very excited to see what will come next.

    16. The theme is that the main character (flash) is trying stop the killer speedster. flash as a second job as a investigator and got but on the case of a murder. He looks at a body and sees that that there are scratches and burn marks also signs of electrocution. Then he thinks of the satellite someone was installing. later he finds out that the so called satellite is a cameras. He finds a way to activate the camera to find out that he ways pushed by a speedster with a revers flash symbol.

    17. Reviewed First at Brunner's BookshelfThe Flash has had some amazing story lines and even better characters who have wielded the Speed Force. Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, Wally West, and of course Barry Allen. When the New 52 started I had given up my comic book obsession because I have had to manage my money a bit more wisely. As anyone who reads my blog would know I am slowly catching up on all that I missed. The Flash is one of the series I haven't kept up on, partially because I like other super [...]

    18. The Flash: Zıt Flash kitabı Goril Savaşı'ndan daha kısa ve daha özdü. Bu bakımdan dolayı kitaba nasıl başlayıp nasıl bitirdiğimi bilmiyorum. Ama her sayfayı çevirdiğimde yüreğim ağzıma geldi. Özellikle kavga sahnelerinde resmen gözümü kapatarak okudum. Ama Flash yine Flash'lığını yaptı hiç merak etmeyin.

    19. So, what we get in this story is the Flash looking for the killer of the people who have been with Barry in the Speed Force. He thinks the culprit is Kid Flash, because of the Flash logo he has seen in the video footage he had found at the crime scene. However, he later comes face to face with the real killer-the Reverse Flash.I can't say I liked this one. The only highlight of the whole story is the Flash meeting Kid Flash. I also liked the fact Barry is not the sweet, kind, innocent hero he tr [...]

    20. Reverse Flash! Finally!I was quite happy to see Gorilla Grodd on the last volume, but you can't really beat Reverse Flash. I mean, he's like THE Flash villain.It was a good story overall, you find out why Daniel West wants to go back in time.Let's just stop here for a moment:I know this is the New 52 and all that stuff, but Reverse Flash is Iris' brother? But but but I wanted Zoom! This just makes things more awkward. But Manapul can do no wrong and I respect that.Let's continue:d we find out a [...]

    21. Wow, this volume goes out of its way to make you hate Iris West - possibly so Patty looks better? I don't know if that was truly the reason, but the revelation that Reverse Flash is Iris' brother Daniel, and the subsequent delving into their past shows the West siblings tormented by an abusive father - and yet when Daniel is released from prison Iris hounds him about making up with their dad. It turns out that after snapping one night, Daniel pushed their father down the stairs and he ended up i [...]

    22. The new Reverse Flash is nothing like the original Reverse Flash. Having said that, let me just clarify that further by stating that this version of the Reverse Flash is ingenuine and has its own separate existence in the DC Universe. The idea of its inception followed by its origin story and who else to take on the mantle but a character that has major links with a primary character is a stroke of pure genius.Having been formed in the Mirror World, the novel Reverse Flash is a mixture of impuls [...]

    23. I have a problem with this volume of New 52 Flash. The problem is that they try to reinvent Flash's greatest villain, Reverse-Flash. His identity is a secret in the story - I won't spoil it. The problem is that the original Silver Age Reverse-Flash is probably one of the greatest villains / costume ever created - so great that the current Flash CW TV show is using that one instead of this New 52 take.The new Reverse-Flash has a new costume (which I don't like) and new powers (which are kind of c [...]

    24. Really think I'm not going to read Flash again. This book makes me sick of the comics' version of Barry Alan. Unlike the show version who is morally upright but empathetic, this version can be downright self-righteous.He is right in many of the situations he is in, but even then, the empathy is absent. On top of this we have Iris, who is someone who I would not want to meet in real life. She is selfish and callous to the suffering of another close to her.If this is how Barry has always been in t [...]

    25. Public library copy.As I've stated all along F.M. draws better than he writes. Thankfully he draws the majority of this work, which is why I liked it more than past volumes. Story was so-so, nothing ground breaking or brilliant, but drawn nicely and inspired with experimental, eye moving panels like Neal Adams used to draw Batman and X-Men.

    26. I was hoping that Manapul and Buccelato (sp?) would finish strong but this feels like the weakest of the bunch. The Reverse Flash's identity/plan just seems bizarre and tangential to other stuff in the comic, and the forever Evil villain issues are pretty rough. At least Manapul's art is nice.

    27. Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this volume! The story and introduction of Reverse Flash was great. The artwork is perfect for the book. It just feels right. One of my favorite little nuances is the how the the title of the book and chapters are drawn into the splash page.

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